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July 2012 Grocery Challenge

edited 4 June 2012 at 1:30PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • GreenFairyGreenFairy Forumite
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    Can I add my name to the list please, for €280?
    Which works out at about £225 at today's rate (depressing, that!).

    It's just myself and hubs, and includes all groceries, household toiletries and cleaning products/loo roll etc. Doesn't include cat food or litter as I buy that in 10kg sacks about 3 times a year.

    The grocery budget has been around the €320 mark most months and I really need to trim it down as we're on a very tight income right now. Groceries are also stupidly expensive here at the moment, even for value stuff - many items are more than double the sterling price - how I miss living in Norn Iron!.

    On the plus side, I recently got a deal on a small freezer so have more than our tiny fridge/freezer to work with now.
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  • Please can i be put down for £300 for July please. I have a reasonable amount of food in the freezer but the cupboards leave a bit to be desired :o.
    I will try to come under this month, famous last words. We are saving to get the girls bedroom knocked about, they are in a large bedroom and we want to split it into two seperate rooms. I will have to keep that in mind when i'm spending on food.
    Good luck to everyone this month.
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    Suffolk_lassSuffolk_lass Forumite
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    edited 1 July 2012 at 3:00PM
    :eek::eek:Bought some Innoc3nt Orange Juice a few weeks ago and froze half. I can confirm that the plastic bottles split when freezing - I have just discovered sticky gloop over everything in the garage freezer. Not sure what has had it but the bag for life fruit that was from last autumn is looking dodgy. :eek::eek:

    I think the rest of you can relax now as that is the three of us; rising from the ashes, frooglefraggle and me - all with freezer disasters in the last week or two :(

    BTW Thanks for the cat litter link rising; too late for this month but will check it out for next month


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  • mummyyof5mummyyof5 Forumite
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    Just sorted out my small freezer and moved some bits across from the chest freezer...I seriously have loads of food in there so hope that will help with challenge in small freezer is actually huge:)

    Setting July budget at £425...

    Today is a NSD...need to check but sure I am well under budget for June

    Will be shopping tomorrow as have to take Ds2 to town for a hiarcut its his Prom on Tuesday :eek:...WILL be fresh stuff only:o

    Hoping to go to HB at some time this week too...need to restock on toilet roll..toothpaste etc....

    YESSSSS...June..£289.00/£450.... well under...not bad for 8 of us...thank goodness someone on here pointed me to L**l xxxx
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    To include all Food,Toiletries and Petfood.
  • sb88_2sb88_2 Forumite
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    £57 for our first shop in July!!!

    That is almost 2 weeks worth of grocerys, I seem to plan one week ,and go on prepared another week. We have bought a bit extra this week , dog food and treats, offal to mix in with the dog food to help her gain some weight (Adopted a stray)

    I also stocked up a bit on chopped tomatoes, pasta bake, cous cous, and other items! and ended up buying a few naughty snacks! Baby bell was £1, and I adore them, and crisps....:(

    I may revise my target in August.
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  • Sincerely hoping the floods receed quickly and the lovely people here are not too badly affected, hugs to Meg, and hurrah for the return of Flo!

    Still no news re: DD's tests but she is out trying on wedding dresses today so hopefully she wont let the worry spoil her
    fun :j

    Tomorrow is my birthday (will be 53 :eek:) and I just had delivered a gorgeous huge arrangement of flowers and a cuddly teddy from a new man I have met recently and who I like a lot, so happy Fozziebeartoo here, at least for the next 5 minutes :D

    Flo DID say there were still some nice men out there, but I had just about given up finding one......;)

    NSD here.

    I have baked 1/2 portion of Flos muffins, 6 raspberry and 6 blueberry and the total of 12 muffins have only got 1oz of sugar and 1oz of fat between them!! :j

    For tea I am thinking HM pork and mushroom biriyani (not a combination I have tried before, but its what I have got in fridge :rotfl:)....and YS nans from freezer.

    Happy birthday for yesterday :). I'm glad you've found someone nice and hope it goes well for you.
    I don't know what's happened to me... I've fallen back into my pre-gc ways this week. Before, I used to drop the children off at their dad's and then go straight to the sms. I realised this was my problem area, as then I emotion-spent. I stopped this, and saw a dramatic reduction in my spending, as I used to spend around £40 a time, twice a week, on top of the weekly shop!!

    However, this week, the ch were at their dad's on Tuesday night, and I spent £41, and then I dropped them off again last night, and spent a further £34!! I don't have this much money to spend, and I don't know why I've suddenly started doing it again!!! It's so frustrating. It's not even like I don't have any food int he house; I am stocked for the next 12 months! (Seriously)

    :mad::mad: :mad::mad: :mad::mad: :mad::mad: :mad::mad: :mad::mad: :mad::mad: :mad::mad: :mad::mad: :mad::mad: :mad::mad: :mad::mad: :mad::mad:

    I just don't know what to do. That's not true. I know what to do, I don't seem to be able to do it...

    My first little tiny aim, is to not go to a sm today or tomorrow.

    I think it's really hard to stop spending - the only way I do it is not to take any money with me, or if I have to go in a shop, only have the amount of cash with me that I actually need then I can't spend any more than that.
    Budgets noted to here and will update front page later

    Second Purse - quick question, when you buy something for £1 [should be £2] when you want to use it you pay 2nd purse £2 for it - surely that means you are paying in total £3 for something that only cost £1 to start with or am I not getting it - this is what stopped me from doing the 2nd purse the 1st time!!

    Helen x

    Re 2nd purse question - to start with you put a £10 float in your second purse. You buy the item from your second purse for £1, then when you want to use it, you pay your second purse £2 from your grocery budget. What happens is that the extra money (in this case the £1) builds up in your second purse. When you reach a certain amount of money, say £20, extra than you originally put into your 2nd purse, then any extra after that gets put into your 3rd purse, which is your profits to spend as you like.
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  • meg72meg72 Forumite
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    Many thanks for the hugs and reassurance regarding my freaky fit with Asda CS.
    I received this via FB and thought just how much it sums up this thread and the lovely people on it, just wanted to share.
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  • ladymayladymay Forumite
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    £14.73 spent today. Mostly stocked up on household and beauty stuff, also bought quite a lot of chocolate... Wonder if it'll last longer than tonight :rotfl:
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  • savesummoresavesummore Forumite
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    Budgets noted to here and will update front page later

    Second Purse - quick question, when you buy something for £1 [should be £2] when you want to use it you pay 2nd purse £2 for it - surely that means you are paying in total £3 for something that only cost £1 to start with or am I not getting it - this is what stopped me from doing the 2nd purse the 1st time!!

    Helen x

    You start your 2nd purse with a 'float' mine was £10 so if you buying something for £1 on offer and when you use it you pay yourself full price of £2 your float is back to £10 plus you have £1 profit which I keep in 2nd purse. So i guess at the start you scarifice £10 to get the ball rolling but dont end up paying twice as such as you 'pay back' your float the orginal £1

    Its harder to explain than actually do lol!! :rotfl:

    I like 2nd purse as Ive always got 'spare cash' to buy the bargains when I see them rather than thinking ive got no GC money left and miss out on the deals

    HTH im not good at explaining :o
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  • fozziebeartoofozziebeartoo Forumite
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    My DD's treated me to birthday lunch out today, so it turned into a NSD :j

    If I get hungry later, I have LO HM biryani and LO YS nan bread I can have....and already froze 2 portions of the biryani for another time.

    I dont have to look after DGS until late afternoon tomorrow, and the thought of shopping on my own (with no 2 year old or buggy) is very appealing, but I dont need anything, just fancy a mooch ;)

    Hope everyone has had a nice weekend! :T
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