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    Hi, We have just ordered a new kitchen plus white goods from Uber Kitchens based in Manchester, we live in the South East. A rep. came to visit, seemed straight, only took £100 deposit and the kitchen should be delivered to be fitted end of July. The price was almost half the price of other quotes and too good to miss. After he left we looked at each other and wondered if it was a scam, we have telephone the company today and spoken to a customer service person, the rep. rang us back when we asked for a return call,all seems kosher, still feel jittery though. The rep. had no brochures to leave with us, he had no business card. Anyone out there dealt with this company please. Thanks :o

    Hi not sure if it's too late but if I were you I wouldn't order - if you can't get your £100 deposit back, consider you've got off light!!! They are of poor quality and the customer service is shocking beyond belief. When, and if, you get through to them, they are apathetic (I even asked one if she was unhappy in her job) - I'm a manager on a call centre and if any of my staff spoke to a customer like they do, they'd be sacked on the spot!! They put you on hold for very long periods of time or just cut you off. I've had a wall unit with a faulty fitting which has resulted in it crashing from the wall smashing all my dinner service and glasses etc. I'm not expecting a replacement judging by the other reviews. Screws, fittings etc missing. I'm more mad at myself for the fact that I should have been alerted as soon as the kitchen planner asked for £100 in CASH and wouldn't be able to take the order if it wasn't cash. I actually had to go to the cash machine! No reputable company does that. Then you have to pay in cash when it arrives - we checked everything was there but we didn't check for damage. If you feel you must order from them, beware and take everything out and check it with a fine tooth comb before parting with your cash. A lot of their goods aren't pre-drilled either. Better still, go to B&Q! I needed something cheap but feel I'm going to pay in the long run.
  • Hi,Having being awarded the decree for £3,000 I am now really disgusted at being unable to enforce this as the company is in England!!!I've been everywhere to find out about this but no-one seems to know!!!! (or doesn't want to!) Any advice please? Thanks.
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    Hi All

    My husband & I got a quote from Kitchen's Uber, paid £100 deposit. Didn't feel right about the company, so cancelled within the timescale, but didn't get the deposit back.

    Couple of months down the line and saw an ad in the local paper:- Focus in Administration. Units, 8 of them for £700.
    I rung them up, bloke came out, rushed the sale pitch as he had somewhere else to go, in fact i told him to slow down, as he was upsetting me. This company was apparantly called Kitchen Units. I said to him, "you know you haven't even mentioned the units from Focus?" still ignored me, but in the end, we went for the complete kitchen.

    After he left, i looked on the back of the paperwork he left us, and it was exactly the same as the Kitchen's Uber one, same Sersen bloke too to get in touch with.

    I rung the lady up and told her we had already paid a deposit when we cancelled with Kitchen's Uber and she said when they deliver, deduct the money from the price, which is what we did and all was ok.

    We had them to get the fitters in, instead of us trying to find someone to do it.

    They fitted it last Dec 3rd and it looks amazing, it is absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately, my husband passed away Dec 30th which was a shock, so he never got to have a roast dinner from the kitchen because the oven door was broke, it got repaired, but when i tried using it, all steam poured out the oven when i opened the door, nearly burning all my brows and lashes. The second time i used it, i didn't open the door half way through cooking and water was all over the floor. It has only been used those two times.

    I phoned them, and as you know, you can't get through to them, so i phoned Trading Standards up and they told me to send them a letter, recorded delivery, which i did, but didn't hear anything from them. I rung Trading Standards again, and they said to send another letter with a copy of the first letter.
    I did that too, and i still haven't heard from them. Their time is up from 30th July, so i am now going to ring Trading Standards up to find out about the next step. They did tell me to put....if i didn't hear from them, then i will be seeking Legal advice.

    It upsets me that my husband and i had to wait 27 yrs (to afford one) of our married life to buy a brand new, first ever kitchen and he didn't even get a cooked meal from it. How sad.
  • Being in the kitchen industry, can I just point out that the thread title could be confusing to some.

    The problem company is Kitchens Uber, not Uber Kitchens, which as most know is Vance Miller's latest guise (Maple Industries, cheapestkitchensintheworld, solidwoodkitchens etc).

    Uber or Uber Kitchens, Uber Furniture is in fact the branding of a company called MGA Distributors in Cradley Heath.

    They supply extremely good quality UK and European kitchen systems. My company uses them regularly and I did a 'double take' when I saw the title!

    It might be worth changing the title to reflect the correct company?

  • I think they might also be operating under this name too - the-kitchenfactory. co.u

    I was doing an internet search for kitchens today & came across this site with great prices, so I filled out their online form for a brochure & to arrange for someone to come out to give me a quote. The number on the website is an 0141 number (which I assumed meant they were based in Glasgow or there abouts as there's no address on the website. Since giving them my details I have had 4 missed calls on my mobile - 2 from the 0161 Manchester number quoted on this that & 2 from a mobile number. I was in another room from my phone when they called so didn't answer & they left no message. I Googled the 0161 number & found myself here. Think it's too much of a coincidence that I fill out my details for a kitchen company that appears to be based in Glasgow & then start getting calls from this one in Manchester. After reading what has been written here I don't think I'll be answering them if they call again!
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    DO NOT PURCHASE THESE CHEAP KITCHENS, I did and still waiting for the complete kitchen to be delivered, to speak to customer service you are generally on the phone for 1.30 before an agent will speak to you and then they are so rude and unhelpful its an outrage.

    is the proprietor and it looks like he operates under several names:-


    Mr Sersen is an unethical man and takes very similar names of existing companys with excellent reviews and reputation this is to totally mislead unsuspecting customers.

    You will find the ads listed in the local Guardian and new shopper to name a few. I am sure this company are advertising everywhere, I am trying to stop the adverts so others do not get caught out but the guardian will only do this once they receive 3 complaints. please contact them if you saw the advert in the local guardian.
  • Great forum! I saw an ad for there ex-display kitchens and arranged for a rep to come out tonight which I have now cancelled.

    I should of read these sorts of forums before booking a rep. - Next time I know to.

    Many many thanks
  • Well i really do think that i should let people know about my experience with this company as i think that some of the comments on here are very unfair towards this company.My husband and i have been saving up for years for a new kitchen and we were under the impression that a desent kitchen would cost about £3000 before fitting. I was so amazed when i got a price from this company.We had been quoted between £3400 and £6750 from other companies and they all wanted us to pay over £1500 just as a deposit.Then i came across this company and so glad that i did.We bought a solid oak kitchen with solid granite worktops and all the appliances for £1495 from this company and they charged us £700 to fit the lot.A total of £2195 when the cheapest i got from any other company was £3400 plus £2000 to fit it and that was without solid granite worktops.The kitchen has been fitted now for atleast four months and apart from one door which arrived damaged and has now been replaced i can not fault this company in any way what so ever.The most amazing thing about this company is that they only asked me for a one hundren pound deposit and they allowed me to pay the balance after delivery which is something that i have never heard from from any other kitchen company.Before i paid for my kitchen i was allowed to check everything and open every box and the kitchen fitter was also there on delivery to help check everything with me.I REALLY DO WISH THAT EVERY COMPANY DEALTR IN THIS WAY.I honestly do think that this forum must have competitors of this company posting on it as i really do not agree with some of these comments.If i had read this forum first then i would also have cancelled and i am so glad that i did not read this first.My advise to anyone doing business with this company is let them deliver youyr kitchen and pay for it after you are happy.Thats what we did and we are so happy .In my opinion this company is the best value and best service kitchen company in the uk.Helen Smart
  • I had bought a kitchen off this company and I don't understand why people on this forum are complaining? There's absolutely nothing to lose! You only have to pay a £100 deposit (I only paid £50) and then you just have to wait for your kitchen to be delivered to your home. I am completely satisfied and more than happy with my kitchen from this company. On delivery, the company let myself and the contracted kitchen fitters that I had hired inspect every single component that was delivered to my home to make sure a) I had taken delivery of everything that I was supposed to receive and b) that I was satisfied with my delivered order. Only then did I actually pay for the kitchen. I had absolutely nothing to lose at all!

    The majority of people on this forum seem to be cancelling their orders before even taking delivery of their kitchen and I really don't understand it because like I said, you don't even have to pay for your delivery until it's been delivered to your home! The people on this forum are probably competitors of this company attempting to tarnish their name i'm guessing (or that's what it seems like). This is the only company in the UK that i've seen offer this kind of pay on delivery service.

    I'm really happy with my kitchen and others on this forum who have received their order seem to be happy too!
  • Hi to gail76 and john445. Welcome to MSE :hello:
    Two posts about half an hour apart. Cynics might suspect that you are two shills for the company. Surely no-one would stoop so low. :)
    Are you for real? - Glass Half Empty??
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