Hurrah! Embarking on a money saving adventure.



  • *mudangel*
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    Hi all! Time for a weekly update.

    A cheaper week than last week. So, since last Friday I have spent a total of £47.76.

    Pressies: £10 (husband contributed £10 also)
    Groceries: £14.02 (low, because had stocked up in previous week)
    Leisure: £3.60
    Transport: £20.14

    I’m still over that target of £5 per day, which is a little frustrating, but I couldn’t really have economised much more this week. Still, under £50 for a week is not too shabby. I am trying to keep grocery, transport etc. spending to £200ish a month. Spending Diary is proving a huge help.

    In other news, I’ve been accepted for the Capital One Classic card I applied for. They’ve given me the minimum limit of £200, which is hardly surprising since I’ve got such a blank credit history and it is perfectly enough to start building on. Have already set up direct debit to pay the full statement balance each month.

    Checked Experian yesterday and, ooooh, my First Direct account is showing up on my credit report. The Natwest account didn’t show up, because it was opened before current accounts could be shown. I’m umming and ahhhing about whether or not to ask FD for the standard £250 overdraft now, just to show that it’s there but I’m not using it. I’m totally confident that I wouldn’t even be tempted to dip in now – if I need money, I’ve got an emergency £1,000 tucked away in the Natwest account. Anyway, whether there being an unused overdraft would be remotely of interest to a future mortgage lender, I’m not sure and need to do my homework.

    Speaking of the Natwest account, I’m undecided as to whether to close it or leave it open. I’ve kept the emergency savings in it, because it’s easy to get to. I’ve been a financial whirlwind over the last couple of months, so the idea of keeping that bit of familiarity kind of appeals. Anything that goes into the regular saver or ISA is money I want to leave well alone. Meh. Will have a little think when things are more settled.

    Last weekend, sat down with the husband and looked at last mortgage statement – it’s pretty old, October 2011. Well, that was pleasing, because it seems we’ve paid off more mortgage than I thought. I’ve always had a figure of £120,000 in my head (that’s what we originally took out and my brain hadn’t updated!), but by our calculations the next October statement should show it at about £114,000. There are four houses very much like ours in the neighbourhood which are up for sale. Prices are around £160,000, so it will be interesting to see what they go for. If we can save the planned £20,000 then hopefully it all be peachy when we move – ever the optimist, eh?

    Just bought a new house with the help of this site! :D
  • davenport151
    Hi Mudangel glad all is well with you.
    Don't beat yourself up over the £5 a day. Win some , loose some. A day where more gets spent is usually offset by a no spend the following day. Perhaps it might be easier to think of it as £35 for the week.
    I too have a low spend shop this week due to good planning and preparing before being away for a few days. This consisted of a rail rover ticket exploring the north east of England. We tend to only spend on food and avoid the shops. and had booked accommadation in advance.
    Keep up the good work!
    Back on the trains again!

  • *mudangel*
    *mudangel* Posts: 119 Forumite
    Nice work, Davenport! Planning and preparation definitely make a big difference. Sounds like you've got some real bargains on your travel too. Hope you're having a great time!

    So, quicky update now, because tomorrow I am going to be super busy.

    A so, so week for saving. My motivation to save is resolute and unshakeable, but my actual ability or inclination to do the little things which proper, hardcore saving involves has diminished a little. Why? Because we’re in a critical stage of the project at work – hence long hours, stressful meetings and little time for anything other than work. Still, should get easier after the weekend.

    I almost don’t want to open up Spending Diary to look at the figures, but here goes:

    Coffees: £3.30 (bit of a reckless, unnecessary spend)
    Cosmetics: £2.58 (cheap shampoo in hair dye, cheaper and kinder than the permanent stuff I’d normally use. Worked okay too!)
    Clothes: £8.99 (fine – wardrobe looking sparse and sorry. This was a top from a cheap shop I’d not usually go in, so that’s okay.)
    Petrol: £20.17
    Groceries: £22.10
    Leisure: £5.60 (daughter and her friend to swimming)

    Total: £62.75

    Well… now I’ve totted it up, it’s not as bad as I thought. But I know that I could have done better. Still, it’s a whole load better than I was doing before I was on the saving drive! I suppose I could never dye my hair or buy new clothes, but that would be a bit rubbish and I’d feel ugh.

    I’m getting extra money in this month’s pay for working this weekend. Might have to go in on Bank Holiday Monday too, which means an additional £130… Rather have the time off though, boy, I am so tired. Could also get the £100 from First Direct for switching accounts – once I’ve been paid, that should be all criteria fulfilled. Shouldn’t be counting chickens before they hatch though.

    And finally, credit card’s finally arrived. I’m still looking at it a bit suspiciously.

    Ciao for now!
    Just bought a new house with the help of this site! :D
  • davenport151
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    Its prioities really with money saving. You know that you would rather buy that hair dye or some new clothes because that is important to you. You save in other ways eg; the weekly shop. Before that it was just getting spent with no thought for what you buy. Now its planned and no more unnesscary buying or buying more than you need.
    I would rather have the money saved from there to spend on a trip out. Mind you I did mess up on our first travels and ended up spending extra for accomadation. I did manage to spend less this week though. And yes, we had a great time.

    Sorry Yellowbear im not sure if it took your thanks off because I edited it! But thanks for your thanks!
    Back on the trains again!

  • thriftylass
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    Hi mudangel!

    It's been a bit quiet but I hope you're still going. Started my own thread but it kind of fizzled out, then I found yours. Hope you don't mind me popping in now and then. We're in a similar situation, two adults plus 1.5 year old and similar income. We just bought a bigger house but that totally emptied our bank accounts and now with child care it's tight. But there is still loads to do in the house and I want to save a rainy day fund. Hopefully get the wee man in a cheaper nursery when he's two (£400 rather then £900 :eek:, at least child care vouchers save a bit now). We too have seperate finances, which I think is toatlly fine, but we split the bills whereby he pays more and I'm in charge of saving for all of us as he's hopeless with that. At least that way the bills are payed and he has to make do (or learn to) with the rest rather than try to save.

    Trying to save 300 for christmas (food and pressies), £1100 for wee man (had that since birth but got raided when we bought the house) and £1000 for a rainy day by christmas. Then I'll set new targets for next year.

    Also watching the food bill now more, cycle to work and leave my wallet at home. According to the budget planner I should also have a fair bit of money left over but ...:o Slowly getting there. Next week I'll take a couple of days of and also do a bit of decluttering as I don't seem to have the time after work, cooking dinner, dishes and basic chores :o
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  • MoneyHungry
    Just read all of it, really inspirational. Keep going, I'm sure you will do it. Will be coming in here alot for motivation x
    House deposit £2800/£10000
    :j£7200 in 24 months = £300 a month:j
  • davenport151
    Mudangel. are you still with us?
    Life can get so busy cant it?
    A good month for me! Managed to have some cash left. My attitude now is to really think twice(or more) about any spends.
    Shopping I have got down to the (almost) minimum spend. Though I can increase that more with a bit more effort into making stuff go further (old style board here I come!) Really thinking about purchases before hand.etc.
    Back on the trains again!

  • *mudangel*
    Hello all and how lovely to come back to see people are posting in here! Welcome! Proper report at some point soon - September's been really hard work. Ugh.

    Davenport, so pleased to hear that it's going so well for you! Really inspiring stuff. I think once you've got the right attitude, that's half the battle won.

    Hello MoneyHungry! Great to have you joining us :) Totally agree with your sentiments on debit cards!

    Welcome to thriftylass! Sounds like you've got it all planned out. Really looking forward to seeing how you get on. :)

    Fortunately, the mahoosive project I'm working on is finishing earlier than expected. Two more weeks and I should have my life back. It's been all-consuming and stressful in the extreme. Still, I feel positive about the achievement.

    There is a *huge* dent in my willpower and I've been very unfocussed on saving. Managed to increase savings by about £400 last month, which is good considering, but I spent a fortune on stuff I probably didn't need / didn't use.

    I'm going to have to look around for some more saving inspiration.

    Fair bit of expense coming up this month, but kind of essential stuff. Boiler needs servicing, lock issue with front door, daughter needs new school shoes etc.

    Right now, all I want is to go on holiday! Meh.

    Great to be back posting in here :)
    Just bought a new house with the help of this site! :D
  • davenport151
    Thought i'd add an update here.
    how's it going everyone?
    My stats speak for themselves. Was going really well then until unexpected vet trip plus car repairs!:(
    Back on the trains again!

  • *mudangel*
    Hi all and happy New Year!

    How is everyone getting on? Davenport, ugh! Vets bills are the worst, but pets are worth it, aren't they? How are you getting on now?

    I've settled nicely into the habit of saving money, so not updating this as much as I was. It's just a question of keeping the good habits going. :)

    Savings will hit over £3,100 at the end of the month. Amazing considering just over 6 months ago I saved literally nothing! September and October were a bit rubbish and I didn't save anything like as much as I meant to. A few unavoidable expenses, but also a willpower wobble! So, arranged a monthly transfer straight into the ISA. Out of sight, out of mind, eh? It's working well and I am back on track.

    Christmas wasn't too bad. Sold some holiday, so that covered everyone's pressies and more. Still, got to be careful until the end of the month! Ooh, bought a slow cooker (cheap £15 Tesco job). Why I didn't do this before, I don't know. It's a godsend! Helps me use up the leftovers and means coming back to a hot meal with minimal hassle. It'll pay for itself in no time.

    Anyway, that's my news for now. More soon!
    Just bought a new house with the help of this site! :D
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