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Hurrah! Embarking on a money saving adventure.



  • *mudangel*
    *mudangel* Posts: 119 Forumite

    We should complete on 28 June, so I am really excited.

    Little bit nervous of all the things I need to do now. After all the waiting, it's funny to suddenly be spurred into action and start hastily packing boxes, ordering a van, changing addresses etc.

    Finally, I can say how we look to be ending up financially. Didn't dare say before, because I thought I'd jinx it. Our buyers (the third ones!) put in an offer over our original asking price - we got £158,000. This is the best offer we had, so it's worked out well. And they're cash buyers! They've been absolutely perfect so far.

    Given that we'd based our mortgage on getting £152,000 (which buyers who pulled out offered), we're £6,000 better off than we thought we'd be.

    I had thought that I'd do loads of stuff as soon as we move in, but I think we'll live with things for a while and do stuff gradually. Though the brown kitchen tiles HAVE to go.

    I guess I should change my signature to something other than 'Saving for a bigger house and loving it'. I'm not sure what else to save for at the moment, but I'm sure something will arise. :)

    And I couldn't have done anything without taking ownership of my finances this time last year and vowing to save money - I'd never have been accepted for a mortgage if I hadn't taken the brave step of looking at my credit reports and seeing how I could show credit worthiness. Big thanks to everyone who's supported me and a big thanks to MSE for being here!
    Just bought a new house with the help of this site! :D
  • *mudangel*
    *mudangel* Posts: 119 Forumite
    So... not long till the big day! I am ridiculously excited - like a kid at Christmas again!

    Got our consolidation statement from our solicitor, we're due £113 once we complete. That's good, because until I saw all the figures in black and white, I didn't want to touch any of our savings for stuff we'll need when we move in.

    Delighted that I can now fill up my FD regular saver account. Turned out nicely, because July is my final month to make any deposits. If I stick in £1,400 from last year's ISA (which from this month only earns 1% interest :( ) then in August I should get the full 8% on my regular saver account. After tax, this is about £240.

    Have bought a few things for the new house. Daughter's going to have a double bed in her new room (her current bed was a cheap Argos job which wouldn't survive the move! Fortunately our buyers have said they'd be glad of it, so we've let them have it for free.) Stupidly, I realised she'd need a bed frame, but never considered a mattress until the other day. Duh! Anyway, bargain alert! :) Heard on the radio that dreams were having a sale, so looked online. Found a pocket sprung double with free delivery and awesome feedback. It's down from £649 to £199! So good, I bought two, because our mattress is ancient and horrendously uncomfortable. So, about £900 saved there. If anyone else wants to take advantage of the price, here's a link to the item: http://www.dreams.co.uk/gamma-mattress/ Slightly nervous about buying a mattress online, but hey.

    They're not due to be delivered until the 9th, but I'm sure we can make do somehow.

    Bed frame itself shouldn't cost much - I'm going to use Clubcard Exchange vouchers for that, so should only be about £30 to pay. :)

    Want some more super bargain saver news? Well, I bought a sofa. Which is a bit of a risky buy, because I'm only 99% sure it'll fit. Aaaanyway... it's the model we'd planned to buy in Homebase. Went in yesterday and they had an ex-display model which wasn't exactly the colour we'd have chosen, but certainly close enough. It was reduced from £899 to £469 and included 3 years' insurance. I'll know for sure if it'll fit on Friday, but they assured me that I've 14 days for a full refund if it turns out to be the wrong size.

    It has to be collected on July 17, so I've to hire a man and van to collect it, but the guys I've worked with before should be able to do it for around £50.

    It's not all happiness and joy. In the last week, our boiler broke down AND now the loo won't flush. Some people suggested that we don't worry about it and just leave it to the buyers to sort out... But I just couldn't do that to them. Fancy moving into a new house to find that you can't get a bath or go to the loo? Nightmare! I would be really upset if that happened to us - so, as well as being dishonourable to leave it, in some hippy karmic way, it's just the right thing get it sorted. The boiler needed a new circuit board which ended up costing £300. Still not sure how much the loo will cost to mend - dad tried to help fix it, but it's more than we can do. Plumber's in on Wednesday morning.

    Other moving news: most of the contents of our house are in mum and dad's garage. Thank heavens for parents! We're hiring a truck with tail-lift on Thursday to move the rest of our stuff out and into the new place on Friday. It's going to be a bit of a rush on Friday, I think... Ho hum. As long as the big things go in, the other bits I could get in the car. I am VERY glad we're only moving a couple of villages, so the logistics aren't too challenging. I'm also very glad that we don't have too much stuff to move.

    Getting a skip was definitely the right idea. Cost about £155, but we have filled a 6 yard skip (although we did say the neighbours could put some of their rubbish in). Can't believe how much rubbish I'd been stowing in the shed and attic. So much easier than doing trips to the tip and definitely less stressful.

    The truck hire will cost about £190 for two days. Not bad compared to how much it would cost to get a removal company in. Haven't packed very well, though. I've just shoved everything in boxes - I daresay I'll be cursing myself for that once we've moved in.

    Busy, busy week. I'll keep you posted. :)
    Just bought a new house with the help of this site! :D
  • *mudangel*
    *mudangel* Posts: 119 Forumite
    Thanks, BlackSwan! And good luck with your own savings goals, just keep checking out the threads on this site to keep yourself motivated.

    So, we're in and it FEELS SO GOOD! Friday (completion day) was a stressy nightmare. We were all packed up and done by midday, but had to go and sit in a layby in a van for an agonising couple of hours until all the funds had transferred from bank to bank. Everything ended up taking longer than expected, but we finally got into the house at around 3:30.

    Felt strangely depressed and a bit shakey for the next couple of days. Hadn't expected to feel like that at all, but I think the upheaval and stress of it all had kicked in. Moreover, there's things we really have to do to the house to make it like a home. The taps in the family bathroom simply don't work (we knew there was a problem with them from the survey). I've bought replacements. The house was reasonably clean, but the walls were fairly filthy, the carpets are dirty etc. I dunno why I expected it to walk in and just feel like home. I think possibly because I've had a fantasy idea of the house over the last few months and my mind's run away with me - I'd totally forgotten about the icky paint, vile kitchen floor and the like. Mentally, I've been moving into the house we're going to make it.

    Anyway, all the cosmetic stuff has really done us a favour - it must have put other buyers off, because it's a very nice house which just needs some love. The living room looks fantastic now following a few coats of Dulux Light and Space (very neutral and light colour). The hallway looks similarly improved. It's going to take a few weeks to get all the painting done, but we're enjoying it. We are going to recarpet (albeit cheaply for now) at a cost of £965. Not bad for a three bedroomed town house, although we're using existing underlay.

    Still living out of boxes, but that's just the way of it. We have so much more space now, it's quite unbelievable! Main bedroom is arguably the nicest room in the house and it's a lovely place to be.

    Oh, alas the washing machine hasn't survived the journey from old house to new very well. It's been on it's last legs for a while, so we have to replace at a cost of £369 for a Hotpoint Ultima. That includes delivery, installation and recycling of old machine though, so I guess that's okay. All more expense though!

    There's an absolute load of stuff I'd *like* to get done. But I need to prioritise it. I also *have* to save towards a new car - we're further away from work, school and parents' house now. One car's been a minor inconvenience up until now, but I think it's going to become more of a problem.

    More soon - no internet at the house until Monday!
    Just bought a new house with the help of this site! :D
  • *mudangel*
    *mudangel* Posts: 119 Forumite
    Forgive me, MSE, for I have sinned.

    Yes, I've been rubbish with money since moving. Not reckless, but just a bit stupid. For example, bought some bath taps and got entirely the wrong ones - so wrong they won't even remotely work. AND, I threw away the receipt - What. An. Idiot. I really could have done a far better job of scoping that out, because the ones I purchased weren't cheap.

    There's been a small catalogue of things I could have done better over the last few weeks. Sigh.

    I'm going to put house things into categories - things which HAVE to be done, things which OUGHT to be done and things I'd LIKE to be done. I've until now taken a bit of a disorganized approach to getting things sorted and this will help focus me on the important stuff.

    Oh, turns out I need some dreaded root canal work, so that'll end up costing howevermuchitcosts.

    Holiday's a cheap affair this year, because although we've plenty saved, need to keep plenty saved! I may have been careless with money recently, but I'm still very much inclined to keep enough away to see me out of trouble should it arise (such as boiler or car breaking down). So, we're going camping in Cornwall for 4 nights - hope the weather's okay!

    Decided that I really do need to save towards a new car. It was easier where we used to live, because public transport was better. Only having one car (and both having busy lives) is starting to prove a real bind. I've asked my garage to look out for something suitable - I'd like to go through them since my family's used them for years and I trust them entirely.

    So there we are. Operation Buy a House - tick. Operation Improve New House - underway and long-term project. Operation Buy a New Car - begins today.

    If no unexpected expenses come my way, I should be able to buy a cheapish jalopy in 4 months or so. Depends really on what cars are available, but as it's only going to be a secondary run around I don't want to spend more that a couple of grand.

    Realistically, I'm not going to put away too much this month towards the car as there's too much going on. However, I can be more sensible with money - the food budget is back and I'll be taking cash out to curb my careless spending.

    Firmly back in MSEland! :)
    Just bought a new house with the help of this site! :D
  • The_Magnificent_Spoon
    *mudangel* wrote: »
    Forgive me, MSE, for I have sinned.

    Do not worry, redemption is upon thee, just plunge your hands into thy Tesco value spring water, and say ten Hail Martins :money:

    The good news for you, is that the used car industry is pretty much dead. This means that you'll be able to get a decent car for your money when you get saved up for it!

    Good luck!
  • davenport151
    The Magnificent Spoon - I like that mantra. What a good way to absolve your money sins.

    Hi Mudangel - just catching up with you. Glad things have 'finally' gone well for you on the moving front. Totally agree with you on sticking to a known garage as well.
    Really need to update my stats as I too have lost sight of my goals lately.

    All together - hail Martin, hail Martin...
    Back on the trains again!

  • katielouisej
    I've just read this entire thread and do feel very motivated, although my money saving needs to go towards paying off debt and towards a son due in 6 weeks!
    As someone who looks for bargains ect anyway i'm good at that, just waste what we do have left over!
    I've got a lot of inspiration from everyone on here... thankyou all of you good luck for everything, happy that the massive goal of a new house was reached too!! x
  • *mudangel*
    *mudangel* Posts: 119 Forumite
    edited 11 August 2013 at 9:06PM
    Davenport, lovely to hear from you! :) The old style boards are a great place to go when motivation wanes, I reckon. Am sure you'll be back on the wagon in no time.

    katielouisej, so glad that my outpourings have been of help to you. Imagine how good you'll feel when all that debt is paid off - honestly a settled debt feels better than anything you can buy. Good luck with the birth of your son! Do let us know how you get on. x

    So... I have a car. And a hire purchase agreement.

    Hear me out!! It's not as rash a decision as it might first sound and I've given it hours and hours of pondering. After much searching around, I found that my local Mercedes dealership were offering an immaculate 3 year old car with 30k on the clock, FSH and impressive spec for £5,590 plus £500 off, 0% finance over three years, no deposit, 12 months' warranty and roadside assistance.

    The downside?

    Well, it's a Smart car! Haha! You didn't think it'd be a Merc, did you? :)

    I really wasn't convinced I'd fancy a Smart, but went along for a test drive and absolutely loved it! Yeah, the automatic gear changes are a bit ugh and I don't think I'd fancy taking it on the motorway, because it's just so wee. But for what I need, it's fab! From speaking to people about them, seems it's a bit of a marmite vehicle - you either love them or hate them. The fact that it's only got two seats (it's a Fortwo Coupe) shouldn't prove much of an issue. It's cheap to insure (just over £220 per year), cheap on tax (£30) and does an alleged 65mpg. I'll be paying £142.22 per month for the next three years (then it's all mine!), but everything weighed up I'm really happy with the decision and it's comfortably affordable. Plus it leaves my savings there as an emergency fund AND gaining interest they wouldn't be earning if I'd spent them on a car.

    Will let you all know how I get on with it after I've collected it next Saturday.
    Just bought a new house with the help of this site! :D
  • *mudangel*
    Hello! Phew! I don't know about you guys, but I'm so glad the summer holidays are drawing to a close. Be so nice to get back to normality and not have to be forever juggling childcare.

    The new car is proving such a great decision. Insurance ended up costing me more than I hoped - I've spent the last few years as a named driver, so didn't have any no claims. Also, I had a car written off in 2010 (some ****** broke into it and damaged it so badly it was a write off). So, I paid £272 for insurance this time around. Very impressed with the Smart's petrol sipping miles - did all my work journeys (about 25 miles a day) plus some other trips off about £20 of fuel.

    So that's all good, but I am utterly skint this month. I've put aside a hefty amount of savings as I've got lots of house stuff to do (things I've been talking about for ages - fixing taps, servicing boiler, repairing a non-flushing toilet). It's all plumber stuff, so I'm putting money aside to get it all done at the same time. Means that I'm back to trying to live on £50 a week at the moment, which is a tough challenge! Luckily the husband's being helpful with food shopping.

    Started batch cooking and using the slow cooker again. Went blackberrying yesterday to make a crumble. It's really very enjoyable to be back to my frugal ways - I'm eating more healthily, not drinking, stuff's getting done in the house because I'm spending more time there... It's all very stabilizing after what's been a very busy year. I reckon autumn's the ideal time of year to start saving habits - there's an inbuilt desire to squirrel resources away ahead of the winter and prepare for the harder times.

    Gah, and another thing to save for: there's a dodgy patch of tiling in the shower. Can't remember if I've mentioned before... Anyway, I think previous owners did a temporary fix, but it's really not great. So, early part of next year I'm looking to overhaul the upstairs bathroom. Will possibly stick in a new shower and enclosure at the same time, because the existing one is cheap and nasty.

    That's the plan then: early October - plumbing stuff, 2014 - upstairs bathroom. Saving, saving, saving.
    Just bought a new house with the help of this site! :D
  • R14ull
    R14ull Posts: 11 Forumite
    Good luck! i am trying something very similar!
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