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July 2012 Grocery Challenge

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    bossymoobossymoo Forumite
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    Omg 15 pages and it's only the first of the month!

    Nappy stock for the month: £15.96
    I say that but DS could do with more pullups for bedtime.

    Away with the fairies :beer:
  • mummyyof5mummyyof5 Forumite
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    My 5 year old son thinks his world has ended..we have ran out of L**ls strawberry jam :D..but mummy its just the best ...what will I do ??? lol x
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  • Coxy11Coxy11 Forumite
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    bossymoo wrote: »
    Omg 15 pages and it's only the first of the month!

    Tell me 'bout it :rotfl:

    Made some scones today courtesy of MILs recipe. Recipe uses buttermilk. Will post it up when I get a chance. Lush. Will freeze some for later use.

    Also had the twinks from the batch I froze the other day. Honestly tasted better than on the day I made them, so YES you can definitely freeze them. Usually they disappear before I get a chance to do so however.... :D

    Had roasted gammon today and the leftovers are in the fridge. As I type I am fending of DH eating them as he now has the munchies :o Trying to reason that it will make another meal - gammon in batter a la Flo. This is one of the reasons I keep going over budget. Live with piggie wig wiggies, oink oink.
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  • MrsCDMrsCD Forumite
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    Wow! What a lot of newbies! Hello, and hope you're enjoying it here :wave::wave:

    Happy birthday Fozzie..You're only one day older than you were yesterday ;) Glad you've found a nice new man - hope it works out for you :) Pleased your DD isn't letting the waiting stop her doing nice stuff.

    froogefraggle - Aaaarrrgggghhh!!!! Will grannie help to replace anything? :o That's awful, you must be so annoyed and upset.
    Sending hugs to you if it helps :grouphug:

    In_it...Well done on the soup making :T Sorry can't help with pitta bread, but someone else has posted a recipe for you to try.

    PG - Well done making all the jam :T Even when it's not much difference in the cost of SM jam, it just tastes so much better when you've made it yourself.

    meg73 - the picture is beautiful - thanks for that :T

    Well, at last I have finished my June GC, and come in under budget :T This month I'm going to count my NSDs as well.
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  • jumblejackjumblejack Forumite
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    A quick question for the jam makers amongst us - how does it compare cost wise to buying - eg can buy raspberry jam in Mr A for around 80p and Al*di for 90p (much nicer!).

    AFAIK (which isn't a lot! but remember granny making jam when I was wee) you need mountains of sugar (which isn't cheap!).

    I have a plentiful supply of blackberries (nearby woods) ..... feeling a bit sad now as lost loads when the freezer defrosted last week :( - so wondering if it's worth doing or not. TIA

    This is precisely why I have only tried jam making last week. I felt the same. Why bother if it costs just as much cos sugar aint cheap.
    It does work out cheaper than shop bought though as pointed out. The satisfaction you gain is also priceless:T
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  • spongyspongy Forumite
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    That’s it, count me in! Have been stalking this grocery challenge for a couple of weeks now andhave resolved to reduce my £300 monthly bill to £150. It’s just me and my two little angels (DD& DS) who live with me half the week so really like one adult and one childall week. There’s also a Monday-Friday lodgerdipping into the non-perishables and the BF who eats with us about once a week. Budget includes all toiletries but no booze.

    Have already blown £94 on a big SM shop (delivered by Mr Tand cost reduced by use of – thanks for the tips guys) buthoping this will last the whole month although reality is setting in that it's only day 1 and it's a 31 day month....
    Have a dinner party on the 15th (oh what to cook?) and mybirthday on the 26th.

    Moneysaver meals tried this weekend – Homemade pizza went downbeautifully and salmon pasta. Delicious - even the fussy eater kids agreed. :beer:

    BTW – if you use your pre-paid oyster card on a NSD doesthis mean you’ve spent money or not? Ifnot then today was a NSD!
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  • GlitzerGlitzer Forumite
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    spongy wrote: »

    BTW – if you use your pre-paid oyster card on a NSD doesthis mean you’ve spent money or not? Ifnot then today was a NSD!

    I read NSD as not spending money on your food (or whatever comes under you GC budget.
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    jasmin10jasmin10 Forumite
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    jumblejack wrote: »
    In an ideal world, wouldn't it be nice if we could 'trade' our goodies for those of others!!! I'd love to trade for a pot of HM raspberry jam.

    We have this in place with a neighbour. DH shoves things over the fence and every few weeks a carrier bag is left hanging over the fence with beer :beer:

    Could have kicked myself today. Thought I would make some more hob nobs so that we could have a treat in. DH decided she wanted to help (eat). It turned out to be a stressfull baking session and then I realised just as I put them in the oven I had forgotten to put the flippin sugar in :( , Even with sugar sprinkled on the top they are just eurgh. anyhow DD is still troughing them as we dont tend to put sugar and thingson many things so her tastebuds arent as 'trained' as ours - at least she was happy. I was looking forward to that with a cuppa :( will have to wait now til shopping day on Wednesday as I dont have enough ingredients to make any more.

    Also a question is anyone can help. DH eats tons of Tuna (even tho I have told him it is recommended that he should only eat a couple of tins a week), I'm talking 8+ tins. So far the cheapest I have found it for is 54p. Obviously with so many tins it works out quite a lot, even more if we were to buy bigger tins. Anyone seen them any cheaper?

    Another Q, do they only reduced stuff in sm in the evening. I'm usually sorting the children out and not able to venture out into the big wide world after dark (ok exaggeration 4pm), do they ever reduce stuff during the morning/lunch etc.

    p.s. re :jam making. when making jam in you are using a fruit that contains low pectin levels (i.e. wont set on it's own) add another fruit that adds it own high pectin levels, then you wont need to add any sugar. I cant wait for my plums and goosberries. I usually make Plum and apple, or goosberry and apple. Comes out scrumptiously (if thats a word lol)
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  • spongyspongy Forumite
    22 posts
    Thanks Glitzer, that must mean today was a NSD for me:)
    1 single mum, 1 DS, 1 DD.
  • jasmin10jasmin10 Forumite
    905 posts
    Re, nsd. Everyone has different meanings.

    For me my GC is all about my weekly food purchases, things for the children (formula, uniform, entertainment) come out of the child benefit money I get and keep withdraw it and keep in seperate purse. Anything else non food related or beer for dh still comes out of our current account but not included in the GC.

    However for me to say I have had a NSD, means just that, I have not spent a penny no matter what budget or account it's come from
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