MSE News: PlayStation users' data stolen in hack: what should you do?

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    No system is foolproof, hence the milling on the old silver tanner. It days of yaw, the edges were clipped and the silver melted down into coinage, the milling prevented this.

    Fraud and crooks will always find ways to the cash, Great Train Robbery netted millions in used note, but had inside information. The shell Pin and Chip card fiasco a few years back was an inside job, were software was written into the machine to farm pins and card details to crooks. set sheel back a few months while upgrades were called, but this was not online.

    Vigilance is better than expensive, notification of errors when noticed.
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    pre-paid cards are the way to go... even if they are cloned ie they got the track data and put it on another bit of plastic or it was dumped online and freely available online it doesn't really matter, funds are on those cards for very short periods and i never leave funds on there at anytime.
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    Seeing as though the personal info was not encrypted and the hackers got their hands on it doesn't this create a breach of the data protection act? And if so are Sony liable to pay compensation to those affected?

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    I'm amazed the people have been giving Credit and debit card details to Sony! This is the same company that put rootkits on PCs when distributing their music CDs.

    The data protection act was breached but it's a safe bet that the toothless ICO won't do anything about it.

    Dave, cynical
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