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  • Hi All,

    Feel utterly miserable reading all these reviews. As with everyone else, we have had a terrible experience with these people. Wrong units, bad design, magic corner missing, other units just missing.... All just terrible.

    Every time we ring they put us on hold for hours and then cut us off. We have rung numerous times and it is impossible to speak to anyone other than the switchboard person. The company is listed under several names - the two above being the most common - but each telephone number gets you to the same switchboard. They also don't answer emails.

    Previous to my making a complaint, I had no troubles at all getting through to them, it's only since I asked for the goods to be sent or refunded that they have started ignoring us/cutting us off/putting us on hold for hours at an end. Totally unethical company.

  • After reading such terrible reviews we are cancelling our order and will be getting our kitchen from Wickes, we'll count our losses and quit while we're ahead. :p
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    I felt I had to post on MSE after my recent dealings with this firm.
    We ordered replacement kitchen cabinet doors,drawer fronts,worktops and a new larder unit after seeing an advert in Metro. Their rep came and measured up,showed us samples and gave us a price. We paid a £100 deposit .
    After she left I did a little internet research and was gutted when I saw all the bad reports on MSE about their service. We fully expected to be messed around and disappointed.
    But speak as you find. The delivery arrived last Monday morning. The driver allowed us to fully check everything before paying the balance. Everything was in perfect condition and just as we ordered. We are happy with our kitchen and saved a bundle on B and Q prices.
    Whether we were just lucky I don't know but there seem to be a number of positive posts on here who seem surprised at the negative stuff others have written.As Are we.
    It makes you wonder if the bad reports are just fake posts placed by rivals like the kind of thing that goes on on Tripadvisor etc.

    I must specify that we dealt with HOME INTERIORS OF ROSSENDALE. Don't know if they operate as kitchens Uber or any other name. I can assure you all that I am not linked or biased to the company in any way. Just telling it like it is.
  • If you have been the victim of kitchen über or interiors of rossendale or any other kitchen company that requires a £100 deposit before placing an order then report them to the place you saw the advert. All of theses have a process that means generally 3 complaints or more and adverts have to be pulled. If we can stop the adverts then hopefully stop the sales
  • This company is so unethical, inaccurate planning, damaged goods, substandard casscasses, left on hold at my cost for hours, incorrect items delivered and will not except return or refund items charged for that are not required.

  • If you saw this advert in the guardian report them to stop the ads from being run. Try and cut them off at the source.
  • Ordered online what a mug. It arrived and the fitters what a couple of chancers they were, arived 2 weeks later. I now have a half finished, unmatching coloured kitchen. The larder units are miles out of line the connices were fitted then they fitted decor end panels so the cornices are all short. Colours are not the same. The sink leaks but has been well glued. A retired chippie friend said it will be quite difficult to put right without refitting everything and buying more cornices. So far they have not been back.
    My advice DON'T touch them. Total bodgers.
  • We just bought a kitchen from Kitchens Uber and we might have been lucky but we had no problems at all. We decided on Kitchens Uber because it was cheaper than anything else we could find and as far as I'm concerned our kitchen is far better than I'd expected. We didn't have any missing parts and everything worked perfectly but all our dealings with the company were completely fine too.
  • This company appear to have vanished - taking half my kitchen and my money with them. I've been calling and emailing these people repeatedly over the past month since some of my kitchen was delivered. I adapted to spending and hour and a half on hold to get through and then being cut off, they ignored emails. Now their numbers are unobtainable. I've sent another email but have the horrible sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.

    If anyone finds another number for them please let me know.
  • We had a great experience with this company after seeing them on Google - we got a cheap and cheerful kitchen at a knock-down price, and everything arrived exactly when they said it would. They let us inspect all of the pieces to make sure that it was all perfect and it only cost us about £1900 in total with the £100 up front deposit.

    I'd read a few of these comments but their kitchens were so much less expensive than everyone else's so I decided to go ahead and buy one and I'm glad I did. They do sell great kitchens at low prices and there was no problems with their service at all, not even any missing parts.
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