Hurrah! Embarking on a money saving adventure.



  • *mudangel*
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    Hola savers!

    Long awaited pay review last week. Am happy, because I’ve been given over 4%, which takes me to £27,300. It’s not huge, because company is trying to save money, but it definitely helps.

    In other news, it’s WONDERFUL to start seeing the little trickle of interest into the ISA. (Regular saver only gets interest paid at the end of the 12 month term, so got six months to go before that comes.) Obviously, ISA’s not earning a lot of interest yet, only £1.74 for January, but it’s the best £1.74 I’ve ever made. Why? Because it wouldn’t have happened if I’d not turned my attitude around, sorted my finances out, set some targets and stuck to them.

    This end of January is proving a tight, so I’ve set a pretty strict budget until payday (next Monday, I think). If I’m really good, I might end up with £50 left in the current account. This cuts things a lot finer than I’d like. January’s always a nightmare – last payday was on December 21st(we always get paid early for Christmas) and it’s felt like aaaaaaages!

    Daughter is attending maths lessons again, but this time with a private tutor. She did a mock SATs test and she was very unhappy with her maths result, so we thought the tutor might bolster her confidence. The school, my husband and I are all pleased with how she did. Started a thread over on the Families… board which I’ve just checked and has had some really interesting and insightful replies. I’m relieved that KS2 SATs don’t actually seem to count for too much in the long-term. Anyway, she likes the tutor (so far) and we’ll see how it goes.

    Am going to treat myself to redecorating the bedroom next month. The light blue we have in there was a mistake as the room is north facing and it always feels cold. Probably won’t do much more than lick of neutral paint and maybe change the light fitting. All told, will probably spend about £100 on it (how expensive is paint again?!?) I’ve taken a couple of days off to do it, which I’m actually really looking forward to.

    Applied for a Nectar reward card. Don’t often shop at places which give Nectar points, but hey it all helps. Have been saving my Clubcard points and have about £35 in vouchers now – am eventually going to buy a new bed, so should be pretty useful if I can double their value by exchanging them.

    Anyway, that’s my news for now.

    EDIT: Sorry - there may be a few random words without spaces. I copy and pasted this and despite my editing, it still seems mental. Ho hum.
    Just bought a new house with the help of this site! :D
  • davenport151
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    Hi Mudangel! Great to hear from you. I've slacked off a bit from the forum lately so hence missed your early January post.
    Wow on the savings!
    Great news on the payrise. Re; early December paydays - I'm always glad our company does not do that. It would be so tempting to dip into it!
    I also hang out on the starting from scratch thread occasionally.
    I love to see that money trickle in the isa as well. Heading towards my January goal so will keep you posted.
    Back on the trains again!

  • Lina_T
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    Hi Mudangel, great thread.

    I don't know how much spare time you have but I've just joined up to Nectar adpoints. You register your nectar card details and watch videos for nectar points, up to 125 points per week (£1.25) from videos and 250 upon joining.

    It's not a lot but it adds up to about £65 a year, without even going into a store :)
  • *mudangel*
    Davenport, sounds like you're making great progress! Will check out the scratch thread, though I've not been on here very much lately. Good luck with the January goal! Be wonderful when you get there.

    Lina, oooooh! That's exciting, I will look at that once I've received the card. Thank you for sharing. It's been a surprise to see how many ways there are of building up Nectar points - hadn't noticed how many places awarded them until I read up a bit.

    Meant to mention, I got my credit report on Noddle. Hadn't been able to do this before as they didn't have my info, so was using Experian and Equifax at some cost. I'm favourably impressed with Noddle, so will stick with it because it's free and will just check the other two yearly or as needed. :)
    Just bought a new house with the help of this site! :D
  • happykate

    I'm very new to MSE but I just wanted to say that having just read this whole thread I feel very inspired! Yay!

    Just wanted to tip my hat and say keep up the saving! :)
    Credit Card debt - £1845, Sofa debt - £1000, Personal Loan debt - £7000
  • *mudangel*
    Hello Happykate! So glad it's been of use to you. Welcome to money saving! Just keep checking on all these threads and I'm sure they'll keep motivating and inspiring you.

    So, I've had some rather brilliant help which I wasn't expecting. My parents have had very, very kindly given me £5,000. They've been in talks with their accountant as some investment or other has matured and they wanted to pass the money on. I almost burst into tears, because it's such a lot of money and hugely helpful.

    Once the cheques clear, I'll be putting most of it into my ISA (which will mean I can't deposit any further funds into this one). I'm putting the monthly maximum £300 into my First Direct regular saver, so can't put anymore in that. I'm into a nice habit of putting around £500 a month away, so need to come up with somewhere to stow the odd £200 until I can open an ISA for 2013/2014.

    What a lovely problem to have!

    Next month, savings will be over £8,000. Seems hard to imagine, really. Ten years ago, I was in a horrendous situation - I was in an abusive relationship and about to finally leave my partner to become a single mother. We'd lived in a squat and I was at least £8,000 in debt. Worst time of my life.

    The only debt I have now is the huge debt of thanks to this site (and all you kind people who've encouraged me) and to my parents!

    Anyway, I'll save the Oscar speeches, because there's a long way to go to hit the target for house moving. However, this interim thank you has been thoroughly enjoyable.
    Just bought a new house with the help of this site! :D
  • luckynumber13
    Mudangel - what a fabulous ending to what must have been some difficult years. :j

    I am looking at my options for saving, even just a few pounds as it will all add up in the end! I've been told the first £1k is the hardest.
    50p savers club member #16 - £6.00
  • *mudangel*
    Hi Luckynumber13! :) Funnily enough, I found the first £1,000 quite easy, because it's a good, solid target so I was very motivated to get there. My wobble was between £1,500 - £2,000. I think I'd depleted my willpower in getting there and felt like I wanted to splash out a bit. This was when I set up a regular direct debit into the ISA so that the temptation to spend was curbed!

    More exciting news. I've had it in my head that we can't move for a couple of years - figured I don't have enough credit history, husband's changed job six months ago etc. etc. Anyhow, we went along to the bank yesterday to speak to them about our options. It was all a lot more positive than I had expected! We have a decision in principle and a house move could be on the cards for this summer! The decision didn't factor in my savings, so that's a bonus.

    We're looking at the possibility of part exchanging and getting a new property a few miles from where we live. The fun (and stress!) is just beginning. We're awaiting valuations on our home, so we'll see what that brings. All happening very quickly at the moment and I'm trying to get my head around things and do a lot of reading! It's not too bad, because I've spent the last six months swatting up on this stuff.

    In other news, I painted the bedroom and the living room. They both look amazeballs IMHO. All very neutral. I guess I need to do a whole load of tidying up and getting stuff done this weekend.

    Keep you all posted! :)
    Just bought a new house with the help of this site! :D
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    A second welcome to luckynumber13.
    I think i'm going to find the same as Mudangel. Have hit the £1000 but now need to hold onto that. I have really cut back this month and will continue to do so over at least the next month (car mot/service etc). I have started a spending dairy now so I can see exactly where it all goes.
    Mudangel - great news on the moving front! I dont think that is something thats on the cards for us. We are reluctant to add anything to current mortgage as only 7 years to go.

    Good luck to you though. What a lovely surprise.
    Back on the trains again!

  • Seen_the_light
    Just read this thread from start to finish. So motivational! Well done. I've spent the last 6 months doing the 'debt free' thing (which fortunately wasn't too bad for me - some of the stories on the 'debt free wanabe' threads are awesome) and am now embarking on the unknown territory (for me) of saving. I previously spent (and wasted) huge amounts of money, which doesn't please me! So taking a few baby steps forward into the unknown.......
    Lightbulb Moment - November 2012
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