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    So if anyone else has come to the conclusion that they will never get their £100 deposit back from this company, or worse had a unsatisfactory kitchen delivered, I have thought of one nice way we can get some small revenge or self satisfaction.

    Type in the search terms "Cheap Kitchens" or "Kitchens Uber" into google. Click on the Kitchen Uber sponsored link at the top of the search page. If everyone does this two or three times a day, it will start to cost them a small fortune and will affect their ability to advertise on the net.

    I am not normally this way inclined but I feel so strongly that this company is ripping so many people off and getting away with it.
  • Have recently bought kitchen from uber was delivered missing numerous items could not contact them,when i did get reply was told to pick up items from warehouse,so went to address on quote & they are no longer there.But with help from a friend managed to get postcode for new premises OL8 2AE Cardwell St Oldham,am pretty sure police or tax man would be interested,any way went and collected some of missing items & told other 7 would be forwarded when in stock,have given up waiting.Steer well clear of these scam artists,hope this info is helpful.:mad:
  • We had a 'friend' who worked for Uber Kitchens and gave us a quote that was very impressive and as he was a friend and told us he would personally fit the kitchen we went ahead. Stupidly I did not think a friend would rip us off, so I paid the £100.00 deposit and was very happy. He then told us he was not going to be working for Uber much longer, so might not be able to fit kitchen. We found someone else to do it and proceeded. The kitchen was delivered and in my plans we had a 'magic corner', but the rep had drawn new plans that did not include a magic corner (£220 pounds worth of product), so it didn't arrive, but we had already paid for it! When we queried this we were told the rep had left the plans at our house and the second set of plans and pricing were correct. As it was my word against the rep there was nothing I could do.
    When the cabinets were delivered we checked the door sizes and had two doors that were incorrect, a hinge missing.
    Also, during fitting the door handles were put on and it was then discovered that once the handles were on we couldn't open the dishwasher!! Surely the rep should have realised this in the planning. This now means that I have 2 doors that have drill holes in them with handles I can't use.
    Uber did sent a replacement door for the one that was the wrong size, but again sent the wrong size. We have wasted hours on hold, just to then be cut off. My husband, who is normally very happy go lucky dreads coming home every day, as the kitchen looks such a mess and he is powerless to make it right. The receptionist at Uber does not listen and when you do go through to customer services there is no one to answer your call and no room on the voicemail box to leave a message.

    The whole episode has been a complete nightmare and the extra money we have had to plough in to making some of the kitchen workable has left us really out of pocket.

    The whole thing is one big scam and to make it worse the person who bought us into the scam was meant to be a friend!

  • markb37 wrote: »
    uber kitchens came to my home today and quoted £1200 for fitting and it is a very small kitchen but they told us we had to source our own plumber and spark and remove a small wall ourselves!

    my freind we had loads of problems with our kitchen which has taken from day of delivery august 29th 2011 until the last week of november to finnish because of either damaged or missing items to finnish we finally awaited the second batch of 3 missing cupboard doors first set were damaged the final three just about get away with.
    We just had to persevere with these kind of people whom some are very rude on the phone.
    But at at least we got somewhere where as others may not have done
    i wonder did you manage to fit your kitchen in the end?
    Let us know.:)
  • Thank goodness i decided to read these reviews before contacting UBER KITCHENS I feel so sad for all of those out there who have been ripped off surely there is something that can be done to stop this company from trading it is a crime.GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL AND THANK YOU FOR POSTING YOUR COMPLAINTS
  • Well I have just had the designer out to measure up, kitchen due in a months time. Secret is don't sign for or pay for something without checking it 1st, that's just common sense as with any major purchase. You wouldn't go buy a car without checking it over 1st, would you?
    If there is anything missing from mine it will be sent right back.
    I have an independent fitter coming to fit it, so watch this space, I will keep you all informed:)
  • My advice is to avoid this company. We ordered a kitchen from them. It was impossible to check all the bits had arrived so we stupidly handed over the cash. When the fitter arrived the next day he told us that lots of bits were missing, lots damaged and lots were incorrect. I spent hours on the telephone having the phone put down on me many times by rude customer services who weren't interested in helping at all. We had to go out and buy our own sink so the granite fitters could do their job. When a second delivery arrived it was a handful of incorrect seconds. At that point I'd had enough. I wrote to them quoting the sales of goods act and sent the letter by recorded delivery. It was returned as the address on the paperwork was incorrect. I finally managed to get their "correct" address and resent my letter. To cut a long story short I got a cheque back from them eventually for the amount we had to spend due to their mistakes. But looking at this forum I can see they've done it to so many people. They deliver incorrect items, seconds (most had some form of damage) and some parts never arrived at all. Don't deal with them.
  • Thank god for sites like this. My brother had visit from them today following there advert for last years B&Q kitchens in the liverpool echo. After giving them a cheque for £60 and placing his order he decided to check them out online. Luckily he found this site and many others about this company and was able to cancel his cheque and the order. Thank you everyone without forums like these he would not have know it was a con.
  • sales rep came to our home and had all the talk. ex B&Q stock great sounding deal, additional items costing extra. took note of everything we needed and designed the kitchen (while enjoying a brew). samples and brochures looked superb. not being kitchen fitters the design looked ok. £100 deposit/design fee exchaned hands and off he went.
    delivered on 04/01/12 - not given enough time to check through everything properly but everything seemed at this point ok. after drivers went (with a tip) started to check things properly-
    1)the tap was incorrect
    2)the handles were incorrect
    3)the additional plate rack wall unit was missing
    4)the extractor fan could not be filtered (which was a specification we required as we cannot vent through next door's kitchen) and one of the access panel catches is broken
    rang the customer services line same night and informed them. someone would ring us back.
    further inspection on 05/01/12 revealed-
    5)end panels for wall unit damaged
    6)soft closure hinges and drawer closers were not soft closures
    7)legs missing from cabinets
    8)fittings already opened inside boxes as if been opened previously
    9)given high line cabinets inside of drawer line cabinets
    10)pre-drilled hinge holes milled incorrectly (with shavings still inside plastic)
    11) deal should have been including 10 units plus the extra plate rack we paid for - only received 9 units and already mentioned the missing plate rack
    12) our kitchen fitter said he'd fitted many B&Q kitchens and this wasn't a B&Q kitchen
    After all this we decided as the kitchen was not as described, fit for purpose or of satisfactory quality, under the Sale of Goods Act we asked for a refund on 05/01/12. On infomring them, they decided to send out another kitchen surveyor on 06/01/12 who agreed we should be able to get a refund.
    Customer Services said they had not received the 2nd surveyors report (when he hand delivered it). Customer Service is a joke! Staff rude and unhelpful when you eventually speak with someone, as normally you get an answering machine that cannot take messages - probably full!
    On 12/01/12 decided to write a letter detailing all the faults asking for a refund to back up verbal request and emailed across to them. The same letter was emailed FAO M Sersen and Stella King on 13/01/12 and also sent by fax - which I have a confirmed delivery receipt for.
    By 18/01/12 we had still not got a response so we sent same letter recorded delivery which was delivered on 19/01/12 - which we have confirmed by Royal Mail. Up to 30/01/12 they say they had not received any details of what was wrong and we had been un-cooperative and unwilling to discuss. they say they have 20 days to rectify the problem before considering a refund. We informd them the had received the detail by fax, emails, recorded delivery, verbally and from their own surveyor and that enough was enough and we were going to Trading Standards and County Court to issue a small claim against them. They said they didn't believe us!
    Funnily enough on evening of 30/01/12 they replied to the email I sent on 12/01/12 (which they say they had not received so THEY ARE LIARS!) against saying we had reached a stalemate situation as we were unwilling to discuss our issues - but had addressed some of them in the email - saying that never an option for drawer line cabinets (as these are not included in the deal), they could send out the missing feet and correct the tap and handles. No mention of the long list of other issues.
    On 31/01/12 wrote final letter stating refund of £800 within 7 days or we will file a small claim, and have a meeting with Trading Standards on 07/02/12. Even by their own 20 day resolution period, for the date this all started - we have exceeded 20 days. One excuse after another and have told us we won't be getting a refund.
    It has taken us a good while to save this money and although it may not seem alot to some people (and obviously not M Sersen or his staff) it is to us. My husband is disabled with mobility, heart and breathing problems and I work full time to keep us afloat. the kitchen is in the dining room - which is causing issues with disability and the stress of it all is making other ailments worse too.
    All I can say is that they are very luck we didn't tak out the old kitchen before they delivered this pile of sh*t otherwise we would have been after blood as well as my money back. We are normally very placid people but Kitchen Units are making our blood boil.
  • The one time I don't check a company out online is the one time I get screwed. I too am facing a situation where money has changed hands but doors and plinths are missing, the units are of dubious quality, the screws and fixtures appear to have been assembled from a random job lot and phones calls are casually fobbed off to a customer services number that never answers. And emails are returned as undeliverable. Can't we all gang together and launch some sort of class action against this cowboy outfit?
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