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  • Went to Mr A for a few things and got some lovely ys fruit. Raspberries & strawbs for 40p each, sliced melon pack 50p, box of grapes 60p & some tea cakes, bread etc for 50p each. Didn't need a lot as fridge is busting but got enough to get my fix lol
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    I called into our local co-op earlier (just before 3pm) and got a selection of cheese, some posh bread rolls, garlic bread and veg spring rolls for the freezer. All 75% off :)
  • went tesco today. got 3 packs of pork chops reduced from £4 each to 60p. at the till a 3 for £10 discount kicked in. giving me £2 off me chops. tesco gave me 20p off me shopping for taking them lol
    :rotfl: given up on tesco do a lot os boots offers. but weekends are now in orange trackside b. lol
    now a race marshal at silverstone.:beer:
  • Nipped into mr S yesterday and got 3 packs of chicken breast reduced to £1.24 each down from £5. Bargain. also asparagus 30p, pears 30p, nice bread 45p & yummy cakes 30p. Very pleased with my little shop.
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    couldnt find this thread yesterday when wanting to boast about my yellow sticker spoils from mr t .

    I have never been on a yellow sticker shop brought the odd thing on my weekly shop. but decided to go to mr t at 3pm on sunday to see what bargains to be had. added to my stock pile are the following

    sausages £1.85 to 15p (freezer)
    bananas x2 bags £1 to 20p (peeled and frozen great for milkshakes)
    f/t bananas £1.45 to 54p (frozen)
    yogurt tubes x2 £1.80 to 13p (also frozen)

    eaten yesterday by myself and husband
    sushi large £2 to 20p
    sushi small x2 £1 to 10p
    granary baguette £1.30 to 56p
    sandwich filler £1.54 to 15p

    pretty pleased for first attempt, also got 1/2 cheese and some full priced items spent £15 approx unheard of for me in mr t
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    Q for regular YS hunters please.. do you see many organic YS or never ? Just curious as switching to organic. Thanks !
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    i quite often find organic stuff with a yellow sticker but I find it does not keep that well so needs eating up quickly! Recent research has shown that there is not much advantage to buying organic just eat a wide variety of coloured fruit and veg to benefit.
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    Edwardia wrote: »
    Q for regular YS hunters please.. do you see many organic YS or never ? Just curious as switching to organic. Thanks !

    saw some organic chicken reduced on Sunday but not by a massive amount so didnt buy it.
  • I've been buying more and more yellow sticker stuff this past few weeks. Instead of planning my meals before I go to the supermarket I've been buying whatever is a bargain and working around that.

    We had an indian the other day that cost £2 all in for 4 all done with yellow sticker curries and chappatis that I had in the freezer (got some lovely curries from Asda for 30p each!).
    This week we had a large chicken for £2 (meal for 4 plus butties)
    Spicy pork steaks for £2 (6, meal for 4 and 2 for butties)

    I think I'm at the stage where I begrudge paying full price for anything, especailly meat which is so expensive.
    I tend to find Asda are best for reductions, I've not got much joy in Morrisons at all.
    Freezer almost empty now so need to go on another yellow sticker raid.
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    Got a load of vogel bread for 39p a loaf, at Mr S. 6 loaves now in the freezer! This bread is lovely but so expensive full price...
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