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  • Well, althogh I've not been very pro-active with my deposit saving the we while, I am still on target for my September target.
    I've been too busy to do too much money making, but I've also been too busy too do much money spending - so it seems to have balanced out well, and I've transfered some more over from my current account to savings.

    Running totals to go:
    But only £600 to go before Sept!
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    Doing well Domino!! Im sure you will get there..even before Sept.
    Work in progress...Update coming July 2012.
  • OldSchool_3
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    Maybe I'll follow all the advice here. I'm a bad money spender. I want to save money.
    :rotfl::rotfl:I said it cause I can:rotfl::rotfl:
  • Well I've been paid, so made a monthly transfer over to savings - I'll update again later on in August, as I think that I should be able to save a few more pennies than I have so far, but I'll wait until a little later in the month before I do that to be on the safe side.

    Running totals to go:
    But only £300 to go before Sept!
  • Well things have not been going that well on the savings front. Have had a very poorly cat (who we'd recently decided to self-insure!!), so savings have taken a hit with the vet bills (well worth it though).

    Running totals:
    But (only?) £747 before September target!!
  • Well I'm still expecting another bit to add to the pot this month (from expenses claimed back), and will add this on when the cheque comes through (hopefully within the week):

    But so far this month, my running totals are:
    But (only?) £690 before September target!!

    I am hoping that I can still achieve my Sept. target, so the next month will be a very tight one if I hope to even come close. Although I still have one more pay to go, so it's not a complete loss yet!

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    i'm new too your thread and maybe you've made some changes now but i think that your mobile can be slashed and you can keep your number. I'm on three and pay 5.32 a month, have also seen deals on the forum. So look out. Also think that 125 is high for 2 people. Check out grocery challenge thread. I'm also saving and know it is tough especially now.
    grocery challenge 9.86/60
  • My running totals are:
    But £574 before September target!!

    I still have my pay at the end of september to make up the last wee bit of my target, and I think I can do it if there are no surprise expenses.
  • I'm going to follow this with interest so that when I get my debts down I can start saving - you'll be my inspiration :)
    DEBT TOTAL: £7609.44
  • Well I am in between jobs at the moment (and although I start my new job soon, I won't get paid the full amount in the first month because of start date and pay cut off dates etc), and by the time I get paid I will have had one month without any salary, so saving has been put on hold for a short while. But I have made some new targets for between now and Dec 31st none the less:
    * pay for a holiday next year
    *pay off £1250 O/D
    *reduce savings still needed to £28,000 (currently at £28,793)

    This way I will have a clean slate to start the new year with, and all additional money that I save can go towards my deposit.

    So, at a minimum I plan to save £2043 by just after Christmas (without a holiday) - it's possibly a little ambitions, but I will try.

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