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Red Star Call for PPI



  • I have used Redstar and whilst I have received ppi payback through Redstar's efforts, I would not recommend them as a claims company to deal with. Some of their staff are extremely impolite and their tone can be very bullying and patronising. I only continued my claim through them because I have read many reports about their threats to take individuals to court. They charge extortionate fees which are easily beaten by other companies out there, so do your research before authorising them to make your claim as I wish I had done.
  • I was contacted by capital claims last February and told they could reclaim me "thousands" of mis-sold PPI. They wanted £295 up front to kick start the process. I paid the £295 and received a letter telling me that Red Star finance would be handling my PPI claim. Red Star were successful in getting me a refund but then THEY wanted a slice of it too ! and i had to pay them around 35%..I got a refund from Northern Rock but they were unsuccessful with Barclays. Then a couple of months ago Barclays contacted me by letter and said i may now be able to claim back miss-sold PPI which i did off my own back. Red Star have since rung me and said they were responsible for this refund from Barclays and they want their cut, I told them to "whistle" after the chap on the other end got rather rude. Luckily i have the original agreement on a letter which states quite clearly that "The agreement is valid for 12 months" and they just missed out on my claim, I agree with an earlier post that they are "amateurs"
  • This company have called me (unsolicited) about 5 times on my mobile. The first time I asked to be removed from whatever list they have me on and that I'm on the telephone preference service. But I continue to receive calls from this number 01618278150 they tend to be around lunchtime on a weekday. The last few times why hang up when I try answering and just now I answered and asked who they were calling for - what name and they hung up. I appreciate they might suddenly realise I've asked not to be called but then why is my number still on their list, and why can't they deal with this in the correct way? I'm really annoyed by this but don't want to engage in calls or emails with them and end up giving them more of my data than they already have ( and I don't know where they got it from already). Any advice welcome! If a company uses these practices though I would stay away from them.
  • The company is called Red Star- keep away at all costs from these low lifes- and that's far too polite.
    The MD is Jamie Stefan Kordecki (Polish name, born in England only about 28 yrs old) and his PA is Natalie Evans. They are based on:-

    Red Star, 4th Floor,
    St George's House
    56 Peter Street
    M2 3NQ

    I am taking legal advice on suing them... these are the people and companies that fair trading companies should be targeting and have the powers to prosecute, close down in an hour and put in prison for harassment. Directors, their PAs and their Employees- there should be no place for them to hide under the law.... but us, being one consumer it's very difficult, costly and time consuming to bring legal action to an outfit such as this and gathering evidence of phone calls is proving difficult. If ANYONE knows of a way to nail these idiots please post it here- we've got to fight them.

  • Dr Angry..I'm sorry you are experiencing such problems with RED STAR , but at the same time I am glad that I am not alone.

    They are by far one of the most unethical companies I have EVER dealt with and are trying to get money from me without having provided the service they offered.

    I am also seeking legal advice against them and will fight my case to the end, and so should all others in this position. I am sure there will be many of us.

    What you say is correct and typical, constant harassment day in and day out.
  • Thanks guys
    They have been ringing for days I finally answered
    Today. They wanted to send someone to my house with paperwork
    I told them to out it in post
    They asked when I'd be signing
    Thanks to your comments I intend to return
    The paperwork unsigned
  • Red Star are still fishing. I had a call from a lady asking about my dealings with MBNA. When I told her that I hadn't got any, she told me that the group also include Nat West, Barclaycard etc. I asked why she was phoning as I don't give out information over the phone and she hung up.
  • Just had a chap called Les phone and ask a bunch of questions. Gave him a few positive answers saying I'd had a credit card in the last 10 years. Spent more than £2000 on it and had been paying it off monthly. He got quite excited and put me through to a supervisor (Tom at another company) while he listened in .
    Tom: have you had a balance of over £2,000 on a credit card?
    Me: no, I've spent £1,800 max.
    Tom gets Les back on the line and tells him we don't meet their threshold and will have to hand it back. Les is now a little annoyed:
    Les: I thought you said you had spent over £2,000 on a credit card
    Me: I have, just not all at once. Sorry I must have misunderstood you
    Les:........Its ok, let me just try another number...
    He now gets Iain from a completely differently named company and goes through some details with him
    Iain: So you had a maximum of £1,800 on an RBS card?
    me: I'm not sure which card it was, it's been ten years
    Iain, then gets Les back on the phone and says as the client cant confirm which card it was, he'll have to give the call back
    Les (now noticably annoyed): I thought you said it was an RBS card???
    me: I said I think its an RBS card......Wait. Yes, it definitely was an RBS card...sorry.
    Les: No problem, let me get you onto my supervisor
    Mark, form a completely different named company takes the call
    Mark: Hi, so you had a balance on an RBS card you were paying monthly?
    Me: Yes, but I paid the full amount off before the interest free period ended is that a problem?
    Pretty sure Les cut me off at that point.
  • I tend not to trust anyone who randomly contacts me but funnily enough they called me this morning and I actually answered. He told me that his records showed that I paid interest on a credit card and he could get me £1700 back. He was quite persistent and told me that he would send all the paperwork but I needed to answer some questions first which I said I wasn't going to. At this point he said he couldn't help me then and wished me a good day. I was curious / alarmed as to how he reckoned he knew about transactions on my credit card. Secondly the transactions he reckoned I had made I had no recollection of although he did get the credit card right. Based on all that I reckon they are dodgy.
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    He told me that his records showed that I paid interest on a credit card and he could get me £1700 back.

    Your interest payment details are not in the public domain. So, he has just admitted an offence.
    I was curious / alarmed as to how he reckoned he knew about transactions on my credit card.

    There are two ways:
    1 - having the data unlawfully
    2 - making it up and steering the conversation to make you give up data without realising it.

    Secondly the transactions he reckoned I had made I had no recollection of although he did get the credit card right.

    Pick the biggest card provider and statistically you are going to get it right more often than not. If you get it wrong, the person says I never had a card with xyz. However, they will try steer the conversation to get you to name your card provider.
    I am an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA). The comments I make are just my opinion and are for discussion purposes only. They are not financial advice and you should not treat them as such. If you feel an area discussed may be relevant to you, then please seek advice from an Independent Financial Adviser local to you.
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