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Hurrah! Embarking on a money saving adventure.



  • *mudangel*
    *mudangel* Posts: 119 Forumite
    Hello and welcome, seenthelight! You will love saving! When you see the pounds mounting up, it's very satisfying. Huge well done on being debt free.

    All's well with me. Everything has been happening very much more quickly than I thought it might. Though there has been so much to learn, having never bought a house before (house is in husband's name and he bought it before we met).

    Have spent a fair bit getting our house looking great. Replaced all the carpets (they were tired and old), tiled the minging bathroom and redecorated. Replaced the bathroom taps, because I ruined them when I thought toilet cleaner would be a great way of getting limescale off them - it's not. Redecorated throughout and bought some plants for the garden. In short, house looks amazing! Very neutral - a place you could move into and not need to do anything. Spent about £1,300 in total. We accepted an offer (just 2k short of asking price) eleven days after putting house on the market.

    We've seen another house which is perfect. Put in a cheeky offer and have been accepted. So, was all going well.

    Unfortunately, our buyers haven't moved on things as quickly as we'd like. They seem to be in a good position, but we're lacking commitment from them. Our house is being readvertised as a precaution. Such a roller-coster!

    Have paid out for search fees and valuations (going for a Homebuyer survey), but fortunately we've been able to put all that on hold.

    Tbh, I'm not enjoying this bit of house moving AT ALL. I think I'd really underestimated the emotional side of things. The idea that everything could be scuppered on either side of us does freak me out. There's so much damned uncertainty involved in the whole process. And I'm spending HUGE chunks of money (survey and searches) with no idea whether the money's actually going to get us anything.

    All that and I'm still not certain if our mortgage application's been successful - that's all on hold too.

    I'm sure I just need to chill out and let things take their course, but I am such a control freak. And if the worst comes to the worst, buyers mess around, other house sells, nobody wants ours... well, our little house is a very lovely place now and I'd kind of be happy to stay there. :)

    Will keep you posted.
    Just bought a new house with the help of this site! :D
  • nyc_451
    nyc_451 Posts: 502 Forumite
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    *mudangel* wrote: »
    Replaced the bathroom taps, because I ruined them when I thought toilet cleaner would be a great way of getting limescale off them - it's not.
    Vinegar is good for limescale. You just need to put a tissue soaked in vinegar on the place that needs cleaning and leave it for a couple of hours. Then just wipe it off with a sponge - comes off perfectly, I have surprised a few people by getting their taps to look like new!
  • *mudangel*
    *mudangel* Posts: 119 Forumite
    edited 18 March 2013 at 10:18AM
    Great suggestion, blue_mango. I'd forgotten about that. :)

    Forgot to mention, but we decided against part exchange route. When we looked into it, it would have ended up much more expensive. We got offered £6,000 less than we'd really be prepared to take for the house and I did feel that the new houses were over-priced. The house we REALLY want to buy is very similar to the new home we looked at, but it's 9 years older and £20,000 less. Sure, we'll have to do a bit to get the place looking right, but I'd much rather do that and save ourselves something like £26,000.

    No further news on anything yet. We should hear more tomorrow. I'm crossing my fingers so hard. In the meantime, we've had lots and lots of Zoopla views on our house over the weekend. Perhaps that'll translate into viewings, which would be great if our buyer pulls out entirely.

    Sorry this is turning into more of a house buying thread than a saving one. It'll soon be back to right, but for now it's helpful to have somewhere to spill my thoughts.

    I'm living pretty frugally at the moment, because I'm back down to around £5,300 in savings. That's giving me hotflushcoldsweat moments, but it's fine because it's all gone on house move stuff. There'll be more to pay out soon and I'm sure if I come out of the transaction with anything, I will be lucky. Still, I have to keep saving - the idea of having nothing much left leaves me feeling jolly anxious and can (hopefully) be averted by continuing to be careful.

    Right, must do some work.
    Just bought a new house with the help of this site! :D
  • davenport151
    Hey Mudangel. Don't worry about going on about house buying. I'm always interested in other peoples stories.
    Isn't it funny how the outlook changes on savings once you become a Mse convert?
    Good luck with it all!
    Back on the trains again!

  • *mudangel*
    *mudangel* Posts: 119 Forumite
    edited 21 March 2013 at 9:52AM
    Bad day yesterday. Buyers finally in touch to say they can't get mortgage. I'd feel sorry for them, but mostly I'm just cross. Cross because it's taken two weeks for them to actually get to the bank, and they didn't ever give solicitors details or really communicate very much at all.

    I'm slightly cheesed off with our estate agent too. I realise they have to make money, but the very day after we accepted the offer they leafleted the ENTIRE neighbourhood with flyers showing our house and announcing that it had sold. The result? Three more properties on the market while all we actually had was an unsubstantiated offer. Of course now we're very firmly back on the market, it's all much more competitive and people are viewing other homes because they're end terrace. We've had to drop our price right down to a level I'm really not sure I'm comfortable with.

    Estate agent assures me it'll all be fine, but the low level of trust I had has waned even further.

    Obviously, we really love the house we've made an offer on. We're open-minded as to how we can sell to purchase it. But not so open-minded that our brains fall out. Seriously talking with husband about forgetting this for now if house we want sells and eventually going back on the market with Haart who do seem to have more stringent vetting processes for buyers (even if they do charge a bigger fee and I think they over-value homes in our area).

    On the positive side, I am very pleased to have finally had some movement. Albeit not the movement we wanted. The gut feeling I had about the buyers messing around seems to have been justified and I'm glad we can put them out of the picture. The house viewings on Zoopla have whizzed up overnight (odd as price hasn't updated on the site yet), so hopefully actual viewings will begin again.

    In addition, my parents have gifted me a further £1,000. It's all to do avoiding hefty eventual inheritance tax. Obviously, it is a huge, huge help to us. So grateful to them! :)

    Being crazily frugal, but that's no bad thing. Feels like every single penny counts, especially now we might take a bit of a hit on the house price.

    Normal service will resume at some point.
    Just bought a new house with the help of this site! :D
  • samehat
    samehat Posts: 84 Forumite
    Hi mudangel,

    I'm sorry that your sale fell through and other houses in the neighbourhood are now for sale. Hopefully it will attract more potential buyers to the area and your house will be snapped up. :)
  • *mudangel*
    *mudangel* Posts: 119 Forumite
    Another buyer found! Accepted their offer and they seem really committed to the purchase. :):):)

    Very fortunately, the house we wanted to buy was still on the market and we've had a slightly revised offer accepted on that one. Again: :):):)

    So. Sales letters in the post. Wheels in motion with the mortgage application. Solicitors poised.

    The last few weeks have been a bit of a 'mare. Oh, and having your house on the market really s-l-o-w-s time down.

    Now we need to survive the conveyancing process.

    Back to saving news (FINALLY!), I've just opened an ISA for 2013/2014. Until the house move's done and everything is paid for, I'm not going to be able to put much away. If I come out of the house move with anything very much left to my name, I shall be a happy lady.

    Some good news: husband's been promoted. It's increased his salary by several thousand a year, so that is fantastic news for us. And he's enjoying the new role much more.

    And breathe. :)
    Just bought a new house with the help of this site! :D
  • *mudangel*
    *mudangel* Posts: 119 Forumite
    Sigh. Can't sleep and need to spill my thoughts.

    It's happened again. Another buyer has pulled out.

    Estate agent rang yesterday to say they'd received a cryptic email saying that "due to unforeseen circumstances they're no longer able to proceed with the transaction". I can only assume the young couple who were buying the house are having personal issues and suddenly find they don't want to buy a place together.

    One of the couples mothers has been dealing with everything. The EA phoned her to find out what on earth the issue is and she was none the wiser - apparently the first she'd heard of any problem. Solicitors equally flummoxed as all the surveys were to be carried out etc and everything was in hand.

    So. That was yesterday.

    On Saturday, we'd heard that our mortgage offer is in the post. At least we know we can get one.

    It really hurts that I'm best part of a grand down, because I've paid out for surveys, searches and so forth. I guess money may be owed to our solicitor too as she's already put some work in. Will ring her today.

    Worked so hard to save that money.

    Really don't think I can face putting the house back on the market. The idea of keeping the place spotless, the endless wondering and the risk of losing yet more money puts me off. I think we'll remarket while the house we'd like to buy remains on the market, but if it goes we'll pull it. It's putting a big strain on relationships and I am inclined to take a break from all this.

    Haven't really fancied the idea of part exchanging, but I think it's what we might end up going for. Much more appealing than being messed around again.

    To end on a good note, Capital One sent a letter saying they're upping my credit limit. That's nice of them. Credit records all looking much nicer with lots of healthy green boxes stacking up.

    Right, it may be 4:45am, but I'm going for a sanity preserving run.
    Just bought a new house with the help of this site! :D
  • davenport151
    Its not worth saying good morning Mudangel! You have been up for a lot longer than me. Or was it late to bed?

    Anyway, sorry to hear about your selling woes. We had trouble enough when we brought our house and that was being chain -free at our end. I agree it must be very hard to keep motivated.

    I do keep popping in to catch up on your diary. You have made good progress with all things moneysaving (though pay increases help)!

    I have sussed what I was doing wrong. Needed to re do my budget as tiny amounts do get changed and soon add up.Although I managed to save over the last year, I have now split monies into;
    monthly spends (so the money stays in my account and I log it as I use it).
    yearly spends (seperate account - to be used as those expenses come up).
    Finally long term - this I will try to put some away from my spending money each month.
    I also have an account for 'extras' - any money earned by vouchers, overtime pay etc. This can be saved or used as needed for house updating.
    Good luck with what you decide to do!
    Back on the trains again!

  • *mudangel*
    *mudangel* Posts: 119 Forumite
    Thanks, Davenport. Definitely a good idea to review how you budget. It's funny how a seemingly simple thing can become more complicated. You're right to find what works for you.

    Sounds like things are going in the right direction for you! Great stuff. :)

    We found another buyer on Monday. What a rollercoaster 24 hours that was.

    I'm not saying too much - paranoid about jinxing anything. Anyway, does look very promising, but I thought that last time.

    Decidedly weary and fed up with everything. I should be delighted about finding new buyer, but I'm not going to be remotely celebrating until exchange is completed. They've offered several thousand more than last buyer, though rather than being happy, I'm worried they'll gazunder.

    I've been fairly hopeless on saving - willpower's pretty low at the mo. What's really scuppering things is that I don't have anywhere to hide money from myself. No point putting anything into FD's regular saver, because I'm likely to be taking it all out again soon (probably won't get the interest at the end of the 12 months, but hey - didn't know we'd find ourselves in a position to buy this soon). ISA 2012/2013 is obviously not an option and likely to be emptied for the house purchase as well. ISA 2013/2014 can wait until after the house move.

    I do have my e-saver account linked to FD current account, but I need to be sure I won't dip into it. (And I did last month, because it was a horrendously expensive month - daughter's school trip cost £300, then there were significant birthdays etc. etc.)

    Think another saving project is the way forward. The house is a HUGE one, but the funds are pretty much all there for that (including unforeseen expenses which I've set aside about £1000 emergency money).

    Toying with the idea of saving towards a newer car. Definitely need a project once the house move is done. Perhaps best to wait until we're in the new house! And then I'm sure they'll be loads of things to save for.
    Just bought a new house with the help of this site! :D
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