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Enough is enough - the great declutter

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charlies_mumcharlies_mum Forumite
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Right, I have a house full of stuff (4 beds and double garage full), and have decided that enough is enough.

I am going to start getting rid - Ebay, car boots etc. with an aim to being more or less clear by the end of the year, and hopefully make some money. Anyone else up for the great 2007 clear out ?
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  • Hi Charlies Mum

    We have been doing this over the last month or so (as house on market) and it really is a lovely feeling. I have 2 garden sheds that I can now get into without breaking my neck. It feels good to have freecyled so many things and know they are helping someone else.

    I have got a bit listed on ebay, and plan on listing some more once I can find boxes big enough for some of the items.

    Good luck and remember before you bin anything (stuff that you cannot sell) stick it on freecycle - you will be amazed that its probably just what someone else is looking for!
  • Count me in....I made the decision about 4 weeks ago that I was going to totally declutter. I've started selling on ebay (made around £140 so far!) and have been making regular journeys to charity shop/tip. My DH has booked a day off this week just so that we can clear the loft...this had become our 'dumping ground'. I have already got rid of a lot from up there..but we're going to sort it once & for all!!!!

    It feels very therapeutic I must say!!!!!:T
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  • otterspasmotterspasm Forumite
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    I am totally with you on that one.Started trying to get my house a bit clearer last summer when I found out, most happily that I am expecting our second child. The problem I have is that cleaning the house well is impossible cos there is stuff everywhere! I have to move things in order to hoover or dust etc. I keep looking at the flylady thread on here and wishing I could get to the house to clean it.

    After several months of car booting and freecycling and giving stuff to charity I can now clean my dining room without having to clear it first and our bedrooms are pretty much tidy every day. Our DS is only 2 1/2 at the moment so tends not to mess his room up much. The living room needs more work and the study/computer room. Reaaly cluttered still. Am going to prune DS's toy cupboard today so that we can get his toys in it.

    I am right with you on this one. Hoping to become a flylady! New baby now due in 8 weeks which will throw us out a bit but am determined. Let me know how you get on with yours.

    Tess x

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  • AldeneyAldeney Forumite
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    Good luck with your challenge charlies_mum. I've been meaning to do the same for months so I'll follow your lead and get on with it.
  • charlies_mumcharlies_mum Forumite
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    Thanks everyone, glad I'm not the only one stepping over boxes to get into rooms. Some of the stuff hasn't seen the light of day for years, so why on earth have we still got it !

    I don't want to be overfaced, so will start by just tackling one corner of a room at a time, and will have to go to the tip / charity shop or freecycle before DH comes home, looks what I am binning, and rescues it :rotfl:
    You're only young once, but you can be immature forever :D
  • Yep, count me in. We're moving at some point in the next few weeks and have had to empty the loft and so on. Most of the ebayables I've already packed and I'll do them once I'm at the next place - mostly as I was due to move this Friday so wouldn't have time. I have, however, recently freecycled a filing cabinet, my dining table, a pushchair, an unopened wedding present of a dartboard (and this year will be our 5 year anniversary!), a small but working tv which was in the house when we moved here, and the baby walker which takes up too much space, I'll just get hold of another one if / when we have a new addition.

    I have *loads* of clothes to ebay as family members keep giving me their unwanted stuff, but to do it I've got to do the photographs and write the descriptions etc and I only get mornings on my pc as it's in my 2 year olds room at the moment - he goes to bed from say 12 till 3 - and I've just not got round to it. I will though, and I must! Imagine all the things I can buy for the new house with the money! (yep...replacing the existing clutter with new and exciting clutter!)
  • nearlyrichnearlyrich Forumite
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    I am helping my mum declutter she has been hoarding since she got her own house in 1959, I don't think she has thrown anything away, clothes, shoes, bits of paper, cards, it was all in wardrobes, drawers etc. I have taken several car loads of clothes to the charity shops and at least three car loads to the tip so far and I'm still only on the first room.
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  • You've inspired me to join the local freecycling group - I've just emailed them to join. I moved into my boyfriend's house last July and we're still trying to merge two houses into one. I should be letting my house, but I can't because it's full of my clutter!
  • clairefun wrote:
    (yep...replacing the existing clutter with new and exciting clutter!)
    That's the idea, isn't it? :rotfl:
    Count me in, too. I've been meaning to do this for ages and just need a kick up the backside to do i!
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