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    Looks like we're all having slip ups! I had an NSD yesterday, and then went to M&S today and blew it! Really should not go to supermarkets when I'm hungry! We had a voucher (which is why we went) that thankfully covered most of it, but a few things ended up in the basket that are definitely not MSE or healthy. On the plus side I do get to have a yummy bacon sarnie for lunch though :D, and our freezer is full to bursting point. No more M&S for me- always Mr A from now onwards! And perhaps salad for tea.

    Slip ups are human though- if we didn't have a splurge occassionally we would go mad. And the fact that we notice it is a good thing- otherwise we'd keep doing it and rack up more debt!

    Debt: CC -£0 (100% :j) ; Overdraft -£0:j;
    Now saving for a house deposit :o
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    BlueCrayon wrote: »

    Today has been rubbish. It started off well, my postman delivered the Benefit products I've been waiting for (2 items worth over £40 received with a £10 Marie Clare subscription) and then told me he'd noticed I had a flat tyre. Grrrr. Needed to get 2 new as the damaged one was unrepairable and another was getting very close to the legal limit. So I am nearly £140 down the tubes. Unfortunately as my tyres are an odd size the basic tyres plus disposal etc are nearly £70 each. Not good but you never take risks with tyres and brakes.

    I went to do my work and was very tired and grumbly when I finished. So I went to Tesco and spent a bloody fortune, this included a bottle of wine, then I got a take away because I clearly didn't have enough food.

    I'm furious with myself tonight and am well into the wine (and the whine.) But I'm going to pick myself up and carry on. Its a slip and I won't let it become a complete fall.

    It's ok having cr a ppy days. It might be an idea investing in a 'cheer up' box for when you have moments like this (and believe you me there will be plenty whilst striving to be debt free). Just fill a shoebox with cheer up treats - a bath bomb, wine, choccy ... and stash it somewhere safe for when need strikes.

    Have you got a copy of The Takeaway Secret??? It is only a few quid on Amazon and is a verrrrrry good investment. There is a huge thread on it here and, well, basically, a book full of takeaway recipes. Some of them are yukky but most are fab! I swear by my copy.

    (it also means that you can tweak the salt/sugar content)
  • Thank you all for making me feel better about my rubbish day!

    Debtdawg: I'm definitely an emotional spender! Paying to cheer myself up when it has the opposite effect. Sorry you overspent and have a tiff with the OH, its no fun. I'm V proud of myself for listing the benefit goodies too! They are a definite WANT, WANT, WANT but I really don't need them and it'll be nicer to see the debt go down.

    Aurora: Its been slip central here! I wouldn't dare go into M&S as I make the worst choices in there. Couchillo Olives, crusty bread and crab pate, nice cheeses, some roast beef and some of those amazing chocolate mousses which just happen to be low cal. I can easily blitz a whole months food budget for a few days! Glad your freezers stuffed and probably with delicious things!

    Snozberry: I love the idea of a box of treats and I think Bob has bought me some Lush bits for my birthday. A big box arrived for him on Friday from Lush and he wouldn't show me what it contained, I have my suspicions, if he emerges from the bathroom smelling very fruity later I'm going to be gutted. I love the Takeaway Secrets book idea too, I googled it and its on scribd. I'm having a read now. I definitely need some new ideas and sometimes you just need that takeaway taste.

    Been an odd day today, I woke up stupidly early which is becoming a nasty habit that I need to shake. I felt a bit emotional and all over the place, I think that time of the month is coming close which does not help.

    Our day out has been postponed yet again :mad: Bob forgot he has to be in school tomorrow for a planning meeting, luckily one of the other teachers called to check what time he wanted picking up, as its effectively his first task in his new role as department head it would not have looked good if he forgot! Oh well, we are going to go on Friday instead. I'm having a morning sorting out the house and an afternoon of working. I want to do a car boot next weekend as I just need this rubbish out of the house!

    More good things, I've sold 5 more things so that is 7 to post tomorrow, I've also listed a few more on ebay and amazon so things should keep heading in the right direction. I also hit swagbucks and am finally on my way.

    Sorry this post is so generally dire and all over the place. Its matching my head today. Going to get a good nights sleep and be back to my chirpy self come morning will also make a tour around the diaries then when my heads in a better place.

    BC xx
    Total Debt 21st October 2012: £11737.03, Total Paid: £0
    Consists of real debt: £5737.03 and preventing future debt fund: £6000.
    PFD is to let me have a shot at my dreams when I graduate without digging myself back into a money black hole.
  • Goodness I was a proper misery guts last night. Feeling much better today as I realised that I was making the usual mistake of having my brain in a million places at once. This means that I can't focus on anything.

    Latest problem is a new business plan I have, I can get started with minimal outlay and it's building on one of my hobbies. I've done research into the market and its looking excellent and given me lots of ideas on how to expand my profits. All good but it means that I want to start doing everything now (see this theme coming up again). Now decided to start with the simple stuff and I can build up and add to it. So today I have:

    Set up new email address and registered website address.
    Requested new bank card and pin for my old self-employed bank account.
    Set aside £75 for my start up capital.
    Organised what I already have that can be used in the business, this won't be tax deductible but so what, what I need in future will be.
    Redone a spreadsheet for profit/loss/expenses.
    Dug out another plastic envelope for receipts etc. that are business related.
    Set up a business PayPal account and gone through verification.
    Set up business seller accounts on the main ecommerce websites I'll be working with.

    I already have stock I can use and plenty of it. Technically I can sell it as personal belongings but I rang a friend who works as a tax advisor and hes recommended proving to the tax man what was mine and what was obtained will be a minefield and best avoided. As its highly unlikely I'll reach much over my tax threshold by the end of the financial year I've decided this isn't too much of an inconvenience.

    I'm going to spend no more than 2 hours a day on this for the next few weeks. I'm focusing on completing my current project during the rest of the day. I can do ebay listing/wrapping of an evening and do a little swagbucks during the day. Small steps and I the money will soon add up. Its very exciting.

    Tomorrow I need some petrol but other than that it will be a NSD. Feeling proper chipper tonight.

    BC xx
    Total Debt 21st October 2012: £11737.03, Total Paid: £0
    Consists of real debt: £5737.03 and preventing future debt fund: £6000.
    PFD is to let me have a shot at my dreams when I graduate without digging myself back into a money black hole.
  • Hey BlueCrayon,

    Good luck with the new business. Starting my own business 4 years ago was the best thing I ever did, wish I started it sooner. It's certainly a quicker road to paying off debt than saving a few quid here and there although it all does help.

    I jumped straight into fulltime but there's a lot to be said for getting it setup on the side first and testing it out before leaving the security of a fulltime wage.

    My business runs through an ecommerce site so if you need any help or advice getting set up, hosting, seo, adwords, wordpress install, a holding page set up or anything like that feel free to send me PM and I'll help if I can.
  • Ohh, thanks Floopnoodle! I'll def be emailing you and badgering you for help later this week as at the moment the rest of the stuff is still double dutch to me. I've been self employed before but always as a contractor and not running my own business. Kudos to you for going for it and not being a wage slave. I'll treat you to a nice meal when I'm back visiting my favourite city to say thanks.

    I want to jump in feet first and get cracking but I am committed to the project I'm working on and it is only short term. If I was working full time permanent I'd probably have jacked it in and gone for it. I'm excited as I can work this new business round Uni and its something I enjoy doing.

    It's an exciting time as I can see a road out of debt and good foundations for a great future.

    BC xx
    Total Debt 21st October 2012: £11737.03, Total Paid: £0
    Consists of real debt: £5737.03 and preventing future debt fund: £6000.
    PFD is to let me have a shot at my dreams when I graduate without digging myself back into a money black hole.
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    Hi BC, just read your whole diary and I think you are doing super well. Keep up the good work :D.

    PLMBL Xx
    Debts @ LBM £23,729.31. Debts @ 08/04/2016 £0 :j
    Best win so far - holiday to Florida
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    I'm so excited for you BC! I hope the business venture does well :) It's good to have something to feel positive about!

    I've had a couple of ventures over the year that have done well, but there was just hardly any profit in it to make it worthwhile (we are talking pence for hours work!). DH is always trying to think up something we could do. I just want a tea shop that sells pretty nice things that I always want to buy and sells nice cakes, but I think that is a loooooong way off happening!

    Sorry I didn't see your negative post and offer some *cheer up forum hugs*, but it sounds like you are in a much better place now. Well done on the sales, it all helps :)

    Keep at it BC, you're doing well :D
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    Amazing news about your business idea, and starting it up while you're still a student is a great way of ticking things over in the first few years when you've got time to dedicate to it!

    I love my little freelance research empire- gives me so much freedom to take on extra work when I have some free time. I haven't been able to do too much this year because I've been so busy with uni. Hopefully next year I'll be able to accept some more contracts and start making some more £!
    Debt: CC -£0 (100% :j) ; Overdraft -£0:j;
    Now saving for a house deposit :o
  • Hi PLMBL, Debtdawg and Aurora!

    Another good day today, managed a NSD which always feels good.

    Had a mini meltdown earlier, there was a cobweb above our front door and there seemed to be little black bugs attracted to it, seriously the door was just crawling with the horrible things. So I took the garden hose and went in for the kill, of course as I lack common sense and forethought I aimed water straight at the door and it bounced back soaking me so I was covered in a billion little bugs instead. Cue me running round in a panic trying to get rid of the !!!!ers until I gave up and hosed myself down. I did get a cheer from the lads next door, once they stopped laughing, as I was wearing a white t shirt and a rather sheer bra, apparently they'd vote for me :o. They were only drinking fosters which is good progress from Kestral so I think the running is working.

    Working from home tomorrow so need to keep on top of things and stop procrastinating, its also going to be important if I'm to successfully run my business. Also going to cook something nice and healthy from our stores for tea, today I found a chocolate bar I'd hidden away so am feeling a little fat tonight after practically inhaling it whole. Still haven't figured out how I managed to forget I had chocolate in the house :cool:.

    Hope you had a good day.

    BC xx
    Total Debt 21st October 2012: £11737.03, Total Paid: £0
    Consists of real debt: £5737.03 and preventing future debt fund: £6000.
    PFD is to let me have a shot at my dreams when I graduate without digging myself back into a money black hole.
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