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What Value things have you tried and liked?

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  • buses7675buses7675 Forumite
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    marybishop wrote: »
    Spiddy - great minds think alike re biscuits!!!

    I can agree with you all too, seem to be the same as the 'normal' own brand ones, just in a plainer packet and cheaper!

    Value biccies are all the same price (from what I've checked) as Nettos and Asdas Smartprice ones too. For some reason though, Asda ones don't have pull tags to open them were as Tesco and Netto do!

    But, in terms of value, Tesco would win as you could use a moneyback credit card and clubcard to buy them with!


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  • Well as I did an inventory of my pantry earlier I can tell you that in there are Asda Smart Price tinned fruit, pulses, the chilli and curry sauces (the chilli is yum ), tinned new pots (the work really well in onion and pot spanish omlettes), peeled plum toms (don't pay extra for chopped you can do that yourself), "weetabix". We always get SP pittas, crumpets and garlic bread. The SP baked beans used to be nice but they've gone "weird" (DH quote there) and so we splashed out on a huge tray of Heinz as they were something like 10 tins for £2 and we're not impressed with those either. You will generally find though that SP stuff is better for you as they don't put as much sugar, salt and fat in them to save money. SP garlic bread is better for you that the "Good for You" range. We also always get SP butter.
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  • kazstevenskazstevens Forumite
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    Tesco Value Chocolate .. great for making Choc Rice Crispie Cakes .. No one can tell the difference ;)
  • tifftiff Forumite
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    All value fruit and veg, bag of value apples is 33p, you cant beat that.

    I buy a lot of value tinned veg, sweetcorn, kidney beans, tomatoes, baked beans etc.
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  • pavlovs_dogpavlovs_dog Forumite
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    i always always always prefer cheap beans to heinz any day of the week.

    i buy own brand cereals/nuts/dried fruit etc and mix to make my own poor womans fruit n fibre/muesli etc

    own brand lemon curd is far superior to any posh brand ive tasted

    own brand fish in butter sauce - a great base for a quick fish pie (just add mixed veg and top with mash)

    another vote for for SP tinned potatoes

    own brand apple/orange juice - goes down just as well as the stuff in the fancy packaging. if you have visitors who might turn their noses up, decant into a jug/juice dispensor

    own brand kitkats/caramel wafers - for the occasional lunch box treat. 36p for 6 - cant beat it, i couldnt even make them any cheaper

    SP tommy k tastes just like heinz/daddies

    SP noodles/savoury rice etc - criminally cheap, and a great snack or handy to bulk out a meal. i could live on savoury rice!

    and also most of our fruit/veg tends to be SP or own brand

    the only thing i have found that i cant compromise on... SP pasta i can eat until the cows come home, but for rice it has to be uncle bens. SP tuna is another one that i just wont touch - more water than fish :eek:
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  • I work at sainsburys and buy a lot of the basic range. Jaffa cakes, baked beans, and washing powder, tomatoes fresh and tinned, In fact OH is always complaining that he doesn't know what anything is as it all looks the same, white packets tins with orange writing.
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  • wyebirdwyebird Forumite
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    Tesco value chocolate mousse is nice.
  • asda smart price noodles are fine for 8p but don't tell anybody i said that
  • celyn90celyn90 Forumite
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    Found that dried milk powder is the same wherever and I use smart price chocolate for cooking as it melts really well. Things like kidney beans are fine too. I always buy herbal teas and yoghurt in Lidl too, as they are significantly cheaper and often much better.
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  • tjaktjak Forumite
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    Tesco value loo roll at £1.13 for 12 rolls - its recycled and surprisingly soft - I won't buy anything else now!
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