What is the most drastic money making or money saving thing you've done?



  • Skint monkey

    Thanks for starting this thread, it a real eye opener. I now know there's much more I can do to reduce the debt monster.
    planing for the future, living for today ;)
  • I haven't done this yet, but thought of it today.

    We are having a four-day-break in Cordoba next week (house exchange so nothing for accommodation):T :money:

    I suggested taking the chicken carcase which we will have on Wednesday, with us so that we could make a huge stew for us to eat when we are not eating out.

    Husband refuses to take a chicken carcase on holiday!:rotfl:
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    I tried making mi own 'innocent' type smoothies. Anyway I used far too many strawberries and was very gaseous for 2 days and had the trots!! Nightmare.
  • Seven-day-weekend - the vision of you trying to take the chicken carcase on holiday is making me chuckle!

    Thanks for that!:rotfl:
  • On par with the long term trainers; I've got a pair of winter boots that have been through, oooh, must be 5 winters now which isn't bad for a suede pair. I used that protective stuff when I first got them, so glad I did!

    I've got two pairs still going strong after 10 years!! I might now sell them on eBay though. They're both Russell & Bromley which can sell well so I'll give them a spruce up and see what comes of it.
    If you can't be a good example, be a dire warning :D

    MBNA charges and interest frozen
    Egg/DLC repayment agreement reached

    Feels like progress!
  • Dear Heart of a hubby thought cancelling Sky was drastic!! Oh well - he does miss it but then I miss my nights on here & so have to sneak on when he's not around. Sad life eh.
  • Bella56
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    We are on a water meter, so save the bathwater then use it to fill up the toilet cistern after each flush. Saves loads of water (and hopefully money!).

    We only shop for clothes/shoes at charity shops or on ebay.

    £250 budget for all gifts at Christmas, again using ebay.

    No car, just cycles and public transport.

    2nd hand reusable nappies from ebay!
    Debts 2004: £6000..............................................Aug 2007: £0!!!!
  • lauren_1
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    I am normal, honest
    We use coth nappies for baby #2, reusable wipes and liners.
    I cut waaaay back on my washing powder usage (exept for the nappies) 2 scoops, you know the ones that come with baby milk, are all you need to get most stuff clean or half a tablet if you use them (handy tip given to me by the servis washing machine repair man, stopped using fabric conditioner.

    Ebay stuff at least 4 times a year, mainly childrens clothes.

    I have my hair cut twice a year, dye it at home, luckily black hair dye is always for sale in the £ shop.

    I refuse to pay my mum babysitting money because OH fixes her house for her

    And i always take the money if i get bought a drink at work:beer:
  • lauren_1
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    I ve also had the same trainers for 3 years, they are black n red punky bowling shoes sort of thingys but made with soft material and they just get bunged in the washer, the soles are about to give in but they were £5 from newlook so hardly a disaster
  • Letting my OH trim my hair to save money on haircuts seems fairly drastic to me! Am I wrong? Who else would do this?
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