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This thread is to discuss the new
If you have a success from using the guide report it in the Energy Misselling success thread.
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  • Thank you for addressing this! It is too late for me, but I am glad to see this finally dealt with. I had endless problems with N Power in 2008 to 2010. I was new to the UK and thought it was maybe my own lack of knowledge. A salesmen called me and convinced me to change to Npower because it was cheaper. But all he did was lower my direct debit. And when I moved I had £300+ to pay.

    When I finally left Npower a year later, after paying back everything, I received a cheque from them for overpaying. Only a week or two later to receive a demand for outstanding bills.


    Unfortunately it is more than 9 months since I discovered the problem.
    Far more satisfied with Scottish Power, but I guess everybody has improved their act since then.
  • I had a commercial account with CNG gas and agreed a price at 3.0000 per kwh in 1998 for 3 years this was in the January . In the September a letter arrived stating that due to price rises the cost would go up 2.0020 which would now be 5.0020 kwh I stated my price was fixed , they stated my account was a variable account which I have disputed all along .I did sign a contract that on further inspection was a variable account
    They sent me a new contract for a variable price of 4.79p /kwh from 1st September 2008 This contract was not signed therefore the lower price was not implemented I had numerous conversations to sort this out to no avail until I saw Martins article .
    I sent a letter of complaint and have been very surprised to receive a letter for £500.00 as a gesture of goodwill.
    My question is as I spend £1800 per year on gas I have calculated the difference on the two prices over the three years to have been £600.00 per year a total of £1800.00 in total Do you think the amount offered is a fair amount or should I go to the ombudsman
  • Back in autumn 2008, we were on a fixed contract with Scottish Power. We wanted to change the bank account that DD came off so I changed this and without warning it triggered the cancellation of the fixed contract. SP charged us and put us on their much higher Standard prices. We could not leave them until summer 09 to avoid exit fees. I then gladly signed up to British Gas. Within weeks of doing this, I was cold called at work and promised immense savings by the SP salesman. I stupidly agreed to a new contract then took £50 hit on BG exit fees and no comparable benefit in returning to SP.

    Do I have a case for mis-selling and the shoddy customer service in the 1st place for simply changing bank details -- has anyone else had this experience where it voids the contract?
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    I'm hoping I can make some kind of claim against E-on, I'd be grateful if someone could give me some advice. I moved into a new build in December 2006 and spent days trying to work out who the energy supplier was. I eventually established it was E-on in the following February and the gave me an account number and I gave details for a direct debit etc. I heard nothing from them for almost 2 years and to be honest I completely forgot about it what with becoming a single mum, buying my first home, being made redundant and a other whole host of lifes drama's.

    I called them back in between the 2 years and they said they were not my supplier, so when British Gas came and did a doorstep sale I just accepted it as I just wanted to be paying someone! A few weeks later I received a letter from E-On saying I owed them £989!!! Dating back to when I moved in. I was so worried I arranged a repayment plan of £88 a month, expensive but affordable. I was told it would cover the arrears and keep me up to date with payments. I have paid consistently for the past couple of years but 2 days ago I received a letter saying that I had completed my repayment plan and my direct debit would now be £131 a month!! I'm currently unemployed as I was made redundant in Jan.

    My two questions (after that lengthy post) are one can I reclaim as it was their error and two do I have to pay £131 a month couldn't they take less?

    Any replies gratefully received
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  • why is it always mis-selling om mse and NEVER miss buying?
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    Hi diamond - You are the victim of a failed Switch with added extras.

    Dealing with BG
    Write to BG enclosing copies of all the correspondance and bills from Eon - They will have to return to you all the money you have paid to them.

    Dealing with Eon
    Write to Eon enclosing copies of all their letters etc. from when you first contacted them in 2006 and they gave you an account number.
    Point out that they have failed to bill you for, ( Is it 5 years or 6? ), and under the 'Back Billing Agreement' they cannot bill you for anything beyond the previous 12 months from the date on the first bill they issued
  • E.ON_Company_Rep_Chris
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    Hi diamond

    I hope I can help you with this.

    From reading your post it looks like we were the suppliers to the builders of your development so you inherited us when you moved in.

    There’s lots of reasons why you wouldn’t get a bill from us after moving into a new build property, unfortunately things do sometimes go wrong with the builders’ handover.

    Did we speak to you about the billing code when you contacted us? If your situation is covered by the code then you are only liable for the last 12mths of charges (from the day we sent the £989.00 bill) and we can’t claim anything prior to that.

    Cases such as this aren’t automatically covered by the code because the fault doesn’t always lie with the supplier. We’ll certainly check to see whether the billing code applies to your situation and if not, give you a full explanation why.

    If I’ve read your post correctly, it seems that you didn’t switch to British Gas in the end and are still paying us for your use and possibly some arrears? Whatever the outcome, the least we can do is offer you an affordable repayment plan that covers what you’re using, so try not to worry.

    Hope that you get this one sorted out, If I can help further, give me a shout.

    Amanda :)
    Official Company Representative
    I am an official company representative of E.ON. MSE has given permission for me to post in response to queries about the company, so that I can help solve issues. You can see my name on the companies with permission to post list. I am not allowed to tout for business at all. If you believe I am please report it to [email protected] This does NOT imply any form of approval of my company or its products by MSE"
  • Hi...
    I've got prepayment meters for my electricity and Gas.
    I've been topping up as usual and i got a letter from Bgas today saying its been a while since i topped up my electricity. I rang them to say my meter is in credit. I was told to carry out some checks and it was discovered my meter was faulty and it wasnt charging properly and i was told im indebted to British Gas. They installed the meter after all.
    What i want to know is how to handle this situation. I'm afraid they'll send me a large bill and put me on an unaffordable Tarriff.
    I've tried to swich several times but i was told Bgas have to change the meter first which they refused to do so i feel trapped without choices.
    Please let me add the fact that i'm new in the property and Bgas had problems with the previous tenants which resulted in the meter being taken away. When we moved in they only agreed to install a prepayment meter......PLEASE HELP.....
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    Hi Dogshome - you're a diamond!!! Thanks for coming back to me, I have never heard of this back billing code. I only ever made one payment to BG but it still end up costing me around £300! They took a DD from an account that I was closing with Alliance and Leicester, I didn't use the account so wasn't aware that the DD took me overdrawn and I ended up incurring charges, fuming.

    Amanda - I hope you can help because I am stressed out about this. When I moved in I was given an account number over the phone, I can PM it to you. The Billing code was never mentioned to me, in fact there was very little communication with me at all. One day I was trying to pay an energy supplier the next I get a bill in the post. I have been paying the arrears for some time now and when I called the other day I was told the best they could do was £100 a month. This is still way more than I can afford right now. Who do I need to speak to? What do I need to do next? John Laing were the developers, I've believe they have gone into administration so not much hope of finding out if they were responsible for not passing info on.

    Ronnie - I wish I could help but this is not my area of expertise..... not sure if I have one actually. There are some great people on these forums who will be willing to help a newbie, keep checking back for replies - good luck, hope is not lost.
    Dreaming about 20/20 vision :rotfl:
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    Hi diamond

    I'm sorry nobody mentioned the billing code when you called us last time.

    This is clearly causing you a lot of worry, so let’s get it escalated.

    First of all, ring the number on your bill and ask to speak to a manager.

    Explain that you were back-billed for more than 12 months and want to know if you’re covered by the billing code.

    Tell them that you can’t afford the amount that you’re being asked to pay. You need to know how much is for arrears and how much is for future use and what can be done to get each of these factors down.

    Your query will be logged as a complaint and the manager will probably need to go away and have a good look into it for you before letting you know what options you have.

    Give that a try and let me know how you get on.

    Amanda :)[FONT=&quot]
    Official Company Representative
    I am an official company representative of E.ON. MSE has given permission for me to post in response to queries about the company, so that I can help solve issues. You can see my name on the companies with permission to post list. I am not allowed to tout for business at all. If you believe I am please report it to [email protected] This does NOT imply any form of approval of my company or its products by MSE"
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