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Anyone ever tried to reschedule a delivery from this, and I use the word loosely, company? They left me a card on 20th April. I went online and rescheduled delivery for 24 April. Nothing. I've been trying ever since to get delivery, having to contact them on premium rate numbers, without success. My parcel is in Omagh, I'm in Enniskillen so it's not difficult, or shouldn't be, but it might as well be on the moon. I know it could be sorted if I could get the Omagh depot number but they can't or won't give me it. They really are the pits!

Sorry for the rant but I really am frustrated.


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    Had a great deal of trouble as well... even getting hold of them is damned near impossible.
    Always overestimating...
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    had problems with them over xmas - a bit like what was seen on Watchdog on the BBC.
    When they found out we weren't in they decided it would be a good idea to throw the packages over the 8 ft back wall into what turned out to be dog ****.
    Must admit I now always check which courier an online website uses for n.i. now and won't use them if it involves yodel.
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    I ordered a birthday gift from M&S for a friend in another part of the country. I didn't know it at the time but they used Yodel for their delivery. She wasn't in when delivery was initially attempted and basically tried for around three days to rearrange a time with Yodel, without success. In the end I had to step in and sort it out with M&S. They did issue me with a full refund but it was a hugely time-consuming and frustrating experience and, of course, a birthday surprise totally ruined. M&S told me they were cancelling their contract with Yodel but I'm not sure if this has actually happened. I've ordered from M&S online since but have always collected from store.

    If I were you I would get on to the people who actually sent the package to see if they can help. I don't envy you having to deal with Yodel.
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    I havent had a problem with them, they have tried to deliver a few parcels over the last few weeks for us (new baby coming) one I was here for and other had a card. I went online and said I would pick it up. However I pass the depot most days so it was easier for me that way.
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    i will let you know on tuesday, missed adelivery yesterday and rescheduled for monday when i am home all day. we will see.
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    Yodel Omagh 02882255783
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  • I had a parcel from Sports Direct listed on Yodel's online tracker as being in Belfast for 4 days, without it being updated. This was in additon to the expected couple of days to get it to Belfast in the first place.
    When I sent an email to enquire why it wasn't being delivered, it turned up the next morning.
    I never did get a reply to my email.
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    I had a parcel out for delivery on Wed. but it ended up back at the depot, the driver couldn't find me!
    So I rang the (10p per min.) 0871 number yesterday & they took extra details + phone number, saying I would get it today.
    Today I went onto the tracking site only to find its still at the Romford depot.
    Rang them again & got the following story:
    My parcel is SUPPOSED to be out for delivery according to the computer, but it might not be, as the tracking system is still showing it at Romford depot.
    Romford depot cannot be contacted as it’s in the process of being closed down & none of the phones work anymore.
    Therefore we cannot help you with this delivery.

    So no-one at the depot has a mobile phone?
    These people really are the pits.
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    Ordered a bike from somewhere that uses them (had I realised they used them then I wouldn't have ordered it). When I got the despatch confirmation and it said "Your delivery is being sent via Yodel who, if they are doing their bit right, will deliver it tomorrow" I called the company and said "You use Yodel? Okay, if I have problems I will contact you." Was I setting myself up for definite disappointment? I do wonder because the item was out with them for delivery this morning and despite having sat in my living room ALL morning apparently a card was posted because no one responded.

    I live in a rather large block of flats in a town that has only 2 blocks of flats, you can't miss the big white building I reside in. Anyway, there is no card - it appears that the card is either invisible or the posting of said card was the figment of the driver's imagination. When the note appeared on my tracking page I was furious so I called up Customer Service only to be told that they would get the Service Centre at Horndean to call me. When they hadn't called me by 12.20 I called back and spoke to someone else who told me "It will be delivered Monday, Horndean shuts at midday". I was literally incandescent with fury by this point and demanded to speak to a manager. She called me back 10 minutes later and reiterated that there was nothing to be done but deliver on Monday.

    My view is that if you are going to offer a service on a weekend then there should be someone else available to speak to that has information about an order, right? I have now emailed their complaints department and am demanding compensation - if you don't have it (the email address isn't available on their site) it's[EMAIL="customercare@vx.yodel.co.uk"] [email protected][/EMAIL]
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    have got many deliverys from yodel never had a problem I suppose it all depends on delivery guy I can track it and know day it is out for delivery
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