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    Long term savings goal: £27,625

    "April target": £1,125

    Also, still have a few things to sell this month on a few things on amazon/gumtree - the aim is £150
  • Such an inspirational post!

    You've motivated me to get my expenses sorted, I spend way too much on stuff I just don't need!

    Thanks so much x
  • Just a quick update from me:

    Long term savings goal: £27,268

    "April target": £768

    Think I'm not going to have any problems reaching my April goal, might need to make the next one a bit more challenging - will wait until the time comes though!

    Also doing well with walking to/from work (so saving bus fare), and at least one weeks worth of lunches cooked and in portions in the freezer, so staying on top of the little things!

  • Long term savings goal: £26,950

    "April" target: £450

    Well, £300 will be Aprils £300 regular saver that comes out on the 1st (I've already included March's as it comes from Febs pay!) - this leaves me with £150 to find...I'm going to trickle bits over from my day to day spending as the month progresses as and when funds are available. I hope to trickle over between £75 and £100, then only need to add an additional £50-£75 from the end of March's pay/or money I am due back from work (claimed expenses). So I should get there painlessly, and possibly with a little extra in to boot.

    I have been quite bad with money this month - buying a few unnecessary clothing *bargins* and a few books...all things that will get used, but I could have lived without quite easily, but you've got to treat yourself every now and again, and I think that that will be my unnecessary spending for a while.

    I think also that I've settled on a fugure of £8,500 between April and Dec! I think with a couple of yearly interests being added to the savings in April, and a small increase in income due, that this will be both a bit of a challenge but also a realistic"ish" goal.

    Things to do:
    *batch cook soup at the weekend
    *not buy any more books until I have read the ones I have
    *sell read books on amazon - also have a few DVD's and CD's to add too
    *continue to walk daily to/from the office to save on bus fare and increase exercise
    *Meal plan for March at the weekend - think I have enough staples in the food cupboards so I'll also only need to buy fresh bits and bobs (and use free £10 for joining milk & more)
    *See if there are any other incentives for first deliveries from the other supermarket deliveries I have not yet used (are there any for Ocado (sp?), Asda?, Morrisons? - I've used the tesco one before)
    *Get back in to doing surveys regularly
    *Find out why Quidco will not let me login

  • Well I made my end of March target! yaay!!!

    My new target for 31st Dec 2012 is £8,500 - not sure how realistic this will be given my current savings rate, but in the next couple of months I should get paid a years worth of interest on a couple of my accounts, I have a couple of larger items that I want to sell, and I am due a (small) pay rise (although my current contract ends in October!).

    Long term savings goal: £26,500

    Hope everyone is saving well, and making the most of the sunshine whilst it is here!

  • Xmas 2012 target: £7,175

    Long term goal: £25,175

    getting there slowly...but surely!
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    Keep going mate, you can do it. This as inspired me to do a thread of my own to make sure I stick to it.
    Rebuilding my finances
  • ooopse, haven't posted in a while....but it's not because I've not been squirelling away, I've been doing well - slowly as always but every month I'm a little bit closer!!

    Xmas 2012 target: £6,350

    Long term goal: £24,350

    Still managing to stay focused....which I thought would have waned by now so I'm really pleased with that. Being sub £25,000 (to go!!) is very satisfying.
  • Monthly update for me:

    Xmas 2012 target: £5290

    Long term goal: £23,290

    Still chipping away at it, unfortunately nothing left to sell for now!
    Also, despite numerous applications no positive news on the job front. Starting to widen my search area by a few 100 miles. Really hope that I don't have to start using my savings as income - still, a few months to go yet before that happens.
  • I've just ordered my first £30 voucher for doing surveys!

    Not sure when it'll arrive - I do hope it arrives before the sales are over though.

    Must make sure I buy things I actually need and will use rather than just more faff!
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