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Wedding Gift List - Which is the best one?



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  • Has any one used Confetti? They allow you to make a list of things you want to buy or do and people can then put money onto a pre-paid maestro card for you to spend on what you want or need. It is more than just giving money on the website you can choose what you want to put funds towards, so you feel you are adding to something specific.


    I have only contributed to a list as i am not getting married, yet!!!!
    Hope it helps
    Got married on the 26th April 08!!!!!!!:j:T

    Bumpy Bean was due 20th Nov 2010, born 15th Nov :j:j:T
  • Thanks for all your suggestions.

    I think the paying towards the honeymoon might be down the shoot. My MIL to be was telling me about how another relative of hers is doing the same thing and how she thought it was a f***ing cheek and was ranting about it for ages. Last thing I want is to start off on the wrong foot with the new MIL.

    I'll certainly take a look at Debenhams.
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  • We were extremely lucky and were given a honeymoon! All we are doing is paying for the flights.

    We a renow asking for B&Q vouchers. We have been together for 11 years when we marry and we still need to do a fair bit to the house. Plus when we return for honeymoon, it should be the end of the summer sale so might pick up a few bargins!!
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  • we are getting maried on saturday, already have a recently done out house and had no idea what to ask for so we asked for nothing but if guests insisted on doing something monetery donations would be gratefully recieved to replace a sofa or washer etc at a future date. Our guests love this idea as they feel the are contributing to our long term future together.
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    We a renow asking for B&Q vouchers. We have been together for 11 years when we marry and we still need to do a fair bit to the house.

    You can get National Garden Gift Vouchers from garden centres too. My brother bought me some for Christmas, as I had a new drive put in and the front garden landscaped, but they just laid some turf. I've got the vouchers ready to buy shrubs for the border when the weather gets a bit warmer!
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    We also used John Lewis for our gift list. We found that they had a great range of gifts and you can have cheaper gifts on there, for example one napkin (of a set of 8). They're really helpful and their site is really easy to use.

    We also had a second gift list, where we got people to 'buy' an activity for our honeymoon - eg horseriding, whale watching, wine tasting or tango class. (Our honeymoon was several months travelling in South America - all saved for!). We worked out the cost for each and so allowed ourselves to have a really good variety of prices. We actually found this was much more popular than the JL list!

    Nicola x

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    We used Wrapit.co.uk for our wedding list, with very mixed feelings. It is great in terms of selection of gift ideas, and also how they help in setting up the list. We also went to quite a few events (like winetasting, wedding tips etc).

    The negative thing is the length of delivery after the wedding. Our list was closed in the middle of September last year. As we had a small list (we combined the value of the gifts to get larger items), we expected to ge the gifts within 6-8 weeks after. Not so, we got one delivery after approx 12 weeks, containing TWO gifts. The next delivery was done just before Christmas (I had to take a day off), but still not all the gifts arrived.

    In Februay, I had enough, so after a lot of discussion, we got a refund for the last two outstanding gifts so we could buy them elsewhere.

    I am still waiting for an exchange of a faulty gift, it was notified in December, and was due in early February!!

    Sorry for the rant, but this is one part of a wedding that you do not need the stress... Maybe we were very unlucky:confused: ?
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    when its my turn i am going for John Lewis.
    are you sitting comfortably?, then I'll begin.....
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    It looks like Debenhams have changed their free £50 just for setting up a list policy. I went and set my gift list up a few weeks ago, got given a gift card and tried to spend it yesterday on a nice tiara I'd seen. I got told by the wedding advisor that you can only spend the £50 after the wedding. I suppose they want to make sure that people actually buy something off the list, but no-one told me when I set it up.
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