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  • Dan,

    We have had Mark, and his sidekick come to our house in clevedon, just outside bristol. Do not trust these men! They are con artists. They will steal your money. Unfortunatley it was too late for us and they have taken off with our £100. They trade under many different company names. The paperwork they left was for Martin Sersen kitchens, however we contacted them through the internet under a site called "cheap Kitchens". After many emails with them a quote was returned with another company name attached as a web address which took us to Millstone Kitchens. It all looks legit and the men were very convincing. We have tried to call back Mark on many occasion and left several messages and he never returns them. The paperwork they left has is very simple and we have no doubt in our mind that the kitchen would of never turnt up. Furthermore we have seen nothing but bad feedback for these people. They are scammers and need to be stopped.
  • Dan, do not trust these men, we have had mark come to our house also and all they have done is stolen £100 off us.
  • Hi everyone

    Saf from Uber Kitchens visited us in Liverpool last night. Seemed very nice, had door and carcuss samples and he seems nice. Price given was £1,660 for a white gloss kitchen, half the price of any other quote. As I am heavily pregnant and budgeting, we stupidly paid the man £50 cash.

    I called a kitchen fitter to discuss the offer and he told me they had previously traded as Maple Industries and the owner, Vance Miller had been investigated by Watchdog and Trading Standards. He was just up to his old tricks again and renamed as Uber.

    Having searched the internet, I was gutted to have been scammed. This SAF had spoken to me about my pregnancy, saw how heavily pregnant I was and proceeded to rip us off. Unbelievable, they are just thieves.

    I emailed [email protected] to cancel the order and it was returned s undelivered. Just forwarded it to [email protected] but I won't hold my breath for a reply. I threatened them with the police and Trading Standards and I want our £50 back.

    This government should be putting a stop to the scam artists, we're all pushed for cash enough without these thieves also taking advantage.


    I'm glad we only lost £50 and I feel so sorry for you guys who didn't find this information sooner. Much luck to everyone.

    It teaches you that cheapest is not always the best option.

  • Don't touch kitchensuber
  • Don't touch kitchensuber with a barge pole. One of their salesmen (B Thompson) ripped me off for £100 and they have a vicious shrew in their 'customers services' to fight you off if you complain. These people are disgusting parasites... When I discover what I was dealing with I stopped them in their tracks. I lost £100 but I came close to losing £3,000 to these scumbags.
  • Thanks guys
    I've had a visit too... I suppose, if it too good to be true... it normally is!
    it's safe to say that they won't be getting an order from me.
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    Well Well! The man himself? or.......maybe not! Anyway,just in case the words are indeed true for once,I,only one of many have tried since July 7th to resolve my issues directly with your company before raising a court action.I am totally disgusted that myself,a 75yr old disabled mother and a husband with severe burns resulting in amputation of digits on both hands are still sitting in a bomb site with a half kitchen-missing doors,no handles.missing drawers,damaged doors,wrong hinges.....I could go on but I'll save it.After numerous ignored e-mails,recorded delivery letters and telephone calls where I was told to "go to trading standards if you want!"I was left with no option but to contact my in court advisor to start proceedings.It took us 2 years to save £3,000 for a new kitchen and 2 hours to hand it over in return for false promises! All I can say is I don't know how you sleep at night and karma has a weird way of working.
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    Kitchens Uber came to my house and stated that they was just salesmen doing it as a second job as work in the construction work is slow. When asked for a card or more information he stated a web site which is not there and like everyone else were told to do the electrics and arrange a skip to take the old units away, something did not seem right and after looking on the net and similar forums as this I must say it all looks like a con. I will now stop the cheque.
  • Thanks guys
    I've had a visit too... I suppose, if it too good to be true... it normally is!
    it's safe to say that they won't be getting an order from me

    after initially having a visit from Kitchens Uber] (I did not pay a deposit) I saw the posts on MSE and decided not to go ahead with placing an order. I subsequently went to B&Q, Wickes & Wren and realised that if I bought elsewhere then it would cost me 2-3 times the price... so I thought if one or two cabinets are missing then I'd still be quids in.

    So here's what happened.

    The salesman returned exactly on time.
    Took a £60 deposit for 7 units complete with all fittings and doors and handles £365 in total! i did not buy their appliances..they were bought from appliancesdirect.
    Uber delivered the kitchen the following week ( having called the day before to arrange a time)... I wasn't able to be present but my wife counted the boxes for wall units and doors.

    Once I arrived I fully expected there to be some damaged or missing boxes.
    I found one base unit was slightly damaged at the back due to the box being dropped.. but this would be hidden uder the w/top.

    Once assembly began, I found that most boxes had missing screws/dowels/cams as the bag they are sent in is the flimsiest plastic known to man so therefore had split- I reused some cams from my old kitchen and purchased new screws and dowels from B&Q.

    I was impressed by the quality of the wood- 18mm. with hardback panels(not hardboard) and they also have a service void to enable pipes etc. to be run which are better than previous kitchens I've fitted from Wickes/ B&Q & IKEA ... But beware, I think assembly isn't for the complete novice.

    If you think IKEA instructions are not clear.. then by comparison, they're like war & peace.... If the boxes have any instructions in at all.
    the units also do not have the small marks where to screw fittings such as runners ofr hang doors, so you or your fitter will have to make your own templates or use trial and error. I think the lack of markings added 2 days to the fitting.

    As someone said earlier, if you just use the fittings supplied for the kick-boards they will come loose so I'd suggest running some batten and screwing the kick-boards to them.

    I had cut 1cm off a door to use as a filler panel next to a boiler, but my measurement was incorrect so I bought a replacement door from B&Q ( the gloss white is slightly different but OK enough to get a way with it.)

    the corner unit came with two rectangular pieces to fill the 90 degree gap between the doors, I decided not to use them and to purchase one from B&Q which also had a curve at a cost of £15.00.

    Well the kitchen is all in .. looks very nice ..if not a little frustrating to fit.
    So in conclusion,
    A- if you like to save money (but don't mind a gamble)
    B- willing to buy any unit short falls elsewhere.. as I'd doubt they will be in such a hurry to deliver any shortfall
    C- willing to spend the extra time to fit or pay an installer extra as no doubt a professional installer will complain of the additional time to fit.
    D- Are not the kind of person who gets stressed over a few missing screws and bolts.

    Then maybe it would be worth considering... would I buy another kitchen from Uber.. yes, but not the drawer units as they really are difficult to fit.
  • Hi,

    Unfortunately everything people have said here has been great, it's just been read by many too late. I am posting because my nan has recently been ripped off by KitchenUber. I am trying to do everything I can to help her out. People have mentioned they have sent letters...even though they have been returned to sender or recieved no reply, Trading standards says this must be done. But surprise surprise we can find no address to send it too. People who have sent the letters could some one possibly give me an address to send a letter please?

    It would be very much appreciated!

    Thanks :)
    Hi,All of my rec. delivery mail was returned from the Manchester address.I called & demanded a correct address and was given:Maple Mill Cardwell Street Oldham 0l8 2AF.My letter wasn't returned from here,but I never got a reply.
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