Buying in bulk / stockpiling it really worth it?

Hi everyone, I am pretty new to this money saving way of life and have got a lot to learn. In the past I have got into the habit of stocking up on things when they were bogofs (toilet paper, shampoo, toothpaste etc) Just wondering if I should start buying in bulk. Would that save more money? If you buy in bulk where do you go, (as have no idea at the moment) and what do you bulk buy? Is it really worth it or I am just asking for trouble? Would love your experienced opinions.

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  • Magentasue
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    I bulk buy BOGOFs or reduced stuff that will keep and that I would use anyway, for example, laundry stuff, some frozen stuff. But it would do me no good to bulk buy anything like biscuits or ice cream because everyone would eat twice as much!
  • Sarahsaver
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    I suppose the only things I buy in bulk are onions and potatoes. £4 a sack for the spuds and £1.50 for the onions, and that is WELL worth it. If I had somewhere to keep rice i would get that in a sack too.
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  • System
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    I dont buy in bulk for the simple reason, we use it twice as fast. Even cleaning products i tend to be over generous with.
  • Galtizz
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    My Nan was a !!!!!! for buying stuff in bulk, when she moved into a home I didn't need to buy any soap or toilet rolls for about a year :D

    I only buy meat in bulk and that is because I get it cheaper if I buy it in big packs (well, I get chicken breasts for 50p if I buy 40, I can get it for that price in iceland but these are much nicer), I make room in the freezer before I buy it so none goes to waste and I get it from somewhere the other side of town so I only go 1 or 2 times a year.

    I agree with Magentasue, it is only worth buying in bulk if you are going to use it and if you aren't going to eat it all in one go.

    It is important to check out the prices. It is only a little bit cheaper to buy Charmin loo rolls from a cash and carry than a supermarket and if it is on BOGOF at the supermarket it will probably be cheaper BUT.. Lidl do an own brand cushioned loo roll that is just as good but about 1/2 the price! So it pays to shop around first.
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  • Xbigman
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    I used to buy stuff I liked (choc, ice cream) in bulk and it always got eaten. Now I am more organized. I buy anything I can in bulk or on offer that can be stored and keep it in the spare room. Bags of potatoes - I measure out 1780g a week and don't cheat. I buy the biggest packs of cereals and measure out the portions (being on a diet helps).
    Other stuff I piled up; toilet roll (still got 14 packs of BOGOF whispa from tesco's), washing up liquid (3 for 2) and Bisto (BOGOF again). Keeping it in the spare room and noting when I 'withdraw' it on a spreadsheet page (or you could use a notebook) makes me think about how much I'm using. You also need to use the oldest stuff first.
    There are generally no big sexy savings to be made doing this, in fact you need to start with some extra expence, but over time this really does have an impact.
    I also started to use my mothers old trick of putting one tin / packet of stuff in a box each week for xmas. Next xmas I'll only buy meat, seasonal stuff and bread.
    A xmas week shop that comes in under my normal shopping budget would be a minor miracle.

    Buy in bulk - yes. Discipline - yes. Savings - oh yes.

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  • Ticklemouse
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    Because I only go to Costco's once in a while now, I wait until m freezer is nearly empty then do a big hit. I get meat in bulk - either from Costco or I've found a local butcher that's not bad. I buy loo rolls - either 48 or 60 packets depending on unit price. Also, tissues, part-baked baguettes (freezer) sometimes trays of tinned goods if cheaper than supermarket. I'm lucky in that I have ample storage room. I don't find I use anything more quickly because it's there - I use the same amount of loo paper whether I have 1 roll or 60 rolls left.:D

    I don't buy chocolate in bulk - bought lots of those large tins at Xmas - still can't shift all those extra pounds. That's one thing that if it's there I WILL eat it.:(
  • nearlyrich
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    I always buy things like washing tablets, dishwasher tablets, toilet rolls, toothpaste, shampoo, shower gel, handwash etc in huge quantities when it's on offer. I don't generally bother with deals on food except stuff that I know we will use before it goes out of date or if I can share it with my mum or someone. Having said that I have a cupboard full of Heinz soup as it was on offer in Tesco last week and the freezer has a few packs of king prawns which were bogof the other week.
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  • moggins
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    I have a cupboard full of washing up liquid and dishwasher tablets at the moment, they were on BOGOF at the co-op. It worked out at £2.97 for 40 tablets :D

    I should have stocked up on their washing tablets too but I'd never tried them before and didn't know if they were any good so I only bought a couple of packs :(
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  • skylight
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    I found in my local tesco's a particular brand of femanine hygiene product, cheaper to buy in 2 single packs than the so advertised double "Jumbo" packs. Only a few pence cheaper, but nevertheless, cheaper.....
  • in_my_wellies
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    I stock up on certain items at different supermarkets. The offers and BOGOFs come round so I try buy enough to last. Eg I like Sainsburys corned beef and that is often but two get on free or reduced so I buy 9 tins. Lidl is across town and so when I go I do stock up on washing and dishwasher powder and other cleaners. My daughter likes their shampoo and we like the chocolate but that goes too quickly so not at all economical! I wish they were nearer as their fruit and veg is often 1/2 price and is excellent.
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