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What Value things have you tried and liked?

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  • sissy_2sissy_2 Forumite
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    Some of the stuff I have tried and liked are ...
    Morrisons biscuits...... garibaldi, figroll, jaffas, milk digestives, tinned carrots,toms and spuds. Spaghetti/pasta, ketchup, crisps, veg oil, beetroot, pickled onions, bleach, sponge scourers, cleaning cloths, cream cleaner, vodka.
    Can't find a replacement for Stardrops. I use it on everything, don't buy furniture polish etc. Can't find a replacement for Dettol either, did try Morrisons own but it was yuk!
    Sainsburys meats are soooooooo fab 1.69 for 8 slices of ham,and it is edible, or 2 for2.50. Great for lunches. Also their basics cheese 10 slices for 99p.
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  • EagerLearnerEagerLearner Forumite
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    After lots of testing, I like the following:


    Sainsburys value peanut butter (crunchy)
    Sainsburys value kidney beans
    Sainsburys value loo roll - 40p for 4 = 10p each and better for the environment!
    Sainsburys value flour - 1kg


    Sommerfield value chopped tomatoes (better than the Sainsburys value chopped ones, although I do sometimes get the Sainsburys ones when i can't be bothered to go to sommerfield for just one thing...)


    Value aluminium foil
    Value yoghurts - hazelnut or cherry are our faves

    It's all I can think of for now!
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  • newlywednewlywed Forumite
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    marybishop wrote: »
    Have given up with Value tissues as everyone moans about them - need to use about three at a time so doesn't seem very money-saving!

    We tried Co-op "everyday tissues" and they are so thin you could probably use them for tracing paper!! And the two ply splits so you end up with two really thin tissues for every one you pull out of the box!! :rolleyes:
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  • MATHMATH Forumite
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    Tesco Value I buy:

    Bio Washing Powder
    Washing up Liquid (I only wash lunch boxes by hand so don't need good stuff)
    Toilet Rolls
    Shampoo (for the boys only)
    Pre-bagged carrots (as good as any carrot just odd sizes)
    Pre-bagged Potatoes (same as carrots)
    Pre-bagged onions
    Bananas, Apples, Pears
    Mixed Bell Peppers
    White Bread (for toasting)
    Butter & Olive Oil Spread
    Baked Beans (for recipes)
    Chopped Toms
    Mixed dried Herbs
    Tinned Peaches
    Tinned Pineapple
    Kitchen Towel
    Cat Biscuits
    Instant Custard
    Tinned custard (I could eat this from the tin like when I woz a kid. LOL)
    Eggs (go on, flame me)
    Plain & SR Flour
    Cornflakes (for recipes)
    Tea Bags (I don't drink tea. LOL)
    Frozen Sweetcorn
    Battered Fish Portions
    Palin & Choccy Digestive Biscuits
    Tinned tuna (for recipes)
    Salad Cream (we like it better than the good stuff)
    Dried Penne Pasta and Spaghetti
    Cheddar Cheese
    Seafood Sticks (for recipes)
    Mixed Dried fruit and Peel (for recipes)

    Things I didn't like:

    Orange Squash (although it is ok for stretching good juice a bit further)
    Sausages, bacon & other meat
    Breakfast cereals
    Instant Coffee (rank)
    Air Freshner (smelt like an incontinent trucker)
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  • Bargain_RzlBargain_Rzl Forumite
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    I buy and recommend
    Chopped tomatoes
    Kidney beans
    Porridge oats
    Flour (plain and self-raising)
    Crunchy peanut butter
    Kitchen foil
    Cling film
    Frozen peas
    Butter (for baking only... for eating I have expensive tastes and use President!)

    I used to buy but don't any more
    Kitchen roll (now get the market stuff, 4 rolls for £1)
    Beans (I buy Heinz when on special offer)
    Food storage containers (used to use the 1litre ones from Tesco or Asda - but they are not watertight and the dishwasher doesn't really agree with them - now use posh Lock&Lock ones!)
    Orange juice (used to buy the little cartons to drink while getting the train to work - now walk to work and have the decent "not from concentrate" stuff out of a big carton with my breakfast - funny how it's easier to stomach poor quality stuff when you're on the move and eating/drinking straight from the packaging - I call it the McDonalds effect :p)
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  • OrangeProseOrangeProse Forumite
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    I find that the value minced beef from Tesco is extremely good for making a ragu bolognese - I think it has more fat in it so over the 1hr+ cooking time it all melts into the sauce.

    I wouldn't necessarily want to know which part of the cow it came from though.
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  • nic82nic82 Forumite
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    tiff wrote: »
    My Tesco sells a value reduced calorie mayonnaise. It tastes fine to me but I dont use mayo v often.

    Thanks Tiff. I'll have a look next time I go. I've got three Tescos near-ish to me, so hopefully one of them will stock it.

  • comping_catcomping_cat Forumite
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    I buy the value bananas and the value granny smith apples, very good value!!!

    The tin foil and cling film is good too.

    Just reading what others are buying, i also buy the ketchup and the porridge oats, will prob edit again in a minute with more bits, lol!!!

    Yep - also the pre bagged carrots and potatoes, and we also drink the value pure orange juice (i also buy the small cartons for the childrens lunch boxes, better than squash).
  • nic82nic82 Forumite
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    I knew I'd forget some things!

    I also buy value cheese, cheese slices and yoghurts. I'm not keen on cheese slices (fake cheese!), but their mild cheddar is scrummy and they've also recently started doing red leicester.

    Value yoghurts are fab - 8p each or a pack of 4 for 29p. We get through 10 yoghurts a week here which means we pay a grand total of 72.5p a week for Yoghurts. I'm not sure how much Muller yoghurts are but I bet you'll get less than two of them for 72.5p :D

    OK, I'm going to stop now cos I'm starting to sound really really tight :o
  • scotgirlscotgirl Forumite
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    MATH wrote: »
    Tesco Value I buy:

    Air Freshner (smelt like an incontinent trucker)

    YUCK! Will most certainly give that one a miss :rotfl:

    I always get tinned tomatoes and concentrate orange juice.
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