Real Life MMD: Should I refund the postage cost?



  • andsaw
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    Dont forget the car insurance MOT and car tax, (pro rata), so it all adds up, they would have to pay even if you posted it either way he wins by getting it early and safely, hes just trying it on, give neg feedback to him if he does it to you, overall i wouldnt worry about it.
  • I think you should perhaps offer to part refund the postage, say give a refund of perhaps £2. This way you won't lose out as much and you will keep the customer happy. A win win situation. After all you want to be seen as being fair as it's your future reputation as an Ebay seller.

  • I'm with the seller the buyer paid £5 for the item to be delivered what difference does it make if RM delivered or the seller, surely the buyer would have known the seller was local and could have asked to collect in person to save on the postage if he was that bothered about saving a pound or two. :p
  • Sooler
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    £5 for post and packing - no refund needed, it was delivered by private courier.

    Or just send the buyer some packing in the post - just so they get their moneys worth :D
  • What about the sellers that charge the buyers a fee to collect the item from them. I think the guy should be grateful as at least the item turned up intact and not broken by rm or courier.
  • jenniewb
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    No you should not refund the postage: did he offer to collect? maybe that would have had the postage refunded for him had you not had to rearrange your day as a result by waiting in.

    What you should do is respond to the feedback in a oneline reply, something like "buyer had this hand delivered asap, cost=petrol, packaging and time" then contact ebay and ask them to lift the negative feedback as you did not overinflate the postage, (if it did cost £5) maybe you didn't stick to the postage type but thats a different error.

    What you could do in an ideal world would be to go back, knock on the door, take back the item and say your now going to post it, sorry for the mistake. See if he likes that better!

    Following this, ban the member from bidding on any of your auctions. What goes around comes around and he wont last long on ebay if thats his attitude so don't be too over concerned about it, move on and let him reap his own rewards!
  • Cloudane
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    Morally - a partial refund is probably fair. As you say, fuel costs - though not £5 unless you have a Zonda or something, and that'd be your problem. So somewhere around half way makes sense.

    Logically - you want your heads banging together. Buyer is an idiot kicking up a fuss over YOU saving a bit of cash (they still got the same service.. better service in fact). Seller is an idiot (no offence) for risking negative feedback over a fiver - and after having avoided the worry and responsibility of Royal Mail breaking it in transit.

    Saving £5 may seem like moneysaving but it's only in the short term - by damaging your feedback rating you will probably lose more than £5 in the long term due to having fewer bidders than someone with 100%.
  • Besides, you did gain something from delivering it yourself: not having to be responsible if Royal Mail breaks it.[/QUOTE]

    If royal mail breaks it then you aren't responsible, thats what their insurance is for.
  • no i dont think you should give refund--your charge was for postage and in this case .you were the delivery man --in addition i assume you also used packaging for item so contract fullfilled--end of story.What an ungrateful customer--doesnt he know the price of petrol !!!
  • mr-tom_2
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    Courier delivery would cost well in excess of £5!

    That said, it didn't cost you that much and the postage charge is supposed to accurately reflect the costs rather than being a means to increase your profit. Any buyer will feel that they have been had if they have to pay an "expense" which is clearly actually profit.

    Frankly there is no point giving the refund now that the negative feedback has been given. Prior to that, I would have been inclined to give £2.50 back. If the buyer wanted full refund of P&P, perhaps they should have come to you rather than you going to them.

    Only one final point - it isn't clear what you delivered (what the item was). Obviously, whilst £5 would be over the top for a DVD, it might seem relatively generous for 2 tons of top soil! My guess is that if it actually required £5 postage, it was a relatively bulky item.
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