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Buying in bulk / stockpiling it really worth it?



  • tawnyowls
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    MIRRY wrote:
    I used to go there but wasnt really impressed with the prices,
    its just as cheap in Lidl I think.

    I'm glad someone else thinks this! I've had a Makro card for years, and last week I went there for the first time in quite a while, and I was really quite shocked at the prices. For instance, 5L of Surf Tropical was £7.99 + VAT, yet in Nettos (also Southampton;, they've got 1.5L at £1.99, which would work out at £6.63 inc VAT for 5L. And you get the washing ball as well!

    Considering this is supposed to be for people who re-sell the good in their shops, no wonder small shops are being priced out of the market.
  • npsmama
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    Well, at least, I find it useful!

    Most healthfood shops are happy to order in bulk quantities from their suppliers for customers.

    For instance, my local shop is getting in 25kg sacks of risotto rice and spelt for me for no extra charge.

    As it's in bulk I'm really making a good saving.

    Very useful for those of us who grind grains at home. Wheat is £11 for 25kg!! And it's organic!

    Infinity Foods is one of the companies who does this. They have their catalogue to download on their website.

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  • I do this to as we eats large amounts of nuts and they are much more ecenomical in bulk

    Does anyone buy from those sooper scoop places? We have one but I've always been a bit reluctant on fussy grounds am I being silly or is it a bit yukky as I susspeck?
  • sammy_kaye18
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    Hi All

    Im in a small family. Theres me, my bf, my 3 year old son and our dog bruno.
    Its me and my son for breakfast and lunch, then bf is hoem for tea nad he'll occassionalyl take a packed lunch to work.

    Im just wondering if anyone else is in a small family and if they bulk buy anything. It sounds really stupid but i always tend to run out of things liek butter - i buy 500g - so im wondering if in the long run it would be cheaper to buy a bigger tub and have it last us all month (i have baking fat/stuff for cakes and pastry etc.

    Im thinking having one shoppign trip will probably save me more because i tend to go once every two weeks but each time coming home costs me £5 in a taxi so im thinking one trip will only be £5 for the trip adn i can get everythign.

    Im tryign to use everythign that i have in the house up as we speak as storgae is my main problem but if the house is empty then storage shouldnt be a problem. i have plenty of shelf making things and sticky boxes to put pouches etc in.

    so i just wondered how sucessful others have been and did it save them money in the long run or did they have more waste?>
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  • VickyA_2
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    There's just DH and I, but we try to bulk buy where possible. We get the larger tubs of spread (cheaper and last longer), I cook in bulk and put the left overs in the freezer, larger packs of branflakes and weetabix (shop's own brand) are bought. Huge bags of pasta, loo roll is bought in the larger packs....

    However, just double check the prices of them. For some unknown (devious) reason, sometimes the larger sizes work out MORE per 100g/1kg (however the shop measures) than the smaller sizes. Also, if you buy apples in the bags, then they're normally OVER the weight stated on the pack as they can't legally sell UNDER weight. Just depends on how you buy.
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  • jcr16
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    for me it is a big yes.

    often i find aswell supermarkets have the bigger butter/marg on offer. the less i go into a supermarket the less i spend if thats makes sence. we are fairly small family. 2 adults 2 kids.

    if it is costing u £5 in taxi would it not be better to get tesco home delivery ? i find shopping on line so much better , as if i have spent to much i jsut go through the list and take a few things off.
  • Lucie_2
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    Like Vicky, there's only 2 of us, but we do bulk buy wherever possible. Mostly non perishable stuff like tinned toms, pasta, rice, loo roll, washing powder, dishwasher tabs kitchen roll etc. BUT I do have a huge garage to store it all in.
    If you buy real butter as opposed to spread it will freeze. I often have a pack in the freezer.
  • sammy_kaye18
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    JCR - ive just been working outmoney wise online with tesco home delivery adn mymonthly food budget is £90 - and i just couldnt spend it - when ive sat down now and gone through what i think we'll get through a month it is coming in well under for us. I added it all up - takign into account that it doesnt take off the BOGOF - (did that myself etc) adn i was at £82 - so ive added a few treats - pack of bikkies, bacon, cheap sweety treats for ben, dog treat etc - and im still only at £88!

    Not to mention i think ill do it online and go through pigsback and have a browse through the vouchers section on the board too
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  • LJM
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    i always bulk buy on a few regulars like you say non perishables but havent got the storage space as i would like, to bulk more
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  • smitty2702
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    Id love to bulk buy more than I do but put it this way I have trouble fitting me and OH in the same kitchen and we arent exactly large!!

    that said, I do bulk buy loo roll, soft drinks, crisps, baking stuff etc.. and have a reasonable storecupboard with pasta, rice, tinned soups, corned beef etc....

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