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Having used several of Martin's tips ( last one £50 from Halifax card, excellent), I thought I would share this with you all.

Have a look at website.

They pay you to put an advert on your car (up to £220 per month). There appears to be no catch.

I,ve signed up (free), will report back if I find any catches
Let me know if i've missed something.


Modification Note from Martin I have altered the link above to a special one - the company has offered to pay to charity each time someone signs up and does a campaign. Please read below to see how this came about and how it works.


  • SystemSystem Forumite
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    I've looked at this as well - I have read the agreement thoroughly and there really is no catch! I signed up, too. It makes perfect sense if you think about it - you are providing them with space to advertise and they pay you. Companies pay newspapers for space, why not cars?

    The great thing about it is that the money you get pays for your car, and anything that makes car-owning cheaper is OK in my book - especially with the exhorbitant petrol prices! Likewise, I shall report back if I find any catches.
  • Although not strictly a money saving tip, more of a making one, this does look pretty good to me.

    they don't respray your car (which was my initial concern) they add plastic stickers, which they say don't damage your car.

    The Budweiser Mini looks pretty cool too. If only I had a car.
  • ThorrrrThorrrr Forumite
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    This is a stunning way to have free motoring, it would be great if we could have this site on cars.

    Maybe Martin would be interested.

    If you decide to sign up for this service which has no catches you will be asked for a promo code.

    Please put in the Promo Code Box [glow=red,2,300]LLMP37[/glow]

    Not connected to this site in anyway.

    ;);););););) :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*
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  • PalPal Forumite
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    Hopefully they are not advertising for French Connection UK.
  • GarretGarret Forumite
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    I've just signed up for this, thanks for tip! But please put my reference number

    :) LLMP56 ;)

    in the promo code box!

  • jmhagrhjmhagrh Forumite
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    There's also

    Take a look, I've known it for about a year now.

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    I've asked about this type of thing before on a different page on this site:;action=display;num=1059205474;start=23#23

    I've read the site details and it is a 5 year contract that cannot be cancelled.  You can refuse to do any campaign they offer you IF you refuse it within 3 days of them emailing you.  

    So if you decided you didn't want to do it anymore - you would have to check your email at least every 3 days to ensure that you reject every offer they put through to you.  Not sure what they do to you if you try and refuse an offer after 3 days - probably court action as breach of contract.

    Sounds a little off to me - l can understand what they say about a stable base of cars - but 5 years and no way of cancelling is a little extreme.  A trial period would be a nice idea.

    Is anyone actually making money from these people?  I'd be very interested to hear about them.

    As for l've read their site and it has details of the people that run it :

    "comm-motion is well qualified to achieve this. The founding partners of the business, Rob Walker and Lindsay Kennard, have over forty years combined experience in marketing, advertising and market research. "

    The adsoncars site has NO details of who runs it as far as l can see. - this is not usually what you get on a reputable site.
    Sense is not common.
  • Egg_3Egg_3 Forumite
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    Sorry Webmasterpolo but ...
    Never posted before but had to respond to your posting above. I think you have got the wrong end of the stick regarding refusing a camapign within 3 days.

    I have signed up and it looks fine to me, the relevant section of the FAQs explains that;

    "How will I know if I have been selected?
    You will be contacted (via email) of an offer giving details.
    To secure your place on a campaign we need a positive reply within 3 days."



    Do I have the right to refuse the advertisement?
    Of course! Drivers may refuse an advert at the time the offer is made without any ramifications.
    We aim to create a willing partnership between our client and you. We need you to have a positive attitude to the advert and the product or service. Therefore you will always have the right to refuse an advert at the time of selection.

    Whole thing looks ok to me. Its free, no risk, no obligation, if I dont get selected I haven't lost anything
    Snootchie Bootchies!
  • SystemSystem Forumite
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    I am one of the directors of As this site and messages have been brought to my attention I felt I had to reply to clear a few things up.

    AdsOnCars was established in April 2003 following over 12 months extensive reaserch and development, including detailed analysis of global business models mainly in the USA. The founding Directors Michael Lyons and Jo-Ann Lyons (not married!) have over 30 years successful commercial experience in relevant business (marketing, advertising, sales, brand management and data management).
    The Adsoncars service (Holding company, Covered UK ltd) is fully Supported by HSBC bank, professional business advisors and private investors.

    And 'Egg' is absolutely correct - you only have to reply within 3 days with a POSITIVE response. if you do not reply we assume a negative response - and people can OF COURSE refuse an ad... we can't force people to have their cars wrapped!

    If you have any questions we would be delighted to answer them - please email [email protected]
  • MSE_MartinMSE_Martin MoneySaving Expert
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    I've had a chat with Jo-Ann (the Director) and see on the back she has posted above. While I have not done anywhere near enough research to give it a real recommendation - initial signs seem good. (and I probably won't give it the full treatment - as it is a little off my core remit) And I have invited her to post on here to respond to any queries.

    All feedback from people who sign up will be good.

    PS. and maybe i should ask them to give someone a car makeover as a freebie :)

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