The lengths we go to to save money

..I spent last night with my head over the sink cutting the split ends off my long hair. 2 inches of cutting (using proper hairdresser's scissors as I do my boyfriends hair every month) and I have lovely blunt ended shiny hair. This saved me £35+!

A few weeks ago I had a hole in my pointy ended shoes and I only wanted to wear them the once for an event. So I glued the hole shut with false nail glue and some black electrical tape - you couldn't see when I'd got them on!! (saving £20 on a new pair of shoes)

I have in times of need washed my hair in my boyfriend's body gel (came up lovely) (but used conditioner too), mixed water in with my fabric conditioner to make it stretch, used tesco delivery crates to store things under the bed, used candles in the bathroom as the halogen spots blow up so much, and loads more.

I don't see it as 'Old Style' as if I had the time and cash I would not do these things!! It's more DFW Style!


  • I've watered down hand soap and fabric conditioner.

    Love the idea with the shoes - I'm a point shoe person!

    I need to trim my (long) hair at the fringe. I got away with only having two hair cuts last year with DIY trims inbetween, but I am looking very shaggy dog at the moment!
  • I have given up alcohol!!!!

    get my hair cut by my sister!!
    Married my amazing hubby on 8th September 2012 :j:j
  • I cut the families hair. OH and son with clippers. Daughters with care! I didn't have mine cut for three years. Finally had it done last month - only cost £8.50 - might have it done again for Christmas....
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  • climbgirl
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    I went home for the first time in 3 years over christmas (other side of the world!) and my friend said I've become tight with money. I took it as a compliment...

    Tie my hair back instead of getting it cut, do that about once every six months now!

    Cut open all shampoo/moisturiser etc bottles to get every single last bit out (you'd be amazed at how much is still in there when you've squeezed til the end!)

    Reuse everything - wrapping paper, bags, socks, hosiery, you name it, there's another use for it!

    I won't buy anything now until I've checked and rechecked that I'm getting the best possible deal for my money. Maybe that's what she meant!
  • all_hours
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    How do you reuse socks and hosiery?
  • Imelda
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    I have grown my hair long too, short hair is so much more maintenance! And don't even get me started on highlights....
    Shoes, I wear a pair of flat pumps everywhere and change into my heels when I get to where I am going, the pumps and bag I have carried my shoes in fit in my handbag (I am only a size 3). This saves on re-heeling costs, it sounds sad but I live & work in London and to reheel even slim heels is £6.
    I have a hole forming in the sole of my favourite boots at the moment, to get them re done will be well over £10, so I just wear them on dry days (praying it doesn't rain/ snow later on....)
    Saving for an early retirement!
  • mjdh1957
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    I would walk miles to save on bus fare.

    Bought clippers and do my own hair (and in any case there is less of it than there was...)

    Make huge pots of beany stews and live on them for a week.

    Buy own-brand bran flakes and cheap raisins rather than more expensive cereals that already had the raisins added.
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  • newlywed
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    I have grown my hair longer too, also growing out highlights due to money - but tempted to put them back in again at the moment :o

    I rinse the freezer bags out and reuse them (unless they're really bad).

    I keep old mushy ripe bananas (that I hate eating) to make into banana loaf, just so I don't waste them!

    I got slippers so we don't have to have the heating on so much ;)
    working on clearing the clutterDo I want the stuff or the space?
  • pudding06
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    I add some warm water to bottles of shampoo, shower gel etc when you think they're empty and then shake - you can re-use for several more shampoo's or showers.

    Before I buy anything I check quidco and pigsback etc to see if I can get points of cashback.

    ive given up drinking.

    so much more, just trying to get the vision of a glass of red wine out of my head now.

    August 2009 grocery challenge £172.64/,,,,,

    no point in doing grocery challenges, have no money left over to eat :0/
  • Maz
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    If you're anywhere near a college of further ed. check them out to see if they do hairdressing courses. They usually run a salon open to the general public and you'll get a very cheap haircut/colour. Last time I had mine cut in our local college, it cost me 6 quid! (Good idea to ask for a year 3 student as they're coming to the end of their training.)
    'The only thing that helps me keep my slender grip on reality is the friendship I have with my collection of singing potatoes'

    Sleepy J.
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