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  • Just a quick update, less than £14,000 to go!

    (super busy, will update properly soon)
  • Well, it's been ages since I have done a proper update! I have been continuing to chip away at my goal though, and it looks like (with Decembers pay pending) that I will reach my end of year goal.

    I have also reassessed what I will need and lumped deposit saving, emergency savings and a budget for moving (fees, surveys & searches, white goods, moving costs etc) all together in one easy goal!

    So my new target is £14,500. Now I think in reality that this will take approximately 2 years (unless savings interest rates go up dramatically to help the cause - unlikely, boo!), so this is where I'll begin the countdown beginning in January.

    However, two things might change this (for the worse - well longer term), I might need to do a course (not fully researched, but a few thousand pounds), and I definitely feel the need for a holiday!!

    Hope everyone else has made their end of year targets, and that you're all at least a little closer to your end goal!

    Have a great Christmas everyone, and will update again in the new year!

  • Good Luck for 2013!! I am so close to my target and payday is Thursday :D
  • Good Luck for 2013!! I am so close to my target and payday is Thursday :D

    I hope you reach it!?! Good luck!
  • Domino9 wrote: »
    I hope you reach it!?! Good luck!

    I did it, in fact I smashed it. Have you tried joining the Save £12k in 2013 challenge I have but only only for £6000. I have managed to save half of that in total so that's a real challenge.

    Good Luck for 2013 :D
  • Okay, overall target to go: £13,920

    April target to go: £2,420

    I have paid in part of Jans savings amount, but need to add a bit more when I get paid at the end of the month. I'll update then.

    I hope Xmas and NY didn't knock everyones savings too much,

  • Well Done you!! You are doing so well! :j
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    Well, all is moving in the right direction still, even after the very very long month of January!

    Long term saving goal: £13,130

    April target: £1,630

    Hopefully I will be able to add more in before the end of the month, would really like to have April target down to £1500 to make March and Aprils savings more realistic!

    We'll see how it goes - and I still have stuff to put on amazon, although I'm tempted by music magpie for the convenience.

    Hope everyone elses savings goals are within sight!

  • Mid-month update for me:

    Long term saving goal: £12,720

    April target: £1,220

    Still managing to chip away at it for contract ends at the end of April now though, but still waiting to hear if I will get it extended at all - not sure at this point.

    Doing really well on the packed lunch front, and with a little help from some mse'ers I've got some new soup recipes which is keeping me from getting bored with the usual ones I make! Also alternating with sandwiches, salads and baked potatoes which helps - just trying to keep organised and on top of it so I don't slip.

    Also not taken the bus to/from work this month so far, and only once in Jan so more pennies saved, and better for my health too!

    I don't think I'll have any major problems achieving my April target unless any unforeseen expenses/bills crop up, just have to keep my fingers crossed for after April time.

    Had dinner out last weekend (using tesco meal vouchers) which was yummy (and free!).

    Hope everyone else is doing well,

  • Month update for me:

    Long term saving goal: £12,185

    April target: £685

    Well on target, but I'll not be adding anything else to the pot for the rest of this month as I'm going to organise a holiday away somewhere foe a few days or a week.
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