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Travel Insurance for Specific Conditions

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wyjhe5wyjhe5 Forumite
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I am findiny it difficult to obtain travel insurance for my wife who will be 26 weeks pregnant. It is for a 2 week holiday to Spain.

Can anyone help?


  • Help! My grandmother is 75 years old and has high blood pressure. She is travelling to USA to visit family for first time next month. She's booked to go for 2 weeks and the cheapest insurance quote she could get was £400 which seem a bit excessive. Can you advise where she can go for cheaper deals?

    Many thanks.

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  • my friend is looking for an insurance company that give reasonable quotes for travel insurance, she had breast cancer 7 years ago and is thankfully fine now. she had a yearly insurance for approx £70 last year but come renewal they wanted £450!!! anyone had similar probs? or know of a kindly company?
  • Hi lesley_jane

    My friend's in the same position. Have a look on the Breast cancer Care website - and go to the Forums page as well as checking out their suggested insurance companies.

    We have been phoning a few of them (some are 0870 premium rate numbers so be careful) and no joy yet. it seems that although my friend is not receiving treatment / isn't 'terminal' / has no probs at all, she is still classed as 'high risk' - daft or what??

    I guess any cover is OK providing any medical emergency abroad doesnt relate to any existing medical conditions, in which case, the E111 is used. Must admit it makes my blood boil >:( >:( How is anyone with a medical prob (cancer or not) supposed to go on holiday?

    Seems like the insurance companies have got us over a barrel as usual.

    Good luck & happy hunting - let me know if you have any success.


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  • OK, tried loads of the insurance companies mentioned on the Breast Cancer Care website. Looked at various forums with personal recommendations and tried getting a sensible quote from those companies too.

    Huh >:( >:( don't be daft -they quoted ridiculous prices and still wouldn't cover my friend for any medical incident relating to her breast cancer / heart problem or arthritis.

    Had a brainwave didn't I ;)

    As I've always been pleased with the car & home insurance from Saga, why not give them a ring?

    Bingo!!! Bless 'em, they'll cover any medical prob relating to all medical conditions and gave us 10% discount for travelling together as well. And all for around £100.

    Whose a happy bunny then?? :D:D:D
    Happiness is knowing what you can do without
  • ksh123ksh123 Forumite
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    I am going to New York in february for a week. Obviously I want travel insurance. My daughter and I both hae relatively minor conditions which recur intermittently and both of these conditions would prevent us from flying should they flare up. So far I haven't found anyone who will cover us for these illnesses.
    Does anyone know of a firm who will cover recurrent conditions (albeit occasional recurrences) without turning my budget trip into a budget breaking holiday?
    thank you.
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  • There are some useful contacts on the following web site link:-

    May be one of the schemes mentioned will be suitable.
  • ksh123ksh123 Forumite
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    thank you rhHartley. I tried a couple of names on the list you suggested. The first wanted to charge me £600 for a 7day trip!! the second came in much better at less than £200 (around the cost of one of our airfares to New York) so although its still a lot I think I have to bite the bullet as US healthcare is soooooo expensive.
    thanks for your help. :)
    Stop looking for answers....
    The most you can hope for are clues.....:)
  • I am looking for a source of some family travel insurance that takes into consideration pre-exisiting medical conditions.

    Last time I used a company called JD Consultants they have no web site and they are not answering their phone, I may go back to them, but I wondered if anyone knows of an on line broker who will provide a quote.

    The goal is to get a good family policy for a good price.

    I aplogise if this sort of question is asked here all the time, I tried to search but I could not find anything except a reference to SAGA, which I will check out.

  • I am trying to help my 80 year old uncle get travel insurance for a 4 week trip to Canada. He has aminor heart issue and takes warfarin, his GP has said no prob to go but insurance is more than the cost of the flights.

    Does anybody have any tips or suggestions. Odly enough SAGA is the most expensive out of the people I have tried.

  • realaledrinkerrealaledrinker Forumite
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    Have you tried the CIS? I recall a thread from a month or two back where a very competitive quote for 70s+ insurance was obtained.
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