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Buying yellow sticker/reduced 2012 challenge

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  • Had a great Mr A shop on Thursday. Got there just the right time as lovely lady was just marking everything down - some to just pennies of the full cost. Got rump steak, sea bass, fish cakes, yogs, fresh tuna, cheese & then some goodies in the fruit & veg section. Got approx £60 worth of full price and paid just over £11. Freezer is now full again and I can put some more money in the kitty to pay off cc's.:T:T:T:T:T
  • matty17rmatty17r Forumite
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    How are you all doing with searching out yellow stickers? Had a good haul in morrisons today so much so that the till was saying minus 40p and the poor sa didn't know what to do! I bought lots of things at 9p including packs of grapes, apples, etc which must have triggered off a multi-buy reduction hence the problem. Ended up paying 27p for the following - 4 packs of grapes, two packs of apples, 5 doughnuts, wholemeal french stick and two cartons of tropicana grapefruit juice. Result!
  • EdwardiaEdwardia Forumite
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    Buying organic is cheap for me, because it takes a lot of trawling to find anything at all :( I'm not just lobbing stuff in the trolley anymore. Did get some organic YS this week for first time, ASDA organic leeks 1.46 from 1.88 as well as lemons and limes in Sainsburys. Doing OK on special offers though at Sainsbury's mostly.
  • LadyCouponLadyCoupon Forumite
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    Went in my local Co-op yesterday afternoon, walked past just as the young girl was marking lots of meat down, lucky! I got lots of packs of meat, steak, pork steaks, turkey fillets, got about £25 worth of meat for £7. Had some of the steak for tea last night, was really nice. All the rest is in the freezer. :D
  • cazj80cazj80 Forumite
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    I've got some good bits this last week. It's so good (but bad also) having a Tesco Express less than 5 minutes walk from my house! Some of the bits I got last week were:-

    Cooked chicken slices - 50p from £2
    Bean sprouts - 9p
    Quorn ham - 55p
    bag of value pears - 21p
    big punnet of cherry toms - 25p
    Finest white batch bread - 33p
    potato cakes - 10p
    big box of pineapple - 63p
    Paella - 63p
    Chorizo and cheese croquettes - 63p
    double pack of spinach - 33p
    Rooster potatoes - 75p (were 3 for 2, so got 6kg for £1.50)
    big boxes of prepared fruit - 38p
    stir fry packs - 38p
    ready to use noodles - 25p
    cooked chicken chunks - 50p from £2
    cherries - 50p from £2
    oranges - 4 for 33p
    big box of grapes - 49p
    plums - 25p

    and lots of other bits. It's been great as it is all the fresh food that is normally more expensive, and because it is so close, I can pop round a couple of times a week and have a variety of fruit
  • I shop around quite a bit, but my local co-op is an absolute goldmine. Its in a semi rural village, never particularly busy and they reduce quite a bit. I find if I get there around 1-1.30pm they have usually done the second daily markdown.

    All the threshold spend coupons apply, and I've even collected the bonus points offers on reduced items.

    Asda in town are pretty hopeless. everything is thrown in the cabinet will-nilly and I've been there mid-afternoon to find stuff still reduced by just pennies. However if a member of staff is there they are quite happy to reduce further if you ask.

    Tescos used to be OK but they are very busy so now you have to be quite lucky to get anything.
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    We managed a decent wee haul today - 10p pizza bases (2pk) and a 35p chicken tikka masala ready meal made for a tasty tikka pizza each for dinner!

    17p Organic SS milk
    10p sliced mushrooms
    10p stir fry veg
    14p granary bread
    38p innocent smoothies
    25p ea (x2) benecol buttery spread (the 250g tub normally £2.50!)

    eta - oh and some 17p clementines :)

    So a happy bunny.
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  • EdwardiaEdwardia Forumite
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    Tesco early evening yesterday.. YS organic watercress spinach and wild rocket, YS organic whole milk 1 pt 39p, pair of black linen/viscose trousers 50% off in sale £6
  • carlyh69carlyh69 Forumite
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    Mr S tonight

    Reduced fat roule 44p
    4 x bakery packs of bagels 39p
    1 x tuna pate 29p
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  • kittywightkittywight Forumite
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    Went to co-op this afternoon got:
    Sharwoods indian Chicken tikka wrap kit. 63p was £3.29

    And went to a smaller co-op tonight and got:
    4 buffet pork pies 50p was £1.97
    250g grated red leicester £1 was £2.35
    3x individual steak pies 30p was 80p each
    3x Rice crispy choc orange square bars 20p each (not sure how much they were before)

    :) rather pleased with that, even though its not as good as some shops I have done, but its been a VERY long time since I've done a good reduced section, and things are very tight at the moment, so its given me a few extra meals and snacks on the cheap


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