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    What is it that you're wanting to achieve - i.e are you asking guests for money, gifts or a contribution to your honeymoon?

    For gifts, try, you can add items from any online retailer (although guests can also buy locally and tick the gift off the list on the website). This costs guests and couples nothing but the website may get a referral fee from some of your chosen online retailers.

    For honeymoon stuff try, for more information see the FAQs here -

    For money, let your guests put a few quid or a cheque in a card - the ability to pay online or the fact that Just The Thing claims to be 'the polite way' to ask for money isn't going to make your guests more inclined than they otherwise would be to give you money. Even with the online option I would give cash or cheque, as I know 100% that you're going to get it.

    Thanks Ruby. As it happens, we want both a few physical presents and honeymoon contribution options! (Easier to do this digitally than in cash, we think) Ideally, we'd also like a basic website template to put a map and a few pictures on plust a bit of wedding info, though this isn't essential. So far, Prezola and seem like the best options. It's just trying to pick out the best from all the options, all of whom (of course) enthuse about how they're the best, the cheapest overall if you take into account all the hidden fees etc. :eek:
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