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    BlueCrayon wrote: »
    I will end up the haggard older woman, poured into a too tight top over too big a belly, with 6 inches of roots and split ends who hangs around the local pub drinking dodgy wine while obviously desperate for a sh*g before heading back to my bedsit sad and alone. I want a something a bit better thank you.

    Whilst singing 'All By Myself' a la Bridget Jones Style haha

    I think that we all secretly fear this sweetie. I know that I do lol. I dread being found dead alone surrounded by a sea of filth and take-away menu's lol

    It will all be grand in the end. It will all be grand :)

    Just pamper yourself and factor in treats. This is why I do surveys (and the rest!) because I can treat myself without spending any of my hard earned moolah
  • Hi BlueCrayon, I've found your diary and subscribed!

    Your post this morning could have been mine. I was also sat at home last night with my wine and chocolate feeling fat and useless and thinking of all the money I've wasted on things I "just had to have". The important thing is, we've both got a plan, we just need to see it though :)

    Good luck with your last year of Uni. I was at my DS1's masters graduation last week and have never felt so proud, all that hard work is so worth it.
    Five years/60 months to sort myself out - Month 2/60
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    Well I got chatted up this morning and told I was lovely, unfortunately he was rather tipsy and drinking a can of kestral superstrength at the time. But he did offer me a sip, what a gentleman. So it looks like I still have options! :rotfl:
    Total Debt 21st October 2012: £11737.03, Total Paid: £0
    Consists of real debt: £5737.03 and preventing future debt fund: £6000.
    PFD is to let me have a shot at my dreams when I graduate without digging myself back into a money black hole.
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    And its a new week and it better be a good one!

    Snozberry: I made the mistake of watching Bridget Jones when it was on TV this week. I didn't find it as funny as I used to, something to do with me being older than her. Thoroughly depressing, it also doesn't help that the only interest I've had has been from the local alcoholics, as well as Kev the Kestral drinker Barry who sits on the bench drinking cider winked at me today - hardly Mr Darcy! :o

    SundayGirl: Huge congrats to your DS :T, you're right to be proud of him, and yourself, you clearly brought him up well.

    Well going to be a no alcohol day today but not a no spend. I need to get petrol and also post some ebay bits that have sold.

    Was pretty productive yesterday, I reformatted my desktop PC which was full of clutter and also cleared out the dreaded paperwork! I must have kept every scrap that came in over the last 6 years. Lots of those letters were red :o. I never want to end up back there again. Scared to answer the phone or pick up the post. My debt was massive, circa £28K and I was earning less than £20K. Everything I have currently is up to date and the final default will drop of my file in October so It'll all be shiny and new. I've kept the final letters confirming debts settled and closed and had a bonfire of the rest. I'd have busted my shredder trying to get that lot through, it was hugely carthartic though. Just got to work on clearing the rest of the house. I dream of being minimalist but it seems every inch of place is crammed with my clutter. I told myself that every single purchase was an essential too!

    Have a great week :)

    Total Debt 21st October 2012: £11737.03, Total Paid: £0
    Consists of real debt: £5737.03 and preventing future debt fund: £6000.
    PFD is to let me have a shot at my dreams when I graduate without digging myself back into a money black hole.
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    I've got too much stuff and it really is just stuff. After the very freeing experience of burning all my old debt letters I want to get rid of all the other excess that's dragging me down. As tempting as it is just to drag everything onto the lawn and douse it in petrol I think I've been wasteful enough in my life so I will get rid in the more traditional manner. Sell it, give it away, use it up or recycle it.

    My goal is to reduce my amount of 'stuff' by 300 in the next 30 days. If it is something that I have to replace then it is not gone and certain things it is prudent to stock up on (like loo rolls and canned tomatoes) will not count as in or out while things its not prudent to stock up on (like 20 expensive moisturisers which will have gone out of date before I've used even half) do count. I've also decided to count things that have been lurking for a long while in the kitchen cupboards, typically jars of sauces and the like. Of course if I buy something new that is an extra into my household and not a replacement for something then I have to deduct that off the total.

    Books will mean a fair number alone, I'm only going to keep those I need and what I really enjoy and will read again. I often subscribed to the notion that full bookshelves are a good thing but if they are filled with stuff I'll never read again then they're just clutter. Textbooks are also a tough one I've got lots that I will have no need of again, but it is like they're real tangible proof that I'm not stupid and I finally got a decent education and qualifications. It's just pretentious twaddle and I could make good cash off them so they are being listed on Amazon a.s.a.p!

    Off to a good start, 3 things sold on ebay have been posted and gone, 297 things to go!

    Total Debt 21st October 2012: £11737.03, Total Paid: £0
    Consists of real debt: £5737.03 and preventing future debt fund: £6000.
    PFD is to let me have a shot at my dreams when I graduate without digging myself back into a money black hole.
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    ooohhh I might join you will your ebay challenge. I find it a faff to list things on my computer but it's much easier on my iphone.

    Decluttering is fab but I have to be in a foul mood to do it. I find it so much easier to t0ss/charity/ebay when someone has rubbed me up the wrong way. Have no idea why lol

    Do you do shopandscan? It's a fab way to earn vouchers to treat yourself with treats. I love it because it only takes five minutes a week.
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    Hey Snozberry, I think I tried to sign up to shopandscan in the past and they turned me down, I'll give it another go though.

    Get joined in and get some rubbish cleared, eBay is tedious but when you shift a lot the pennies soon add up. The money is the only thing I like about eBay. I use turbo lister as then you can set up templates if you have a lot of similar items to shift. We're going to do a car boot sale as well.

    Nearly had a crisis tonight, I was sitting in traffic and heard a really loud car, ridiculous engine noise. I looked over and a group of lads in a souped up car were leering at me. I was very disapproving and thinking why someone would want a car to sound like that, unfortunately they then drove off and I realised it was me! :o Quick inspection revealed my silencer has sheared off, oh b****r. Initially I considered just going with it and pimping my Ka, fake alloy wheel hub caps, a fake exhaust cover and an 'on a mission' sticker for the windscreen would cost a fraction of a new exhaust. But when I got home I realised I've had a rare stroke of luck, the 3 year exhaust warranty does not expire till Friday! Normally anything I own gives up the ghost approximately 30 seconds after warranty expiry so I'm well chuffed, I didn't even need to give it a good hard kick. This also means I still have the cash to put my baby through a much needed major service.

    Not a NSD today, posted some eBay bits, got petrol and also spent £20 in Aldi, although that included all the extra fruit and veg for 2 for the week, tea bags and 18 loo rolls so it wasn't too bad. Unfortunately I then got a bottle of wine, usual excuse I was stressed, thought I was going to have to fork out for exhaust. Of course paying out £5 for something that's going to make me feel awful is the answer. I think I know why the alkies like me, they can see a kindred spirit. :(

    Heading off to bed now, will read my book and get a decent nights sleep. Set my alarm for a reasonable hour, tomorrow will be a productive alcohol free day.
    Total Debt 21st October 2012: £11737.03, Total Paid: £0
    Consists of real debt: £5737.03 and preventing future debt fund: £6000.
    PFD is to let me have a shot at my dreams when I graduate without digging myself back into a money black hole.
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    Morning Bluecrayon. Good luck with the productive, alcohol-free day.

    I've also been ebaying/throwing/donating with a view to reducing how much I own. I'm hoping to buy my first house soon and taking a load of useless junk just doesn't appeal. (plus it probably won't fit in the inevitable shoebox that I'll only just be able to afford).

    It's feeling pretty good so far however I don't think I own 300 things in total so mine is probably a much easier task.
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    Hope the head stays clear! Getting rid of stuff is so cathartic. And all the better if you can raise money from it.

    When I was going through a similar process (because of moving) I was suprised at what sold and what didn't. I didn't have time to list all my books separately, so I sold a few "good" ones like that and then did the rest as a job-lot. Nearly a thousand books and I got about £60 - it proper broke my heart it did. But then, I sold one hundred pony related postcards (that I'd collected as a young teenager - many moons ago - that bar you mentioned earlier is closer than you think!) - sold for £35. There's just no telling.

    Great news on the guarantee for the exhaust.

    Have a good day.
    "Green pastures are before me,
    Which yet I have not seen;"
    I'd love to be a good example - instead, I am a horrible warning.
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    Ohh, I like visitors! Thanks for saying hello.

    Exhaust sorted and didn't cost me a penny, hopefully that'll last me as long as I have the car for. Just hope nothing else falls off.

    Floopnoodle: Good luck with the house purchase! Small and sweet is a good place to start. Yes I really don't want to have to move all this stuff. Unfortunately I could probably clear 300 things from my beauty drawer alone :o Managed to cut down from 10 to 2 red nail polishes. I was agonising for ages over which ones to keep, then I painted my nails with them and realised they were nearly all identical on. It gave me an insight into why I so bloody skint all the time.

    Wordsmith: It is a wrench getting rid, I got shot of a huge pile before I moved here and they just grown again. I love reading and love books but my shelves are groaning under the weight of what will never be read again. Unfortunately the library is rubbish where I live now and they charge £1 for every book recalled from central storage so I end up paying anyway. I do look at boot sales but its nearly all Andy McNab, Dan Brown and Danielle Steele. I need to check as I think it may be obligatory to be selling one of these books if I want to sell there.

    Did a 2 good MSE tasks today, I spilt juice on my keyboard this morning and my arrow keys were all glued up, this time last week I'd have bought a new keyboard. Today I prised the keys off, washed them and cleaned the board with cotton buds, they're now working perfectly. However, I did discover why desks are said to harbour more germs than public toilets! It was grim under there. I'm going to clean the rest at the weekend and in the meantime I'm washing my hands a lot.

    Second task was I found an old weatherproof survey book, only about 20 pages used, all filled in in pencil and what was in it won't be needed again. I need a new one so attacked this one with a rubber, it destroyed the rubber but as I'd nicked it off Bob it was free anyway. I've now got a new book and saved myself £10. It does look a little worn but my books are normally suspiciously tidy looking, this is because I forget them, write my notes on scraps of paper and fill in the books at the last minute. So this one is pre authenticated and looks as if its actually seen the outdoors. I'm working up to being organised and actually taking what I need with me but its a step by step process.

    I'm calling it a successful no alcohol day, we've none in and I'm not going out again as I'm shattered. Hot bath and my book is the order of the day.

    BC x
    Total Debt 21st October 2012: £11737.03, Total Paid: £0
    Consists of real debt: £5737.03 and preventing future debt fund: £6000.
    PFD is to let me have a shot at my dreams when I graduate without digging myself back into a money black hole.
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