What is the most drastic money making or money saving thing you've done?



  • This is an awesome thread.

    I am going to crank up my moneysaving to the next level ASAP.
    :p I'm the only gay in this forum :p
    *Everybody wants prosthetic foreheads on their real heads*
  • I am embarrassed to say really- but during my student days my house mates threw out old but edible veg and I used to retrieve it and make soup!!! I have to say the bin was clean as I emptied and cleaned it daily!
  • climbgirl wrote:
    Ewww! You might have problems at customs with that kind of thing, if you are serious about taking it, cook it into broth or something first!

    We are driving to Cordoba, it takes about three hours, we are already in Spain....no customs!

    Hubby refuses to take it anyway!
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  • I have had the same pair of walking boots for 44 years; they have just started to leak this year. Was thinking of putting insoles covered in polythene in them to make them last a bit longer....
    Did not have my hair cut for 13 months - a good saving as I was driving to a salon 25 miles away. (Aim to be debt free on credit cards by August 2008).
  • I'm thinkin of selling some jewellery I never use, can anybody suggest best place to try? Thanks.
  • Sold my beloved 10-year-old VW Golf to save the running costs and at the same time changed my annual travelcard to exclude the tube and only cover my mainline journey - I walked from Charing Cross to Oxford Street and back every work day for 2 years, but it saved me £500 a year.
  • corris3
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    What are you selling to get £5k on ebay? So far I've managed £60 in 4 weeks selling odd stuff from around the house but really need to improve on that. Would love a little ebay business but can't think of what to sell.... any ideas from anyone?
  • miggy
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    corris3 wrote:
    What are you selling to get £5k on ebay? So far I've managed £60 in 4 weeks selling odd stuff from around the house but really need to improve on that. Would love a little ebay business but can't think of what to sell.... any ideas from anyone?
    What are you good at? What do you enjoy? What have people asked your advice over? I love plants so I sometimes sell surplus seedlings - not so much a business as a way of reclaiming my windowsill and being able to walk to the front gate without a chainsaw!
    Many areas we count as hobbies actually give us specialised knowledge, capitalise on it if you can.
    BTW I had to spend hours looking into selling abroad and in the end I couldn't without getting a special licence and it wasn't worth my while - worth taking that into account as I was surprised how much interest Ive had from abroad.

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  • OneSpike
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    Following on from using disposable facial wipes to clean the bathroom, lately after I've used them to dust or whatever I then wash them and use them as hankies. I don't buy tissues, and have for the last couple of years been using DD's old muslin squares she had as a baby. I cut them up to use as hankies and general rags and they're brilliant, but one by one they've gone walkabout and I've been thinking I should buy some more, but these wipes are fantastic - very soft, very strong. Even if they only last a few goes through the wash they're doing a great job, and anything's better than throwing something away!
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    MBNA charges and interest frozen
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    Feels like progress!
  • amosworks wrote:
    Ahh don't worry hun, people do things all the time they wouldn't normally do when they're up to their neck and struggling to breath. People borrow all sorts of stuff from work, it's expected. Stationary, phone calls, loo rolls, light bulbs, printer cartridges, laptops and stuff.

    I don't think you're a bad person for doing what you needed to do. We've all done things we're not proud of and there's a confession thread somewhere too which is quite humbling.

    Amos :)

    its hardly expected but thanks for the reminder, i need to return the computer i 'borrowed' from work



    I'm joking of course about taking a computer!
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