The lengths we go to to save money



  • one washing tablet in the clothes works as well as 2!

    I try to do that too unless I have a *really* full load! Because BF & I both work in an office, nothing gets "dirty" so one tablet is suffice to clean/freshen. And I have started adding some soda crystals too which helps I think (hope!).

    I've also quit drinking (mostly).

    I use free texts on line from Orange website (only if you are an Orange customer) as I get 30 a month.

    Stopped having hobbies! Not really an ideal choice as I am now usually climbing the walls with boredom and just feel like I am a sad muppet who works...comes home...cooks or washes up...does the laundry....goes to bed...get up & do it all again :rolleyes: but basically, who can afford hobbies when you were £17k in debt??

    Selling possessions on EBAY/Amazon.

    Pay for grocery shopping every week by cheque to try & delay the overdraft getting deeper and deeper for as long as possible :rotfl:
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  • my faves are...

    *turning the bottle upside down on the shampoo at least 3 times (to get everything out)
    *reuse all of my packaging i get in the post
    *use the fish tank water to water my house plants
    *reuse my sandwich bags
    *put toilet roll in my bag instead of buying those fancy pocket tissues
    *use boots own brand shampoo in a named bottle
    *instead of washing my hair daily (just to keep it tied up) i have a bottle with waterdown conditioner in it and swil my hair with that
    *use my sister (hairdresser) to come and cut (and sometimes) colour my hair
    *wait 1 hour for a lift instead of catching a bus
    *have no heating on in my room ~ use extra clothes/blankets
  • hypno06
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    We have themed food weeks (not every week - we DO have a balanced diet generally!)

    beans on toast week - anything you like for dinner as long as it is beans on toast.

    egg week - fab week this one because you get so much variety - boiled, scrambled, poached, fried. The possibilities are endless!!

    pasta week - by the time we get to this one, the kids think they are eating at a michelin starred restaurant!!
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  • hypno06 wrote:

    pasta week - by the time we get to this one, the kids think they are eating at a michelin starred restaurant!!

    :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
    Bank Balance: In the black for the moment.
    Sainsburys Loan: Cleared July 2010
    Credit cards: AMEX Airmiles Card: direct debit set to clear balance monthly
  • Skint_Catt
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    hypno06 wrote:
    beans on toast week - anything you like for dinner as long as it is beans on toast.

    Don't give my mum ideas !!! ROFL!

  • We buy basics everything, even the ketchup now. But I have to say I'm impressed with most of the range. The biscuits (custard creams, choc digestives, rich tea are all great, as are the 8p super noodle equivalents).

    I felt really crap for breaking the stalks off the brocolli during my last shop, but it saved 30p!

    We used to use our nectar points on cinema tickets as that was best value (1000 points = £7.20), but now we need every penny for food, and have stopped the cinema altogether and use them at sainsburys (1000 = £5 - not so good)
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    I always make sure the dregs of the shampoo are well and truly gone. Add warm water and give it a shake.

    Also with food, for tinned kidney beans, tomatos etc, we also use the cheapest brand stuff thats only a few pence. You cant tell its "cheap" end of the day a kidney bean is a kidney bean whether you spend 65p on a tin a or 13p! Especially if your making a chilli.

    Cheap days out. we usually go for walks by the canal. We are out all day and only at the cost of some home made sarnies and a flask of coffee :D
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    I get my haircut in a top salon in town, on the student training days for £2.50! They also do highlights and stuff too, and if it's not right one of the senior stylists fixes it, but they are there all the time anyway!! My hair is very long so I only go 2-3 times a year!
  • lswwong
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    I also rinse shampoo and conditioner bottles for those last bits. In fact, I really do think most of these products are too concentrated and can be watered down somewhat. This also makes the contents easier to squeeze out and to lather. I have some small glasses which are handy for standing upside down bottles in - can do this for anything from shampoos to ketchup bottles.

    Totally agree about cutting squeezy bottles open towards the end to get everything out! I use hand cream and have been known to scrape all the bits out with a small spatula to put into little pots!! (Very tight wad :)) You will be surprised how much is left in the bottle and how much further the scraped out bits will last!

    I love rinsing out marmite bottles and adding the marmite water to beefy stews.

    Ditto re pulling open tetrapak cartons (e.g. Innocent smoothies) and rinse the inside with a little water to get the very last bits out. (Then flatten the carton afterwards for disposal.)

    Oh, some of you might be aware, I mentioned somewhere else a short while ago that I keep a spreadsheet on the prices paid for the things that I buy for daily use. Just discovered that Boots' own brand £1.99 500ml citrus mouthwash tastes and works the same as a £3.68 500ml bottle of Listerine citrus mouthwash. More radically, I monitor prices paid for loo rolls based on cost per 100 sheets ...... (best purchase lately was a packet of 4 Nouvelle rolls in Sainsbury's - special purchase price of 87p per packeet works out at 9.1p per 100 sheets whereas normal supermarket own brand ones cost around 20p per 100 sheets - okay, a "value" brand costs less at about 5p per 100 sheets but I find them too thin).

    Nerdy hobby - only suitable for disclosure to a money saving mad community!
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    I cut my old tights to make little nylon rings to tie up my braids... no metal bits to chew up my hjair!

    Trim my own hair.

    Cut my dog's nails myself. (This took 45 minutes the first time, as she was *not* impressed with the concept, but now that she knows I'm not going to give in, she doesn't fight anymore and it takes 5 minutes.)

    Print in draft mode unless there's a picture or diagram that needs a higher resolution to save ink.

    Use space heaters to heat only the room we're in instead of wasteful night storage heaters.

    Only get books for entertainment from the library. Supplementary books from my coursework I try out from the library first and only buy them if I'll need them longer than the maximum renewal time!

    I can't give up my Dr Pepper (I tried!) but I buy cans on sale and carry them in to work for 20p-40p each rather than buying them from the machine at 50p.
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