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Cheapest Broadband Provider Discussion

edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Broadband & Internet Access
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  • pjalapjala Forumite
    419 posts
    Stumpy wrote:
    I noticed while I was checking them out, someone mentioned something about them using LLU (local loop unbundling, I think?). My exchange doesn't support that at the moment, but I can't see anything plusnet's site saying it has to have it. The other thing I was concerned about (this is why you shouldn't dig too deep - too many questions!!) was if there was a problem going from an IP that does, to one that doesn't, use LLU, assuming they get my exchange upgraded some time in the future.

    All I've got to do now, is wait for my 1Gb line to kick in (so I can transfer to the same speed line) and decide whether or not to go for their premier or plus packages. I don't download that often, but when I do I'd prefer not to be stuck waiting all day for a game demo or something to download, and I occasionally watch streaming video (BBC, that type of thing - just discovered how much THAT takes up of your "allowance"!! :eek:) so I don't know how that would be affected. Suppose I can always upgrade the package if necessary.

    Oh - and I thought it was really cool that Plusnet have live webcams set up in their offices so you can nosy on what they're up to!!

    I don't think plusnet support local loop unbundling, yet. Bulldog do, and their offering is allowing you them to change the exchange (instead of waiting for BT) to upgrade to 8Mbit. There seems to be a lot of controversy with Bulldog tho. Also I use CPS with Onetel, which makes my overall phone costs pretty cheap!

    LLU means you have to (generally) have their phones too, as you are taking the local loop (local exchange line) away from BT to the new company. This stops you using CPS, as no other company is obligated to use CPS other than BT.

    Good idea about the 1M line, once you move to plusnet an upgrade (from 512 to 1Mbit) would cost a one off of 14.99.

    Just a note on the migration - I have done this recently as I mentioned. The migration process seemed to happen seemlessly. I use the net a lot, and just changed my login code and password, it worked without a hitch. I had also asked them to upgrade me, and this then happened within 3 or 4 days. If your exchange line supports it, you may find that you get 2Mbit with plusnet automatically, as some ISP's "throttle" the bandwidth to 1Mbit.

    Go for the 14.99, and see how it goes. If you need the extra, you can request it online etc.

    The do seem very open about their processes at plusnet, which is refreshing!
    Will PM you also.
    Best of luck.
  • StumpyStumpy Forumite
    1.1K posts
    They seems to intimate on the website that I could get up to 8Mb speed once they upgraded to the LLU, but I don't know whether I'd want to go that fast anyway - been quite happy with the 500 up til now, and can't currently get any higher than 1Mb due to the line. :confused:
  • StumpyStumpy Forumite
    1.1K posts
    I don't flippin' believe it!! Just been notified by NDO that, despite ordering an upgrade on the 1st of the month, my line won't be upgraded until the 28th, because that's my billing date! Others have been upgraded within a week. Very annoyed. Are plusnet doing a "special deal" at the moment, or are their current prices fairly standard (ie, are they likely to change between now and the end of the month?). And of course I'll have to wait until I'm upgraded, then apply for this MAC code, which might take a while as well :mad:
  • nemo183nemo183 Forumite
    637 posts
    I thought it worth a quick post to say that my migration from BT to ADSL4less was entirely hassle free.

    Although I thought I had I wide choice of alternatives, without cable and being the enormous distance of 3.5 miles from the BT exchange, and with a slightly dodgy line, my actual alternatives boiled down to about 3. I choose adsl4less for £14.99 a month, no limits on quantity, but equal to BT's 512k speed. There was a small cost (I reckon around £30), but I'm saving around £12 per month.

    Connection speed is probably around 10 seconds more, but in 3 months I've not had any problem connecting. Download speed seems marginally quicker.
    Support is as good as BT - although I haven't needed to really test it. I've also managed longer connection times (up to 7 days) which is better than BT ever managed - even with 3 grey vans trying to improve things.

    I've also taken the opportunity to relocate my email address to https://www.mail.com, so that in future I can change service provider without the hassle of changing email addresses. There is a small fee for this (they do offer a free service, but it's ads-packed) . They do have a great choice of addresses, and I could at once become [email protected] - but they also offer a whole bunch of "[email protected]" - some of which are quite funny. My 2 year cost was about £20 - in hindsight, this just gets me 4MB of space, so it's probably worth spending a bit more to get 50MB.

    To conclude, I'd recommend switching from BT to just about anyone, depending on your personal circumstances. I stuck with BT for an extra 24 months on the basis they could deliver 2MB - which they always knew was technically impossible. So the cost savings are not just £12/month, but I could have saved £288 by switching sooner.

    Finally, the switch is hassle free (but carefully check this forum for stings in the tale), and having split off my email, I can easily change again in the future. Remember, it's not how much a month you'll save now by switching, but the accumulation of all those wasted, expensive months, that make it worth spending a couple of hours doing the research, then making the switch.

    PS - I'm really happy with ADSL4less - but that's because I had little choice - in your area, you may well be able to get a much better, faster deal.
  • thelofttheloft Forumite
    1.7K posts
    nemo 183 You could have saved yourself the money and enjoyed a hassle free e-mail service with no ads at Google Mail (gmail). You get 2 MB of space and it can be routed through all the normal mail services (OE etc). If you want an invite, send me a PM with your e-mail address (so it is not published here) and I will send you one (or 2 if you wish).
    "0844 COSTS YOU MORE"
  • (or 2 if you wish).
    I still have 49 of my 50 invites left - and yes, Gmail is excellent ;)
    Thanks to all who post constructively.
    ave an A1 day!
  • sarinkovsarinkov Forumite
    6 posts
    Our exchange has just been upgraded today to enable broadband and I have no idea where to go from here.

    Been looking around and madasafish looks about right but what's the best one? Is there a list somewhere.

    I'm looking for under £20, not too heavy useage and not too bothered about it being lightning speed - just want decent reliable service.

    Can anyone help?
  • GarethaGaretha Forumite
    981 posts
    theloft wrote:
    nemo 183 You could have saved yourself the money and enjoyed a hassle free e-mail service with no ads at Google Mail (gmail). You get 2 MB of space and it can be routed through all the normal mail services (OE etc). If you want an invite, send me a PM with your e-mail address (so it is not published here) and I will send you one (or 2 if you wish).

    small correction - my Gmail has 2390 MB of space - you don't need to delete old emails! It's an excellent service and combines webmail with 'normal' Outlook Express mail.
  • BigSky_3BigSky_3 Forumite
    13 posts
    I joined e7even a month ago and having searched through the earlier posts I thought that the forum member called Javuvu had put some effort into explaining the benefits of e7even, so I decided to use his e7even referral code. This means he gets a £20 commision from e7even which, in his postings, he promised to share with any person that uses his code.

    Has he paid up? Has he *@#% !

    I signed up on 16 June when he should have received his referral commision, asked him politely for it on 28 June and again on 11 July. Still no contact from him.

    I feel like I am £10 out of pocket, but what's worse is that someone who won't respond to my messages is £20 better off!!

    So if anyone has got an email address for this guy (or better still his home address so I can have a chat with him face to face) then please let me know.

    There's a lesson to be learn't here and that is choose who's referall code you use wisely.

    On a more positive note e7even has been faultless in their service delivery so far and I can highly recommend them. To find out more go to www.e7even.com and if you use MY referral code ** Referral code removed; only on the Referral Board please - Edited by Abuse Controller ** I will immediately transfer £10 to you (via paypal or cheque) the moment I receive it. Just pm me your details. And that's a PROMISE.

  • pricefighterpricefighter Forumite
    2.8K posts
    I can understand why you are pxxxxd off with Javuvu.But shouldnt your request for referrals, be posted on the referrers board!!!
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