Using parent and child spaces when heavily pregnant



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    The thing that really annoys me about these spaces is people who pull in to them and their kids are teenagers while some poor mum is struggling with a baby in a car seat and a two year old.

    My kids are 10 and 6 and I would not use one now, I think my younger kid was about 4 the last time I used one of these spaces.
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    There aren't very many of those spaces at the Asda I use but no, I'd have no problem with a heavily pregnant lady using them.

    I have more of an issue in supermarket car parks with those people who buy big vehicles (often those high 4 wheel drive things) and can't or won't park them properly and end up halfway over the next space too. If you are concerned about your car being scratched by the one next to you then go right over to the back where there are usually hardly any other vehicles around. But that would mean having a walk of, oooh, a couple of minutes wouldn't it?
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    Your poor friend must have encountered a jobsworth, l don't have a problem with pregnant women using mother and toddler spaces, can't think many people would!!

    I had the opposite experience, l used a normal space (in a deliberately empty area) and came back to find some idiot had left me about 10 inches to get in the (drivers side) of the car. I went back into the shop so they could put a call out and was told l could have used a mother and toddler space being as l was big :o but honestly you would never have got back in the car pregnant or not. I can't believe he thought it okay to leave his car like it - unless he didn't look - his face when he came back, apologetic wasn't the word.

    Happy moneysaving all.
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    When I take my nephews to the shops, including the 2 year old i use an ordinary space as they can all disconnect themselves fron their car seats and I can hold the doors to ensure they dont bash them against the car next to us. i dont mind walking over to the supermarket and there are lanes for safe walking.

    If I go with my daughter then I tend to park in the p+c spaces though. she is 3 months so i use her car seat which i find too heavy to carry far and the appropriate trolleys are near the p+c spaces.

    I have no problem with heavily pregnant women using them. I didnt but I know how hard it can be manouvering out of the car with a big bump. luckilly I was in perfect health throughout so can only sympathise with those who suffer from spd.

    The things that do wind me up are the parents who park in them when their children are not with them. i have seen women with empty car seats park there which is frustrating as she must know how hard it can be to get one out in an ordinary space, yet she feels its ok to take the last one up.

    Also those people who have just bought themselves a huge big 4x4 and are so worried about it being scratched that they park in the extra wide p+c spaces.

    However, only on my most hormonal day would I confront someone

  • How on earth did pregnant couples manage before these? I don't ever remember my mum taking me to the supermarket, either my dad went or my nan took me for a couple of hours.

    As someone who is voluntarily childless but have seen a friend go through SPD, I would have no issues at all with a heavily pregnant woman using these spaces...however at my local shop (as a rule) I find these spaces get used by mum-zillas that have no issues at all if their kids run riot or they bash my ankles with a pushchair for daring to be in the same aisle as them, so I couldn't give a monkey's if they were abolished.

    The mums on here seem a lot politer :)

    HBS x
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  • BB1984
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    I'm 9 months pregnant and have used P&C spaces on occasion for the past couple of weeks, if I can't get an end-of-aisle space.

    I had a similar experience to a previous poster - parked at a local retail park, came back to my car, and couldn't physically get back in! Someone had parked next to me, so I had to wait about 15 mins for them to come back. To be fair to them, they weren't even parked badly, it's just that I am HUGE now! Also, to manoeuvre in and out of the car I really need to push the door right open, squeezing in a small gap is not an option.

    I would LOVE IT if someone dared question me at this stage for using one of those spaces.....! In fact, if I was the OP's friend I would be demanding to see (or writing a strongly worded letter to) the manager of that particular store.
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    BB1984 wrote: »
    Someone had parked next to me, so I had to wait about 15 mins for them to come back. To be fair to them, they weren't even parked badly, it's just that I am HUGE now! Also, to manoeuvre in and out of the car I really need to push the door right open, squeezing in a small gap is not an option.

    It's so true isn't it! Big bumps really aren't manoeuvrable and if you accidentally jab it, it feels horrible. It's not like fat that just squashes down - it's full of bones!
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    .....a friend of mine is overdue (nine months and four days) and parked in one yesterday whilst nipping into Asda, and came back to find a staff attendant by the car, and he 'told her off' for using it, and warned her not to do it again.

    What do you think?

    I think he's a jobsworth.

    Depending on my mood :D I'd have made an issue of this and asked to speak to the Manger who would then have been given chapter and verse on my huge hard to manoeuver bump, swollen ankles, back pain, headaches and any other symptom a heavily pregnant woman can suffer from and asked him to specify exactly why *only* carrying the baby outside of my body, means I'm ok to park there.

    But then, I wasn't the most patient of people when I was pregnant. :rotfl:
    Herman - MP for all! :)
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    Person_one wrote: »
    Are there temporary blue badges for people who only have short term disabilities for whatever reason? That would make more sense than special pregnancy spaces!

    No, no such thing as a temporary BB.

    Which is not relavent anyway as its the Equality Act that applies in the vast majority of supermarket car parks and that applies to all disabled people regardless of badge. The BB scheme only applies to on-street or council regulated off-street parking.
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    The only problem with parking at the far end of the car park where it is quiet is that, without fail, despite the fact there are loads and loads of empty spaces near you some numpty always parks in the space right next to you! Usually they are the ones that park as close as humanly possible and you can hardly get the door open. Does that just happen to me? I think my car is a magnet!
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