What is the most drastic money making or money saving thing you've done?



  • Pleeeease eat! I'm worried about you now. I have a terrible habit of starving myself when I'm out and have forgotten to bring sandwiches but I know it's wrong.
    pudding06 wrote:
    no hair cuts

    sometimes I dont eat during the day - or just survive on toast.

    I wont put the heating on during the day - wear multi-layers - think michelin man lol

    OH refuses to charge his mobile at home always does it at work.

    theres so many - I could go on forever
  • pudding06 wrote:
    lol - my OH still has a pair from when we first met - in 1982 lol he wears them for doing the painting or working on the car.
    Bet they were better made back then.
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    Nothing to do but hibernate till spring

  • Idiophreak
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    I had the same pair of trainers for two years.
    This is drastic? I'm struggling to think of a pair I've had for less than two.
    That said, I normally have 2 or 3 on the go...
    edit: Or do I just need to buy more shoes? ;)
  • Sold jewelry (only ever regretted selling one piece of it though). And when living abroad, considered donating blood in return for money (didn't have to in the end, an outstanding salary payment finally came through)...
    Now, shower in the gym (better water pressure as well).
  • lynzpower
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    Im selling my flat

    Ive sold anything thats not nailed down

    I thought going without a foreign holiday was drastic- but its not is it.

    Ive watched every penny and ensured that everything I do is as cheap as possible.

    Drastic? Its the norm now and will continue for the foreseeable :beer:
    :beer: Well aint funny how its the little things in life that mean the most? Not where you live, the car you drive or the price tag on your clothes.
    Theres no dollar sign on piece of mind
    This Ive come to know...
    So if you agree have a drink with me, raise your glasses for a toast :beer:
  • bobbadog
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    Other than securing a 2nd job and meal planning to the extreme, nothing that drastic for me! I know i'm a bit frugal with food at home. Toasted some crumpets the other morning - pack of 6 - OH wanted two. I asked him if he's sure he wanted 2, thinking if we had 2 each the other two would just go mouldly, and he sighed and said '1 will do'. Bless him. Was offering him 3.
  • OneSpike
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    Hmm, well I've given up eating some of the 'specialist' things I used to have, like rice milk, as they're too expensive and it's cheaper to have toast. I can't eat dairy so used to have rice or almond milk, which was delish. I've also stopped buying presents for DD's little friends when she's invited to a party - instead I make cookies and ice the child's name on them, one letter per cookie.

    Some habits have become so ingrained now that I can't actually think what we do. I guess one person's drastic is someone else's quite normal. For instance I never ever buy ready meals and we don't buy crisps, yoghurts etc for the children's lunchboxes, which to some people would border on deprivation! Once in a while we buy a big bag of Tyrrell's crisps and DD has a few in her lunch, and I make our yoghurt. I prefer doing that anyway as I'm an additive watcher, so it works out well for us. If I was allowed to I wouldn't have the heating on at all, but Nathaniel would never stand for that.

    I guess our single most drastic money saving measure has been telling all our creditors we can't pay them any more!
    If you can't be a good example, be a dire warning :D

    MBNA charges and interest frozen
    Egg/DLC repayment agreement reached

    Feels like progress!
  • Idiophreak wrote:
    This is drastic? I'm struggling to think of a pair I've had for less than two.
    That said, I normally have 2 or 3 on the go...
    edit: Or do I just need to buy more shoes? ;)
    It is drastic when its the only pair you have the soles have worn away and they are full of holes. Walking in the snow wasn't a lot of fun.
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  • Sparky29
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    I cancelled OH credit card to stop her internet shopping/ebay for tat when she was bored.

    She couldn't see that if we had £100 in the bank account and £2100 on credit cards that we were really £2000 overdrawn. In her world we had £100 of shopping credit left for her to squander :mad: .

    Best thing I ever did. Less arguments, less clutter and saved me a small fortune.
  • I sold my 32" LCD TV after 7 weeks - I lost £50 but I thought the £700 I sold it for would pay back some of my debt and help out with crimbo.

    2 days later the cambelt went on my car so I've now had to buy a new car for £650 :(

    Only good thing is that the new car seems to have been a very good buy so fingers crossed!


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