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Buying yellow sticker/reduced 2012 challenge

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  • banks4ubanks4u Forumite
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    Btw I only buy clothes from eBay or M&S sale. Barr underwear.
    Everyone always compliments my new wardrobe only for me to resell it on eBay.
  • mkgirl1981mkgirl1981 Forumite
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    also i noticed today in asda all the batchelors pasta & sauce instant pasta packets were rolled back to 50p each
  • pinksk8pinksk8 Forumite
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    Ilona wrote: »
    No, I'm the woman who hassles the person with the sticker machine in Tes&co, (we filmed that bit for 3 hours), and I'm the woman who wears boys pants because they last a lot longer than flimsy women's knicks, therefore not needing replacing so often. I am proud that I know how to manage my money. Proud that I know the difference between wanting something and needing something. Proud that I have no debt apart from a small mortgage. Proud that people follow my blog from all over the world, because they say they can learn something from my money saving ways.

    I'm just back from Tes&co where most of my yellow stickers are on fruit and vegetables, I cook nutritious meals from scratch. On the contrary, yellow stickers give me the opportunity to try new foods which I wouldn't normally be able to afford. I live very well on a state pension, and post on here if I can be helpfull to people, because I know how hard it is to manage on not much money.
    Welcome pinksk8. Those two shops you mentioned are good for bargains.

    Im 28 but having to run a house and car, I dont feel there is a thing wrong with living like us! I go to B & M or Home Bargains first, then Ill get all my fresh stuff in the yellow stickered section and I have an allotment (only £23 per year) to grow my own fruit and veg. I think even if i won the lotto id still stick to my routine!

    Just wondered why someone so against the way we live and shop would be on this forum anyways! Ill have to watch your show on c4 catchup! :)
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  • snozberrysnozberry Forumite
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    I couldn't personally live on yellow stickers alone but I do bulk buy when things that I use are on offer and make damn good use of HomeBargains, poundshops, Costco and the local market.

    Bravo to people who do live off yellow stickers alone. I seem to miss the good yellow stickers in my local supermarkets as it always seems to be ready meals which I think are a rip off anyway and never fill me up.

    I'd love an allotment of my own but have to settle on growing what I can in a tiny yard.
  • pinksk8pinksk8 Forumite
    217 posts
    Its the best thing I ever did. I know the waiting lists are horrendous, but I happened to get lucky, and I think £23 a year is amazing, I havent bought veg for years now, I have so much extra I am forever dropping off sacks of veg to family and friends.

    If there is one nearby, you should definately get your name down!

    x x
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  • banks4ubanks4u Forumite
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    Don't worry about it Geordie, you know you are doing it for the best. I wouldn't care what iter people say.
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    I personally could not soley feed our family on whoopsied food, amybe if you live alone, then you could live on a very high % of whoopsied food.

    I have been a whoopsie chase for years, and i have noticed over the last few months alot more people are now around the reduced sections...

    Funny enough we were talking this in work yesturday... and 2 of us might create a 'whoopsie chaser team':D where basically i will go to one supermarket and one will go to another, and we will be in contact with each other seeing what each other wants...

    We are just about to buy a chest freezer to make the most of the reductions
    Work to live= not live to work
  • LynseyLynsey Forumite
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    We are just about to buy a chest freezer to make the most of the reductions

    Having a spare freezer or two does help, an extra freezer will pay for itself in no time.
    It needs to be controlled though, you don't want your garage looking like Iceland..............or do you?? :rotfl:

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    flippin36flippin36 Forumite
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    I know we couldn't live on yellow sticker food alone but I do give it a damn good try!! Not only do I like the frugalness of reductions, I get a satisfaction that food won't be wasted whilst there are yellow sticker hunters around. I'm looking into getting a chest freezer for the garage - perhaps on ebay.

    OP I'm glad I'm not the only one who nearly had heart failure at the price of cereal in Morrisons! I refuse to pay those prices, thankfully we have an aldi in walking distance and my family are happy with those. If can't get meat at a reduced price I go to aldi for that too.

    Ilona - I do remember you! My teenage daughter was quite indignant at the gender discrimination regarding the quality of pants! Lol. Keep inspiring us!
  • . I tend to go twice a week to Mr T and at present have 46 meat potions in my freezer, all under 30p each. From rump steak, mince, casserole steak, chicken, lamb shanks/chops/mince/diced, pizzas, party food to salmon ( i was actually paid to take 8 packs away last week as they were down to 60p each but when buying 4 you got £4 off as a multi-buy, so 40p off my shopping for each one i bought.)

    that is just awesome :) go you! :T:T

    this sounds like a great challenge ... doubt i would do it as a only option, but im defenitly intrested in going to the reduced sections more often.. im going to hit up morrisons this sunday, hdquite a few bargains there last week.

    can i just ask, are you only buyin the whoopsies/yellow reduced sticker items ... or are you buying bogof's and half prices deals??

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