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VW Touran Engine Blown Up

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  • I know this is an old thread-just wondering the outcomes on your cases as my engine (BXE) did the same 2 days ago-Conrod blew a hole in the engine at 74000 miles-contacted VW and they asked to take it to the local dealership for stripping-I have to pay the labour charges at £60 per hour for the diagnostics.

    If they find the parts were at fault apparently VW will part-fund a repair. However upon speaking with local dealership, he has gone off to research it before booking in for the diagnostics. I am stuck between a rock and a hard place as we have car on finance. Finance agreement dictates the car is kept in working order/insure etc etc however the car is useless without an engine! I cannot drive it to the dealership, the used car dealership don't want to know, the finance company will find me in breech of my agreement and VW are being awkward. Meanwhile I'm in debt to the tune of £6000 with a car that is useless. I will not be allowed under my finance agreement to replace the engine (which I cannot afford to do anyway).

    Any help greatly appreciated,
  • I have had the same problem, my VW Golf 2008 1.9TDI With 88,000 Miles on the clock, we were driving along and then suddenly BANG! No warnings, nothing.

    We were towed to a local garage who said the engine had blown and was irreparable. After looking on the internet found various forums with stories of BXE Engine failures. After checking my log books found out mine was a BXE

    I have reported it to VOSA (and I would suggest everyone else who has had this problem report it as well)

    I can’t post the direct link, but if you search for “VOSA safety defect” it will be on the 1st link

    Hopefully the more reports about this will make a difference?
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