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Buying in bulk / stockpiling it really worth it?



  • Curry_Queen
    Curry_Queen Posts: 5,589 Forumite
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    I also have the Trevor Sorbie 5litre shampoo/conditioner, which I bought from Direct Cosmetics, but I haven't seen it in stock since last summer now so I assume it was an end of range product :confused:

    PP - if you know of somewhere else we can get it that would be great as I could do with ordering another shampoo :D
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  • Mr HQ has much less hair than me but uses far more shampoo! in fact i use a lush bar and its lasting me ages while he's got through several bottles so I would be interested in buying in bulk shampoo - will decant it into a small bottle or he will practically bath in it!
  • MIRRY_2
    MIRRY_2 Posts: 186 Forumite
    went to tescos on friday and needed basmati rice,
    I was going to buy 500 g for £1.50
    but then notised a huge tescos 4kg bag for £3.29.

    So now we have enough rice to see the year out :o

    what other staples can you buy in bulk to save money ?
    also do you know the cheapest places to buy bulk ?
  • FZwanab
    FZwanab Posts: 472 Forumite
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    Yeast is good to buy in bulk from a health food shop, much cheaper than those small supermarket sachets.
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  • moggins
    moggins Posts: 5,190 Forumite
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    Pasta, I always buy the huge 3Kg bags from Tesco as we get through so much of it.
    Organised people are just too lazy to look for things

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  • marksward
    marksward Posts: 258 Forumite
    Frozen veg seems cheaper the more you buy.
    We do a monthly costco shop for large cuts of meat, turkey/chicken breasts and mince, potatoes, washing powder, 5ltr double packs of fabric conditioner, pasta, tuna (10 tin packs) ........... Obviuosly some of the obove lasts much longer than a month, but if you can freeze it etc theres money to be saved!
  • Pink.
    Pink. Posts: 17,675 Forumite
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    Hi Mirry,

    There are lots of recommendations of what to buy (and what not to buy) in bulk on this thread:

    have you ever stocked up on a product being thrifty and gone a bit mad

  • tawnyowls
    tawnyowls Posts: 1,784 Forumite
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    Anything non-perishable, really, if you have the room for it. You obviously need to store stuff like rice, flour, etc in containers that vermin can't get into. Sanitary products, bath & shower stuff, laundry products, tinned goods usually good buys. Also buying stuff in ethnic shops usually good value - big bags of spices and bottles of soy sauce, rice vinegar and the like.

    Suncream (mentioned in the other thread) is a bit dodgy - usually shouldn't have it more than 2 years old if unopened.
  • benbenandme
    benbenandme Posts: 12,175 Forumite
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    Moggins - the huge 3kg bags of pasts are on offer at the moment in Tesco ...... only £1 for 3kg !!!!! :j

    I bought 2 bags of them which will last me all year now !! (Only me & 3 yr old!!) :eek:
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  • thriftlady_2
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    I buy basmati rice (Tilda) in 10 kg sacks from Waitrose. It's about £13 I think and is probably a bit more expensive than an own brand but the quality is excellent and considerably cheaper than buying the small bags. It comes in a sturdy sack with a zip and lasts forever.
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