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Buying yellow sticker/reduced 2012 challenge

in Gone off!
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  • EdwardiaEdwardia Forumite
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    Sainsbury's last night, wasn't finding organic stuff as the dark green label just isn't that noticeable. Asked an assistant, she took my list and found what she could. She noticed that I had organic strawberries in my trolley which were yesterday's date so she reduced them for me from 2.50 to 64p :j
  • matty17rmatty17r Forumite
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    Got a few yellow stickers in sains last night - 24p living leaves x2 2 lettuces 14p each, donuts 6 for 30p. On sunday got lots of prepared salads in morries at 3.30 for 19p each plus 2 pints of milk x 10 in asda for 30p. Wondered why they hadn't reduced the rest of the stuff by much then heard the sa say they didn't close until 8p.m because of olympics.
  • EdwardiaEdwardia Forumite
    9.2K Posts
    Hit Tesco, Waitrose and Sainsbury's Friday. Nothing YS in Tesco but got five packs of Duchy Originals organic lamb leg steaks in Waitrose plus YS chestnut mushrooms and celery. In Sainsbury's got some YS Crazy Jack's organic walnut pieces.
  • I just started YS about 6 weeks ago, due to My pal Allan. who buys nothing but YS,
    as a family of 5( me hubby and 3 daughters 25, 19, 16) I thought we might get lucky now and again, we have had silver side joints reduced from £8 to £4 steaks down to £1 each from £4 chicken 6 big breasts for £2 (and made in too 2 meals ) I have loved reading the thread and was wondering is it just a hit and a miss when you get stuff,
    Allan said he waits till things are reduce more which I have found ok if your buying for one,
    an other time this woman scoffed that they YS are not very good and she waits till there 10p, I would loved to have seen her try the meat was flying off the shelve that day, there was even a couple buying for a resturant, I over heard them say that can be tonights special and tomorrow if any left it can be a pie
    I loved the sugestion about buying breackfast food on line.
    I go to costco to great for loo roll ( with a big family and 2 B/F in tow we go through loads )and washing powder and buy when on a offer, but you do need to know what supermarket has what deals on,
    I want a second freezer so I can store a lot more things,
    Also Hubby works night shift and I make him my own ready meals, so if say we are having sundays roast dinner, I make enought pototos and veg to freeze in small tubs then can add what ever meat is left over from dinners,
    Yesterday YS was a pack of sausages down to 65p for 8 I did a sausage cassarol with some veg that was lurking in the back of the freezer, and a few potatoes, and that made him up 3 meals for work, one he took last night and 2 in the freezer, I used to buy the birdseye frozen meals for him priced about £2.95 per meal.
    Need to go now Morrison has the cook in the bag sauces knor or is it Maggies down to 50p, love using them saves a load of time on the washing up :beer:
  • dannodwdannodw Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture 500 Posts Combo Breaker
    In Tescos today some cracking yellow sticker items, including:

    Boxes of 10 free range eggs with a use by of the 10/10/12, £2.75 down to 19p, yes 19p. There were around 20 boxes so picked up 3.

    Large Pizza Express pizzas, £6.00 down to £1.25, got 2 of them.

    Some rib-eye steaks from the fresh butchers section, a variety of prices, £5-7 down to £3-3.50.

    Everyday Value garlic bread, 32p down to 4p.

    Tesco breakfast muffins, 80p down to 20p.

    Loads of other but dont have the receipt to hand. A vast amount of fruit and veg too. Total bill at full price would have been £52, I paid £16!
  • Today and yesterday at work - I purchased a pack of lean diced lamb for £1 - was £5.50.

    I have 4 packs of lamb in the freezer for making my yummy Moroccan Lamb in the slow cooker. Looking forward to those cold days now.
  • matty17rmatty17r Forumite
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    I also got 3 boxes of the free range eggs but in our store they were a little bit more expensive at 29p. Must have over ordered or had lots of people using the coupon in the tesco mag for 40p off box of 6.
  • marrismarris Forumite
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    went to Mr. T and got

    carrots ppr £1.10 down to £0.17
    green beans £1.40 £0.22
    chestnut mushrooms £1.50 £0.15 got 3
    organic brown onions £1.10 £0.15
    stir fry £1.50 £0.22
    organic pears £1.80 £0.20
    tesco finest poultry gravy £2.00 £0.89 had it before and love it.

    stooped in co-op and got

    mullet corner £0.63 £0.15 got 4
    exotic juice drink £1.35 £0.35
    copella apple juice 250ml £1.33 £0.30 not the best bargain but was thirsty :)
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