Handmade Christmas decorations

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I'd like to start a thread for ideas and pics of handmade Christmas decorations.

I know it's still August, but we all know time has a nasty habit of flying by, and before we know it, it's time to put the decorations up.:eek:

I bought large cinnamon sticks from the florist wholesalers a few weeks ago, hoping I could incorporate them into a decoration made out of old welsh blankets, but i am just going blank.:rotfl:

So if anyone knows of any link or tutorials, pics etc which uses cinemmon sticks especially with fabric etc.. i would be greatful.

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Scroll down for a host of crafty DIY Christmas decoration tips, from pom poms and paper chains to felt gingerbread men and wreaths made from rags. Here's a pic of midnightraven3's cute felt gingerbread man (and lady) for inspiration.


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  • mary-op
    mary-op Posts: 3,605 Forumite
    Brilliant idea !
    I'm doing some fabric hearts,trees, boots, gingerbread men people -stuff like that and a soft tree to create a ''christmas in a box'' so looking for any ideas there are about.:)
    I would be unstoppable if only I could get started !

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  • tootoo
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    I'm very interested in this thread!
    The only ideas I've had so far are for padded gingerbread men...Although I'll need to buy some felt and I can't see any gingerbread type colour online...!
    I always say we don't have enough christmas decorations but by then it's usually too late!
    Looking forward to see and sharing so great ideas and even though I'm not hugely crafty I'd love to try!
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  • there must be another thread about this
    because i know i posted on it recently:o
    but cant remeber where or why:o

    sorry Mary, i know you have seen these at least once before:o




    all super easy, no tutorials needed as they are self explanitory

    children can make great things from felt


    i'll stop now, you get the gist:o
  • I often lurk around the Christmas threads but I want to do more myself this year.

    MIDNIGHTRAVEN3 I ADORE your gingerbread people. Want to have a go myself now.

    COOLTRIKERCHIC never too early. I've spent most of this weekend trying to think of things to make so I'll be watching this thread with interest.

    Only 117 days till Christmas :-))
  • the gingerbread people are SO easy and you can use any bits you have lying around
    those ones are around 3" each
    their clothes are made from 1" ribbon
  • p-pincher
    p-pincher Posts: 727 Forumite
    i'm going attempt to make these soon http://www.scoutiegirl.com/2009/12/tutorial-crafting-a-holiday-card-keepsake-ornament-by-nicole-of-lillyella.html

    They look like they might be a bit fiddly but should have a bit of fun with the kids making them x
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  • LJM
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    they look like fun to make p-pincher
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  • mary-op
    mary-op Posts: 3,605 Forumite
    midnight - I think they might have been on the ''handmade for christmas'' thread ......not sure.
    Thanks for putting them on again though........now just need to actually make them...........lol
    I would be unstoppable if only I could get started !

    (previously known as mary43)
  • sethsgran
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    Excellent idea for a thread, I always make something new for my Christmas decoration collection. Not always tree decorations but I love handmade Christmas makes.
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  • sethsgran
    sethsgran Posts: 2,855
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    Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes
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