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A tip to improve some computer's screen clarity (and worsen others, so try it, it's easy to reverse). Go to your computer's control panel, click Display, then Appearances, then effects and change your screen font from "standard" to "clear type".

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  • gatita
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    Hi Martin,
    I did what you suggested but found it very 'blurry!' wonder why?
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  • NellyLock
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    now i believe clear type is mainly to be used with flat screen have a little walk thru application to see if clear type is for you...


    *edit: you need to be using internet explorer to make this little app work
  • blinky
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    Even with the tuner process I find the text too blurry with Cleartype on my flat screen. I think it's really for the older LCD (pre-TFT) laptop screens.
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  • I tried it on my computer which is XP and a couple of years old, and I think it's great! I'm going to use it on my laptop as well. Much easier to read and a lot clearer. I think it's something to try and if you don't like it, it's easy to reverse. Any more computer tips?
  • RowaN
    RowaN Posts: 184 Forumite
    Blinky - it works fine on TFT screens. But it is NOT for CRT monitors (will look worse)! Cleartype is microsofts nickname for sub pixel font rendering, something introduced into Windows XP. Mac OSes have been using it since the 80's IIRC. For a tech explanation of how (and why!) sub pixel font rendering works check out
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  • Got no probs on my CRT screen, I think it definately looks clearer. Mind you I have just had a letter from the opticions.
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  • Viz_2
    Viz_2 Posts: 720 Forumite
    I have an 18 inch Dell TFT and it made it more blurry. I switched back to standard.
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  • RowaN
    RowaN Posts: 184 Forumite
    by defintition of this technology (see GRC link above) there is no reason why it makes sense for use on CRT screens. Yet Microsoft says "Readability on CRT screens can also be somewhat improved." but how.. I'm not sure. Looks a mess when I tried it on a CRT screen (as expected).
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  • NellyLock
    NellyLock Posts: 487 Forumite
    Viz wrote:
    I have an 18 inch Dell TFT and it made it more blurry. I switched back to standard.

    is that the ultrasharp 1800?? if so did u use the application above...i believe dell have used "BGR ClearType configuration" which is diff to normal c/type...try the app if u didnt already if not each to their own eh?

  • pennyminnow
    pennyminnow Posts: 11 Forumite
    Just Changed To Clear Type As Tip Above.
    Guess I Won`t Need Those Cheap Glasses From Glassesdirect After All
    Free Tip And Saved Money
    Can`t Be Bad
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