What Value things have you tried and liked?

For the next shop I have decided to buy the Value version of whatever is on my list. I will at least try the value version once and if I don't like it I will move up to the next expensive and so on until I find the best version of what I want.

Have you got any recommendations as to what are good Value lines and what arn't? I have a Tesco, Asda and Iceland near me and I can walk to each one if need be.

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  • Penelope_Penguin
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    Hi B-S! Following recommendations from this site we discovered Tesco Value choc ice and jaffa cakes - which are great. I also use their value flour.

    One to avoid - Tesco value *rice crispies*; even the hens wouldn't eat them.

    Penny. x
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  • spiddy100
    spiddy100 Posts: 582 Forumite
    Tesco value biscuits are lovely and the value cheese (cheddar) is fine though Lidl is cheaper. We use the value porridge oats all the time.

    Value squash however, is horrible. It tastes like sugary water with chemicals in, which I suppose is about right.
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  • marybishop
    marybishop Posts: 761 Forumite
    I've found the Tesco Value range of biscuits to be really good - their digestives (just the good old plain ones) are fab and only 22p a packet. Have also had their wholemeal bread which was really good but for some reason is really hard to come by (don't know why). B/beans are OK but the sauce is a bit thin. Pitta bread and orange juice OK too. Avoid the rubber gloves (fingers stick together after only a few uses!!). Will let you know if I think of any more.
  • marybishop
    marybishop Posts: 761 Forumite
    Spiddy - great minds think alike re biscuits!!!
  • skystar
    skystar Posts: 527 Forumite
    Agree about the jaffa cakes - mmmm could go some just now!

    Also, fruit and veg, cheese, pizzas, chocolate, porridge oats.

    That's all I can think of right now.

    To be honest, everything food wise I buy is supermarket brand (unless the brand-name is on offer and works out cheaper) and we don't notice any difference.

    Off-topic: that's a lovely picture that you have put on Black-Saturn!
  • julesgr
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    Tesco value mini toasted bread chips with garli.

    They'll do me in place of garlic bread croutons anyday :d
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  • sarahlouise210
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    The Asda smartprice Fruit and Fibre cereal is yummy !
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  • black-saturn
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    skystar wrote: »
    Off-topic: that's a lovely picture that you have put on Black-Saturn!

    Thanks, thats me and husband to be.
    2008 Comping Challenge
    Won so far - £3010 Needed - £230
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  • scrimperjan
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    Tesco Value tinned chopped tomatoes and tinned kidney beans are always a good buy, as are their porridge oats and chocolate chip cookies!
  • ti1980
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    Hiya B-S.

    This is a good thread which I will keep an eye on. I hardly ever buy anything value as I have been disappointed so many times. To be honest I am an M&S and Sainsburys girl and so many things just don't compare IMO.
    I would be very interested to hear what value brands are worth trying.

    Have you read the 'Supermarket Own Brand Guide' by Martin Isark (I borrowed it from the library) which basically is a book divided by a category of food or drink and it compares the best selling commercial brand with the core own brand products?
    Not value products I know but often the own brand works out cheaper than value and with a much more superior product.
    One problem with the book though is that prices change all the time but I have gone on what they said about the taste of some of the products.
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