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  • thansk sea nad kath... i do feel more positive today... but i am getting a little worried regarding my debt as i have had no statement yet fropm sainsburys :eek:
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    no news is good news when it comes to that one!

    Remain positive, it could be good news!!!

    Next step, buy brother driving license for birthday and nothing else! I spent about £15 on my sister for her bday!!!
    He's old enough now surely not to expect stacks of birthday presents! And if he's not, you'll soon make him!

    Glad to hear you sounding positive, stick to your guns and stand proud gorgeous!!!!!
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    Snaggles sorry to upset you
    Oh, don't apologise for upsetting me - I was just sad to hear you so upset, that's all :o
    I am an idividual though so take me as i am or not at all ;)
    Then we'll take you exactly as you are! (((hug)))
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    Thats absolutely brilliant Posting. You are already seeing results of when you say no. Carry on like this and they will leave you in peace and treat you with new respect. You sound as if you have gained in strength and you sound much more decisive and positive, definitely not a walkover anymore. Good on you about the college. Isnt it exciting when you do what you want to do and not what other people want you to? It makes you realise that you can be in control of your own destiny. Having that long rethink has obviously done a lot of good. Keep up being firm, even on payday next month! They obviously know when it is! Remember, even on payday you cant afford to lend money: you are in debt and you need every penny of it. Good luck.
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    Make sure you keep seeing the doctor and well done on college.

    Sounds like people think anything you do is a bad idea unless it benefits them in some way.

    Good luck.
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    PAP I worked in retail since leaving school, I had left school without doing my A levels due to pressure to work in the family business and always regreted it. A few years ago feeling brave I enrolled on one of those beginners computer courses, enjoyed it and got some confidence back and continued with different courses until 5 years ago I went back full time.

    It has made such a difference to me I met new people, made new friends and gained confidence. I'm a big girl too and I used to think I couldn't apply for jobs as I wouldn't fit into the uniform or they wouldn't want me on show.

    I'm sorry if i'm waffling on, but I just wanted to say that I know how you feel and I think going to college might be the first step for you like it was for me.

    zippy x
  • PAP ... I really think you'll stick to it this time. Just refer back to this thread in any moments of weakness. And if you don't stick to it, then pick yourself back up and try again. I've been in debt since the bank first gave me a £500 overdraft at the age of 17 and in 10 years I've had plenty of "lightbulb" moments as my debt has increased and increased. I'm hoping that my most recent "lightbulb" moment will be what it takes to make it my last, but if it turns out not to be, then at least I've tried. And no doubt, like you, I'll try again. It's a learning process and I don't think that anyone can honestly expect us not to have moments of weakness. It's what makes us human.

    PAP, tomorrow's another day and you'll feel better. Maybe go out and help an old lady across the road, or give up your seat on the bus for a pregnant woman and feel good about yourself again!!!! You're a good person!
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  • hi everyone

    *zippy* huge huge huge thanks for your post... that has made me feel a whole lot better. I think i belive in myself more after your post... thanks

    brassiclint i am ready some of this thread daily and some other dfw, you are all an inspiration and although days are hard i will help myself and learn to say no... i dont want to be depreesed/down i want to live a fullfilling life :)

    but today i have had 2 more payments from ebay so my paypal balance is now £105.80... i am waiting fro a refund from a seller though (should be at the end of the month so i think i will leave it there then once i clear it to my bank i will pay it off my debt :T i am putting more items on soon though...

    i also went to a work collegues for dinner tonight... i wasnt looking forward to it because i know i was going to be quizzed about not wanting to go out on saturday... now i really enjoyed myself and they did ask about sat but i decided to tell them about some of my debt and situation, they then understood why i wasnt happy in work one day last week... i have finally told a 'real' person (if you know what i mean) and i must say i am relived... they have also called off saturday :T

    oh but once i was there i did a naughty and ordered £5.25 in avon... now i didnt need £1 of that but i thought i would treat myself... the other £4.25 is all shampoo (on offer) and deodrant both of which i havent got in my toiletries box... also i think i am entittled to that :D the £1 was a new scent of shower gell btw ;)

    anyway i have had a good day i feel... back to work tommorow but i am going swimming in the night so that should refresh me :)

    thanks again all :A
  • elona wrote: »
    Make sure you keep seeing the doctor and well done on college.

    Sounds like people think anything you do is a bad idea unless it benefits them in some way.

    Good luck.

    elona i have an appointment on thursday... i phoned up and they refused to give me one. then they typed in my name and it flashed up that i need to see my doc asap :) so i am off on thurs :) wish me luck :rolleyes:
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