The lengths we go to to save money



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    I always loved coupons, money off vouchers and loyalty points even before I came on to this site but since then I have become obsessed with them. I agree with most of the things you all do and here are some of mine.
    - buy bigger pieces of meat and cut in 1/2 to freeze
    - cook cheap cuts of meat in slow cooker again for freezing no need for ready meals
    - use Quidco for everything
    - click like mad on Pigsback
    - stopped going to the pub
    - don't eat at the club after a game of golf - £5 for a sandwich no thanks
    - buy big bottles of ketchup, bulk washing powder, diswasher tablets, cleaning product and decant into smaller bottles.
    - sell money off vouchers on ebay
    - sell on Ammazon
    - stopped buying new clothes just find it on ebay now

    Yes I could go on but I won't.
    Save £12k in 24 No 50
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    I am so stingy it's unbelevable

    I use re-uasble baby wipes made from fleece squares

    reusable nappies

    use cheap economy peach bath creme for hand wash (59p ltr)

    use a quarter of the recomended powder usage for a washing machine

    only ever use a quickwash, and 40 for nappies

    use a teaspoon of concentrated conditioner

    palmolive bath cremes are usually BOGOF in morissons and bigger than the shower gels but work fine as we only have a shower

    use one of those shower exfoliating puffs, they make the soap go further and more bubbly so you only need a small blob

    get some exfoliator gloves from the body shop for £3 and just use with any face or body wash so you dont need to buy seperate exfoliators, my gloves have been going for 6 months and get out with hot water and hand soap to clean them out, yes you can use them on the face too

    Dp and i just buy huge packs of black socks from primark and use those between us, we both have similar sized feet too

    Only use the washing machine at night
    partially dry clothes on a airer before using the tumble (only for towels nappies and bedding)

    only iron shirts

    wear jeans or trousers for at least 2-3 days before washing

    use the water from my condenser tumble dryer to mop the floor with

    go to the hairdressers once a year, in june for my birthday treat

    dye it black at home, no high lights, no low lights, nothing fancy

    Get a great MIL who has a shopping habbit and passes all the stuff she used or worn only once! I love it when when goes nuts in the debenhams beauty section

    collection 2000 do some great products BUT no7 do some good offers especially with the boots parenting club

    Also boots online often do a spend £45 and get 10% off, if you use disposables then their own nappies (have tried them and they are good) have been permenantly at £1 off a pack and their wipes are on BOGOF (they are good too) buy in bulk and you can get an extra 10% off too + a £1 off each pack and free delivery codes are easily available

    see i told you i am stingy
  • Started selling all my money off vouchers on ebay - don't go for much, but better mine than no-one's!
    Debt 17 12 06 - £7700.:eek: 1st Feb 07 £6903, getting there ;) 1st March 07 £6666 (yikes!) 1st April 07 £6329 17.8% 1st May £6085.48 21%, 1st June £5522.13 28.3%, 1st July £5194.46, 32.54%, 1st Aug £4700, 39%, 1st Sept £4411, 42.7% :j :j:j
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    Ive seen a few posts in this thread about people cutting their own hair.How do those ladies (or men) with long hair manage to get it straight and how can they cut the back when they cant see it.Or do they get someone to do it for them??

    Thanks in advance :)
  • hypno06 wrote:
    beans on toast week - anything you like for dinner as long as it is beans on toast.

    The 3 weeks after my LBM to save money I had porridge every day for breakfast beans on toast every day for lunch & some cheap vegetable dish (veg soup, veg stir fry, veg curry) on a night.

    Luckily I was working in a no-smoking environment. :o
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    In the winter i turn off my fridge and put all the food outside in a metal container box.
    "I have enough money to last me the rest of my life, unless I buy something."
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    use the water from my condenser tumble dryer to mop the floor with ....

    oh my, you spend money on a tumble dryer? :eek:
    We use fresh air and/or radiators.;)

    Mind you,there's stingy and there's stingy...a machine operator at work had to spend money phoning into work to tell them he'd left his toothbrush charging on his machine, and could they please put it somewhere safe for him...he had been working on nightshift, so no way he could have been going straight from work to the dentist.:rotfl:
    That's beyond MSE!!
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  • angelavdavis
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    Mortgage-free Glee!
    OK, my list:
    • Buy everything if poss through Quidco or at least use Quidco to suss out the best bargains (Kelkoo clicks).
    • Switched to Lidls for shopping
    • Cook everything from scratch
    • Only have the lights on in the room I am in
    • Bought a laundry ball so I don't use washing powder now
    • Bought an anti-limescale magnetic all to prevent having to put calgon in the washing machine
    • Buy reduced packs of meat when available, split into bags and freeze to save money
    • Join every loyalty scheme - particularly hotels as I travel for work so much
    • Negotiate with my credit card companies - starting by saying I want to close my account down - many times they will try to stop you by providing a great rate!
    • As someone else said, I take the shower gel from the hotels and top up my OH's handsoap in his bathroom, he keeps marvelling how long its lasted;)
    • Bake rolls for my OH's lunches
    • Challenge any charges I pay with the banks, etc
    • Use freecycle where possible
    :D Thanks to MSE, I am mortgage free!:D
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    today i was about to throw out a box of brandy filled liquor choccies that i got for xmas and they are disgusting!! choccy never lasts long in this house so they must of been bad!! the box hovered over the bin for a few seconds then i thought to myself no i cant chuck these out. so i cut each choccy into two scraped the yucky liquor out of them and washed the choccy under the tap threw choccy in a pan and melted it with some golden syrup and sultanas and made some rice crispie cakes for my son :D they do still have a slight tang of brandy but hey ho i now have about 20 cakes i didnt have before :j another extreme moneysaving stunt for me... the things i do to save a few pennies:o :rotfl:
    proper prior planning prevents p!$$ poor performance! :p
    Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realise we cannot eat money
    quote from an american indian.
  • I buy cheap painkillers from Wilkinsons or the supermarkets, paracetamol is about 16p for 16 tablets or something daft like that, and ibuprofen is cheap too. I'm not suckered into buying the brands like nurofen, it's all the same stuff. Same with cold and flu medicines, they're basically just paracetamol, I'm not suckered into buying lemsip or beechams just because they've got fancier packaging.

    I know it's the same as buying cheap stuff in the supermarket I just thought it deserved a mention because it's a bit different.
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