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Organic food in supermarkets

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  • DustykittenDustykitten Forumite
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    Hi all, heading back towards a more organic lifestyle after falling right off the wagon. I'm also trying gluten free for health reasons. In time I would like to bake my own gluten free biscuits but for can anybody recommend organic GF biscuits and crackers.
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  • OH is gluten free as he has a wheat untolerance. He likes Amisa organic buckwheat crispbreads. Finding gluten free which is organic can be a prob bc gluten free often seems to have additives :(
  • EdwardiaEdwardia Forumite
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    Prices for whole organic chicken

    Waitrose 1.4kg 9.79 (6.99/kg)
    Daylesford 1.5kg 15.28 (10.19/kg)
    The Black Farmer 1.7kg 14.08 (8.28/kg)

    ASDA 1.1 kg 6.58 (5.98/kg)

    Tesco 1.1kg 7.15 (6.50/kg)

    Sainsbury's 1.75kg (8.69/kg) 11.71

    Duchy Originals from Waitrose, per chicken 7.21
    Waitrose. per chicken 10.13 (diff pkg to Waitrose one sold by Ocado)

    Marks & Spencer £11 (0.63/100g) to order only, allow 5 days price valid to 01/04/16

    min 1.4kg 10.50 (75p/100g)
    min 1.7kg 12.65 (74.4p/100g)
    min 2kg 14.99 (71.4p/100g)
    min 3kg 22.49 (75p/100g)

    RIVERFORD - minimum order £25 for meat/poultry
    1.6kg 13.95
    1.8kg 15.45
    2kg 16.75
    2.3kg 18.95
    1kg carcass 2.45

    Morrisons only has breasts and legs according to own website, none listed on mysupermarket either.
  • EdwardiaEdwardia Forumite
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    ASDA organic chopped tomatoes in tomato juice 400g can
    currently 2 for £1 so at 50p each - that's a saving of 30p-33p per can !!

    ASDA Chosen By You Eco-Friendly Toilet Cleaner 750ml was 1.50 now on offer 1.20

    Young's wild Alaskan pink salmon fillets 4 per pack 360g
    2 for £6 offer Waitrose, £3 offer Tesco, Ocado saving £1

    Young's Atlantic cod chunky fillets skinless & bonless with Omega 3
    4 per pack 400g - £3 on offer Tesco saving £1 or 3 for £10 (mix n match) offer Ocado
  • KirriKirri Forumite
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    Good to see you back on the thread, E :D

    Was glad to see A&C increasing their pulses range with the new 'own brand' (Suma products iirc) but prices seem really high.. and some items are much more expensive than they used to be (compared to their old supplier).
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  • Hi Kirri x I've been very MSE this week, sent OH to ASDA for the tinned toms, just done an Ocado order and saved £24 by concentrating on offers and saved 11.99 on Taittinger for NYE at Morrisons.

    Meeting my mother on Monday to go to a new Aldi and then to the big M&S in Bexhill - big trek for me but I've got giftcards to spend ;)It's not a really big M&S for clothes etc but the food hall is biggest I've seen. The cafe looks out over the sea as well.

    I got my Christmas food from A&C and Riverford bc I object to having a SmartPass from Ocado, having deliveries frequently then being asked to pay 6.99 for any delivery Christmas week.

    I had an order on the Saturday before Christmas from Ocado which included Villeroy & Boch champagne flutes 50% off and a chimney cleaning log on offer. :D

    Yet to have a good look at the new improved A&C website. Total milk delivery failure from them yesterday :( OH had to go buy organic milk from ASDA. It's okay but homogenised. Much cheaper tho.
  • EdwardiaEdwardia Forumite
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    According to The Grocer a limited range of organic produce will be available in all Aldi stores by this month.
  • KirriKirri Forumite
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    ^ I like the sound of the M&S cafe in Bexhill overlooking the sea - if I'm ever on the South Coast again that way I will check it out :D

    I had a very MSE xmas - I won everything luckily, all organic food.

    Am desperately waiting for Ecover & Yeo Valley spreadable offers now though, January doesn't seem a good month for org offers...
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    EdwardiaEdwardia Forumite
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    Lucky you !! :T


    Under The Sun fabric conditioner 1.5L/50 washes non-offer price 3.25 Sainsbury's and 3.49 other supermarkets. Don't buy Pomegranate & Lime 500ml washing up liquid at Sainsbury's tho as £2 and 1.60 elsewhere. Camomile & Marigold washing up liquid is most expensive at Morrisons 2.45, on offer at Ocado any 2 for 3.50.

    Ocado price for Delicates washing liquid 500ml is £2, 1.50 cheaper than Tesco.

    The prices even not on offer differ wildly so best idea would be to make list for each supermarket.

    M&S Bexhill is on out of town shopping park with sports centre, Tesco, B&Q, McDonald's.

    Alternatively, we now use ASDA Chosen By You Eco-Friendly range as much as poss eg washing powder, washing up liquid, loo cleaner. Think Tesco has an eco-friendly washing powder now.
  • EdwardiaEdwardia Forumite
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    Highgrove organic Prince of Wales blend loose tea 125g/4.4oz was 5.95 now 1.48. P&P is 4.95 so better if you either bulk buy or know someone who works in London who can nip along to the store in Piccadilly.
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