Real Life MMD: Should I refund the postage cost?



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    cabbageboy wrote: »
    You honestly can't buy an item, accepting the postage cost when you press the 'commit to buy' button and then whinge afterwards about how it got to you! - if it arrived on a golden coach, pulled by 12 gleaming white horses, wrapped in gold paper, tied in a red ribbon, would you still complain?!? ;)

    I like your thinking there cabbageboy, if they buyer hadn't been in, and you'd left the item through the door, then they may not have known any different (except for the lack of stamp).

    It's also far more convenient for the buyer to have been given it at a convenient time, than have to trog back to the post office with an 'item not delivered coz it's too big' card (if it is too big)

    Hindsight being the wonderful thing it is, correspondence with the other party to confirm they were happy to recieve a hand delivered item would have been good, as the negotiation on postage would have been had then.

    But, the buyer did bid knowing what the cost was - and where you live, and if they didn't offer to come to you to collect, then they can't really whinge that you got the item to them promptly.

    For all they know, you may have decided it was on your running route, or a bus journey, you could even have got a taxi there - costing the full £5!!
    Always on the hunt for a bargain. :rolleyes:

    Always grateful for any hints, tips or guidance as to where the best deals are:smileyhea
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    The way i see it is that postage means in the post.. if u dropped it off by hand then u didnt post it & it probably would have cost u the same petrol to drive to the post office.

    I think I would have not delivered it by hand , but offered the buyer the chance to pick it up herself/himself to save them the postage.

    Not sure I would give them the £5 back now.. if they have given u bad feedback , u might as well keep the fiver.

    The P & P does include packaging aswell so part off the £5 would not just have been for the post.
  • Marco12452
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    Express delivery costs more. Probably didn't charge enough ??
  • I take it that the buyer knew where you were too (it's quite easily checkable on Ebay how far the item is from you) and if he did not want to pay a delivery charge, he should have asked if he could collect it himself? As he didn't, he accepted the fact that there was a delivery charge and you delivered the item. Nuff said mate, keep your money but still put on an explanatory note on your feedback.

    Current debt : £41872 as at 03/06/10 :mad: am gonna work like mad to get this down :j
  • As a PS - who is to say that P&P costs accurately reflect the cost of posting the item? They are simply what the seller is charging to get the item to you and if you bid then you accept that. In other words, the P&P does not have to accurately reflect (and in a lot of cases doesn't) the basic cost of RM.
    Current debt : £41872 as at 03/06/10 :mad: am gonna work like mad to get this down :j
  • The seller could have been more reasonable and reached a compromise on the postage costs before the buyer resorted to leaving bad feedback. Recently when I purchased an item from ebay and sent my address to the seller, she contacted me to tell me she only lived 2 miles away and if I wanted to collect the item from her she would charge no postage. I did this and left very positive feedback!
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    are you not meant to state in your listing how you deliver the item? IE Royal mail etc. if you havn't used the way stated you should partial refund. I would be annoyed if it was me.

    Suppose you could say you would deliver if live close enough, but most people you sell to are miles away so posting is the most common. Very large or heavy items i always put collection only. Once i delivered a microwave, only because we happened to be going through the same town on our way to visit family, but did get in touch with buyer first to arrange. BUt as it was collection only there was no post cost involved, and didnt charge for delivery but did gain a little bit as neither of us had any change when they paid me cash on dleivery. But thery were very happy.
  • You should have put £5 p&p or collect in person free on listing.
    The buyer could then have asked where you are and collected themselves.
    No way give a refund, £5 is cheap for hand delivery taking into account your time & petrol.
  • the same thing happened to me, and they left neutral feedback, they got their parcel 2 days early and still they moaned - at the end of the day they accepted the deal when they bid on it.
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    Your listing hasn't been advertised correctly. You can't charge someone money for postage and then deliver it yourself, unless agreed in advance with the customer...

    How would you feel if it was the other way around and the item was slightly more expensive and therefore the postage was too.

    The buyer should have been offered the option of picking it up himself for free.

    The fact that this item has been wrongly advertised to me means the customer is at least due a partial refund.
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