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Buying in bulk / stockpiling it really worth it?



  • nomi01
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    I have recently become very interested in creating a stockpile, mainly after watching extreme couponing:o. I got 6 bottles of 54 wash non bio persil fron sains last week as it was half price. Also got 2 packs of half price typhoo tea too. I have often got stuff when its on offer but never organised it until now. When I went through my drawers and cupboards, I was able to fill a box with brand new toiletries. Also found loads of cleaning stuff at the back of the cupboards. I often shop without a list and as a result, I buy things I dont need at that time. By sorting it all out, I am able to see what I already have and also gives me time to wait for the really good deals at the shops. Have stocked up on more cleaning stuff as ASDA has the big clean offers on at the moment.
    I am now working on getting freebies and discount vouchers.
    My favourite buy has been the yankee candle 12 days of christmas set. I got 2 of them half price after xmas. I am saving them for this xmas.:)
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  • Rebob
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    Got 4 bottles of Daz liquid this week as reduced to £2 a bottle in wilkinsons and then get 13% off with hubbies staff discount. I have a small stockpile of toiletries. I buy 4/5 9 packs of toiltet rolls at a time as I buy Nicky at £1.99 and have to go out of my way to get it. I also have a large stock pile of sanitary towels (over 3 carrier bags full) as they are the double sized packs reduced to 10p a pack in tesco about a year ago. Should last me another couple of years without buying more!
    The best bargains are priceless!!!!!!!!!! :T :T :T
  • black_cat
    I agree with those who say it's important to buy what you know you will use and not just because it's a bargain. OH prefers certain brands of shampoo, shower gel, bubble bath, loo roll and toothpaste. These are the things I stock up on when they are half price or less. I haven't bought these at full price for years.

    It is important to keep track of how many you've got of each though, and where you've stored it. I keep toiletries in the bottom of the airing cupboard (the boiler's there but there's not really any heat), drinks, cat food and household stuff in the shed. I bought 4 bottles of Persil and 4 of Comfort for half price at Tesco this week.

    This thread has reminded me to take an inventory of my food stores at the moment and to look out for offers on tins, pasta and rice.

    I'm happy with my level of stockpiling (not too extreme), not least because I have some spare cash in order to do it. It was frustrating when I saw the offers but couldn't take advantage of them because I could only afford to buy what I needed for the week.

    It's good to read how others do it!
  • Uniscots97
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    I think I'll sort out the hall cupboard and put my stockpiled goodies in there. Sainsbury's have some good deals at the moment, pepsi working out at 21p a can (OH likes the stuff, so it goes in his packed lunch), andHome Bargains for other packed lunch goodies (crisps etc) and other bits and pieces.
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  • andrinaperry
    the americans have so much more opportunity to stockpile

    tiff wrote: »
    These are proper stockpile pics lol, just wish I had the space
  • tiff
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    Well they do have extreme couponing, plus in general more storage space in their homes but anyone can do it with a bit of thought. I dont have tons of space but intend to use under my bed, under the stairs, a cupboard, airing cupboard and wardrobes for toiletries.
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  • tiff
    tiff Posts: 6,608 Forumite
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    Hello, firstly if this is in the wrong place sorry (please advise where's best if it is)
    So stockpiling seems a thrifty thing to do and I must admit since finding this site I seem to have started a stockpile and rather sadly I look at it and smile. I have searched on the internet and the Americans are big on this well I want to see yours!
    Call me nosy if you like but I'm sure others are curious to see how and what you stockpile. I currently have a rather crudely made shelving corner in my closet but I am in the process of refitting the under stair area for storage/laundry so for now mine is just makeshift.
    Please feel free to post pics, chat about piles (of the non bottom kind) and share lists of what you have, storage tips or any such thing you like.

    I'll come back to this thread with pics in some weeks time as I plan to start serious stockpiling again from pay day at the end of the month. Will have to start slow as money is tight but plan to make use of printable vouchers for free or very cheap items and hopefully glitches too.

    Going to clear out the bottom of my welsh dresser tomorrow, and also clear out a deep shelf in my wardrobe for toiletries. Also hoping to get a another cupboard for the living room to put stuff in and maybe a freezer for the shed. Will try freecycle or gumtree for that.

    Going to keep an inventory of what is in each storage space as I go along so that I know exactly what I have.
    “A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went.” - Dave Ramsey
  • Buttonmoons
    Buttonmoons Posts: 13,323 Forumite
    I don't stockpile, per se, but my cupboards are always full, as is my freezer. It's a hang up from being a child and the house always being bare.

    My freezer is bursting with meat, as the co-op next to my mums reduces everything to 10p after 8pm, so I lucky, currently have loads of lamb chops (10p) whole duck (10p) mince (10p) turkey steaks (10p) premium sausges (10p) and a few things like their freerange quiches, pies etc for those lazy times.

    I have 3 cupboards full of tins/pasta/dried pulses etc. So whilst its not an intentional hoard, I reckon me and DD could live off what I have for a few month (must buy more tinned toms :p)
  • missladyannie
    I use printable vouchers to help stockpile, I have 8 boxes of persil, about 50 bottles of comfort pure (5p each!) in the garage and about 50 jars of sacla sauce (free in Morrisons with voucher) in the kitchen and spare room! I also stock up on Napolina tomatoes and heinz baked beans when on offer (I never pay full price). I also have 4 boxes of teabags and 2 jars of coffee in the wardrobe. I have just got a printer from Freecycle and it is my new best friend!! The amount of vouchers I have printed is amazing. I am currently stockpiling nappies and baby items for when we start to try for a baby later in the year. 7 packs of nappies so far (3 packs were free with vouchers, and 4 packs from Asda for 90p each)
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  • gailey_2
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    I want to start stockpiling but dont have as much room in kitchen as I need as it it really struggle.
    I do have large freezedr which I like to fill with reduced bargains.
    been looking on ebay for pantry type cubboard that would fit in hall.

    need to fix printer and get couponing.

    thinking if was ruthless with airing cupboard could clear shelf for non foods.

    love the stockpiles on extreme couponing they like mini shops.

    I would advise peoiple to stockpile lomhg life value items as they keep rising by 10p a week!
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